Chronicles of the Travelling Drum Hoop, Part 9

She is now a drum! No longer a drum hoop.  We have had such good times together.  It was exciting to be putting her skin on last weekend.

I had difficulty doing mine.  We had to use a grommet punch to punch the holes in the skin to put the laces through. With my arthritis, I couldn’t do it.  I had to get some help, and Carlos helped me.

3 Oracles eMarket blog - drum

It took a long time to punch the holes and put the lacing through and we could only do them one at a time because the skin was wet and we didn’t want the holes to begin to dry out before we could get them laced. Fall has arrived and it was a cold, dark, windy night, so handling the wet skins made our hands very cold.

See how beautiful her wood is now with the bear grease on it to bring out the grain in the wood.  It took approximately one hour to lace her.  Then, we had to put large elastics around her to keep the skin against the wood while the skin dried.  We had a blessing ceremony at the end when all the drums were done.  It was a beautiful ceremony, very spiritual and very moving.

3 Oracles eMarket blog - drum

When we were done, we had to take her home and build an alter for her to stand on so she could dry this week.  Carlos told us to turn her a quarter of a turn each day and as she dried, to talk to her, to pray with her, and to listen to her as she spoke to us over the five days it would take for her to dry.

The most difficult part of this process was the direct order we were given by Carlos, not to touch her face during the drying process because our skin would leave oil on the surface and it would not dry at the same rate as the rest of the skin and it would end up not being smooth.  I say it was difficult because I could hear her calling to me.  I found myself waking up several times during the night just to look at her.  This week, while she is drying, I am making my “beater.”

3 Oracles eMarket blog - drum

When we go to the Initiation on Sunday evening, during the full moon, I will be able to name her and play her.  It is very exciting, it is getting so close to being done.  I have had a few friends ask me if I am going to start a drumming group when she is finished.  I may have to so I can learn how to play her.  Stay tuned to next weeks blog to see photos and a report from the Initiation ceremony.

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