Chronicles of the Travelling Drum Hoop – Part 8

I went to class last Saturday prepared to apply my bear grease and go home.  Boy was I wrong.  I discovered that I still had some sanding to do because all the travelling my drum hoop had been doing had put a few dings in her and I had to smooth them out.  It was a very interesting class with lots of teachings by Carlos.  This is an important part of the class.  We learn all about drum history and practices.  It is really interesting.

Well, I learned that we were not applying just one coat of bear grease and then moving on to the next part.  We had to apply four coats of bear grease, and they had to be spread out with 24 hours between each one.   We learned all about the bear that died to provide us with the grease for our drums, and other bear lore.  The bear grease comes from a strong totem, and as we spread the grease with our left had we asked our bear to provide us with strenght to face any anger we may be feeling, and then as we spread it with our right hand we asked that this anger be turned to joy.  We began with these emotions as they are often the strongest and then we worked through each of our emotions with the same method over the next four days.

Needless to say, this has been a very, very, very emotional week for me and I have spent a lot of time alone, healing things that I thought I had either healed long ago or had been hiding from.  It was not a pleasant week.  The work was hard.  I would feel something and think “geezzz, where did that come from”.  I have spent the last two days sealing the bear grease with tung oil to make it water proof.  The fumes have given me a headache.  I would have liked to do it outside but I don’t live in an area that made that possible.  Tomorrow I will be putting the deer skin on, and then in three months, I can decorate the deer skin.

I didn’t go too many places this week because I was not feeling emotionally stable enough to be in the company of people, but last Saturday, my drum hoop did accompany me to the Moncton Farmer’s Market where she met lots of really great people, including several Lightworkers who stopped by just to see her.  We met a wonderful woman from Ontario who is here visiting and she gave us her business card with her beautiful art work on it.

Then we had a wonderful Thanksgiving at my sisters, surrounded by loved ones, and friends.  We sat up late playing cards and laughing till our cheeks hurt.  I had the best sleep that I have had in months and got up in the morning without any back pain.  I forgot my camera so I don’t have any photos of the beautiful turkey or the incredible people I shared the weekend with.  But the drum hoop was feeling the love around the table as we told each other what we are grateful for this year.  Stay tuned for part 9 and learn how the day goes tomorrow when I put the skin on her and she becomes a drum.

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2 thoughts on “Chronicles of the Travelling Drum Hoop – Part 8

  1. Hey! Is it alright that I go a bit off topic? I am trying to view your blog on my new iPad but it doesn’t display properly, any suggestions? Thanks for the help I hope! Janyce

    1. Janyce: I am afraid I can’t help you with this. All I know about my computer is that is is black with neon fairies on it. The only advice I can offer is to check the instruction booklet and failing that, their tech line.

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