Another day in the life of a drum hoop – Day 3

3 Oracles eMarket blog - drumVery busy day for the drum hoop today.  We went to the monthly Lightworkers Breakfast at Smitty’s on Mountain Road.  We were joined by Yvonne, waited for others but no one else showed up so we went ahead and ate.

My drum hoop learned some very interesting things about me this morning.  Afterward we went to the Dollar Store and bought her some sandpaper to assist with the beautification of her and also bought her some playmates – a tambourine and a recorder, so when she is played, others can play along with her.  She provided great guidance when assisting me with the selection of furniture for my apartment.  What a busy morning.  We finished off the morning with a ride on the bus.  We then decided to make her carrying bag prettier by adding crystals and gems that resonate with the heart and throat chakras.  The bag is now complete.

We had a short nap after lunch and then did some more bonding, using the new sandpaper to sand her with.  She will accompany me to work again tonight.  I don’t know about the other drum hoops from the class, but she is leading a very exciting life and having lots of fun.

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