Dream Healing

Funny you should mention dream healing – I had a phenomanal dream last night.  I was diagnosed in March with two stomach ulcers and they have been playing up lately.  After popping my fifth Rolaid in 2 hours, I went to sleep last night, asking Archangel Raphael to assist me in healing them.

3 Oracles eMarket Dream Healing

In my dream, I saw Raphael come to my side, lay me down, place one hand on my head while praying.  Then he took out a gigantic fish hook, opened my mouth, stuck the hook in, moved it around all the while with his eyes closed.  I could feel the hook going down my throat, but was not afraid.  It then entered my stomach, and Raphael wiggled it around.

Then, I started gagging as he withdrew the hook containing a large grey, pulsating blob the size of a baby elephant, that smelled like the most vile putrid anger.  He flung it aside and went in the for second one, repeating the process.  When he was finished, he placed his hand on my head and said, “By the Grace of God, you are healed”.  He then walked away with the hook kicking the ulcer blobs as he went.  I woke up immediately, feeling calm, healed, loved, forgiving and grateful.

Question:  do you think my ulcers no longer exist? It has been more than 12 hours, no pain, and no Rolaids.

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