Family Reunion – Both Physical & Spiritual Families

I am off today to my family reunion.  I haven’t seen my siblings for months or my dad at all this year.  I miss them very much.  I love them very much.  But truthfully, I have never fit in with them.  I am very different from them, and have always felt different from them.  Even my mother recognized that I was different from the other four and struggled to find ways to help me.  Each one of them is a unique, incredible, talented individual.  They are strong in spirit, intelligent, loving, generous, and are raising equally incredible children with the excellent parenting skills they learned from my mom.  They are my Physical Family and I have very strong bonds with them.  I am grateful to have them in my life.

However since moving to Moncton eight months ago and re-connecting with my Spiritual Family, most of whom seem to be located here, I have never been happier.  I walk in the world of light, love, compassion, forgiveness and understanding, here among my Spiritual Family.  What is a Spiritual Family?  Its not a church group or a cult or anything like that.  A Spiritual Family, or what I call a Spiritual Family, for lack of a better term, are people that you formed a life contract with in the spirit realm before incarnating to the Earth Plane.  This life contract usually works two ways, you agree to teach them a lesson or lessons on the Earth Plane and they agree to teach you a lesson or lessons.  When the contract has been completed, the individual usually leaves your life and you seldom hear from them again.

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Ever been really good friends with someone and then they just seem to fade from your life?  You think I haven’t heard from “Susie” in a while, must give her a call, but never seem to pick up the phone and do it.  Susie is part of your Spiritual Family, and your life contract together has been fulfilled. Part of the lesson is figuring out what the lesson is.

Ever worked with someone who was so annoying you just wanted to scream – life contract.  Ever been in a relationship that everyone warned you would end in tears, but you do it anyway, and guess what it ends in tears – life contract.

Ever meet someone if only briefly and be attracted to their essence – life contract.  The check out person who asked if you were ok and you were feeling upset and the simple question made you feel better – that’s a life contract as well.  Members of our Spiritual Family are not meant to stay in our lives for our entire life time, although some do, they stay just long enough to fulfill that life contract that the two of you made and then off they go, on to fulfill a life contract they made with someone else.

I am fortunate to have a couple of life long Spiritual Family members.  A friend I have know for 43 years.  We have written a very long, complicated contact apparently, and I love every minute I spend with her even when she drives me crazy, just as I am sure I do to her.  She is my longest standing SF member.  I have in the past 10 years met two others who are going to be with me for this entire life time.   I actually remember them from past life times, the one, from several life times together.

I am grateful for my Physical Family and all that they are and all that they allow me to be, and I am grateful for my Spiritual Family for all that they offer me and all that the allow me to offer them.  Just one final thought, your Physical Family is not necessarily separate from your Spiritual Family.  Some if not all of them may be in both Families, but not necessarily.  Well, that’s my thoughts on the subject, what are yours?

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