Chronicles of the Travelling Drum Hoop – Part 6

We are exhausted today.  What a weekend!  We spent most of Friday on the phone helping out a friend, then in the evening, getting prepared for the Intuitive Arts Expo on Saturday.  Went through almost an entire ink cartridge printing stuff off.  My drum hoop kept reminding me of one more think that I had to do to get ready.  Even after we went to bed, she woke me up twice during the night to remind me of something and then made me get up and do it before I forgot it again.

Saturday was the Intuitive Arts Expo. 3 Oracles eMarket blog - drum My drum hoop sat at my table and participated in all my readings.  She provided lots of drum wisdom to my clients, especially those who walk to a different beat than the rest of the world.  The participants of the MS Society Conference loved her when I introduced her prior to doing a Laughter Yoga class with them.  She loves the sound of laughter, the sound of joy and happiness.

This morning, while waiting for the bus, she saw her first bald eagle.  I was surprised to see one in downtown Moncton, but just as I was asking the Devine if I was making the right decision about something, we looked up and there was the eagle.  I went to work all day, and she stayed home to rest.  Now I am just sitting in my living room looking at the mess from all the stuff from the Expo that just got dumped there and wondering why she didn’t clean it up while I was at work.  Guess we will do it together – many hands make light work.  Very eventful weekend.  Check back to see what we are up to in the coming week.

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4 thoughts on “Chronicles of the Travelling Drum Hoop – Part 6

  1. Thanks for sharing Penny! Your drum is going to be awesome – just like you! You did a fantastic job putting together the expo. You and Sue make a great team!

    All the best to you, and look forward to reading more of your adventures!


    1. Thank you Krista: we are having so much fun – me and the drum hoop – and – me and Susan. Looking forward to lots more fun.

    1. Thank you for the comment. All ideas come from the Divine, from Spirit, or whatever name you choose to use. My creativity is directly linked to who I am, and who I am is directly linked to the Divine. But the events described in my Drum Chronicles are actual events. You can see my drum hoop in the photos, we go every where together and people are getting quite good about taking photos of us together so I can have a photographic record of our time together. It is a bit like birth a child, without the pain. This is our bonding time, our womb time, together, and once the drum is complete, so will be the birthing process. When she is ready, we will have bonded and she will know me and I will know her and we can then sing our songs in harmony together.

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