Using Labyrinths

 542263_10150881271479372_1574431686_n  About the Labyrinth

The labyrinth is a medieval spiritual tool which is now being rediscovered in our time. It is a sacred circular design that is walked as a spiritual meditation, an ancient act of pilgrimage symbolizing one’s walk with the higher self. The design requires the walker to begin at the outside of the circle and wind slowly in toward the centre, then slowly move out again, using the exact same path. There are no wrong turns and no dead ends;   only a path to the centre and back out into the world. The only decision for you to make, is to enter and do the work, or not.

Finger Labyrinths

Labyrinth AThis is a finger labyrinth and is walked the same way that a labyrinth on the ground is walked, but using your finger. It is useful for when weather prevents you from doing an outdoor labyrinth walk, or when you are travelling and want to take it with you. It is useful to assisting you to stay calm and relaxed. I would often use it to calm, relax and focus before going into a difficult business meeting. It is useful in assisting those with ADD, ADHD and early onset Alzheimer’s to focus, concentrate, and remain calm. It is not recommended for middle to late stages of Alzeimer’s because the patients are too confused by it and it causes them stress. It is also excellent in assisting the user to remain calm during airplane trips, especially during take off, landing and periods of air turbulents.

Walking the Labyrinth

Before you enter the labyrinth be sure to take time to become centred and mentally prepare for your journey.

You may wish to focus your thoughts or just allow what comes naturally to guide you.

To walk the finger labyrinth, use a finger or two fingers to move along the paths created by the felted wool. Enjoy the ‘walk’ at your own pace. Sometimes you will complete the walk faster than you will at other times. It is however a walking meditation. So you are encouraged to not rush the experience.

Begin – begin your walk slowly, notice your breathing. Do not hold your breath, but rather breathe in and out slowly allowing it to help set your pace. Feel the wool under your fingers. Imagine the land and the sky around you, taste and smell the wind and the air, listen to the earth, listen to your heart, listen to the messages you are hearing. Be sure to leave time at the centre to make personal connections, reflecting on the messages you received on your walk into the centre. As you begin your walk back to the outside world, reflect on how you will incorporate your messages into your everyday life. As you exit the labyrinth, remember to express gratitude for the messages you have received.

Remember – the labyrinth is a journey not a destination. Take your time, everyone moves to their own drum beat, at their own pace.

Summer Solstice Memorial Labyrinth Walk
The Summer Solstice celebrates the joy, warmth and laughter of summer.  The beginning of summer represents a time for purification, renewal of the self, a time to release the sadness, fears and pains from your life.  It is a time for purification and renewed energy.
The Solstice is a day to see the Creator in everyone you come in contact with and to recognize their divinity along with the recognition of your own self divine image. The belief is that summer solstice is for renewal, which needs to be a renewed commitment to the Creator and ourselves.
Join us for the special Memorial Labyrinth Walk Ceremony when we will celebrate life and the lives of our loved ones.  You can light a candle in Remembrance of a loved one or loved pet.   Even if you  cannot be present to walk the labyrinth at this event, you can have a candle lit for them and have them remembered as part of this special ceremony.
Location of the event changes from year to year.  Please contact me to find this year’s location.
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