Chakra Healing

When one of our chakras is out of balance or blocked, we are out of balance.  If the chakra is not unblocked or re-balanced, it begins to cause  a cascade effect and the other soon become out of balance or blocked.  Then we find our self ill physically.

The best thing you can do for yourself health wise is to get your chakras balanced and then  maintain that balance.  In case you are not aware of how your chakras work, here is a list of what each assists with:

Root:  focuses of grounding, balance, safety, security, and fear based beliefs.  Also assists with money issues.

Sacral: assists with how you govern your emotions

Solar Plexus: focuses on how you distribute and use your energy and power and assists in helping you make your own choices

Heart: governs love for yourself and others

Throat: assists with communication issues, both oral and written

3rd Eye: focuses on clairvoyance and intuition

Crown: assists with creating the life you want with clarity, poise, desire and truth

There are many ways in which you can unblock, balance and maintain your chakra system.  Each chakra resonates with its own colour, sound, gemstone, herb, plants, pattern.

3 Oracles eMarket blog - chakra healing

In the spirit of holiday giving and healing, I have put together a Self-Help Gift Set for you and your loved ones. The Set includes a chakra healing doll, a chakra colouring book, candles, incense, a colouring magnet, a greeting card, and a written copy of the Chakra Healing Song. These gift sets are made-to-order. You will custom order your Set to focus on one of your seven chakras. Let Penny know which chakra on your order!

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