Chronicles of the Travelling Drum Hoop – Part 10 – The End

Sunday, October 24 was a full moon and we went to a very special location to have an Initiation for our drums.

drum 004

It was a very spiritual place on a private property.  The fire pit was built in an area where when you looked up you could see the sky above the trees forming a circle shaped opening to the heavens.  It reminded me very much of an Emily Carr painting.  I took a photo of the sky opening and in this photo are many orbs and a smoky, swirling mist leading up among the trees.

Our fire keeper lit the fire, and we all gathered round.  We offered tobacco to the fire as we spoke our prayers.  We took oaths to protect our drums, to create music with our drums, to play them for spiritual matters, and to honour the journey we had just completed in becoming drummers.  We gave our drums presents that we had made for them – our beaters, to beat the drum.  Then we sang and we drummed.  And we drummed, and we drummed.  We drummed and sang  songs of thankfulness to the spirit of the drum, thankfulness for the journey we had just completed.  We sang to the Grandmother Moon, and we learned the basic rhythms of the drum.

3 Oracles eMarket blog - drum

It was a very moving ceremony, standing among the trees in the dark, with just the light of the fire, beating our drums, taking our oaths, acknowledging the events of each of our individual journeys, saying our prayers, and expressing our gratitude for all that we have in this life.  While all the time, swaying to the beat of the drum.  I could feel the spirits of the woods come to join us, I could feel the delight of the fairies and other woodland spirits, with our decision to hold this spiritual ceremony at this location.  And I could feel the power of the other drummers around me as they beat their drums and sang.  I was very overwhelmed by the whole affair and am truly grateful that I had the opportunity to participate.

Carlos led us in the drumming and singing, however, I found I couldn’t sing the songs that he was singing, my head was filled with songs being given to me by my spirit guides at that time and they were filled with Rune words.  I have been playing them all week.  My drum also choose her name at this time.  In honour of my Celtic heritage, the name she choose was Danu.  Danu is the Irish Goddess of birth, renewal, water, wisdom, teaching, and protection.  She is a Creation Goddess.  We sing together every day.

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