How to Choose a Pendulum?

3 Oracles eMarket PendulumsI am regularly asked by clients and customers how to choose a pendulum.  They ask for a variety of reasons, but the main reason is that they are afraid of choosing the wrong one.  They ask whether they should buy a quartz one or an amethyst one, or a tiger eye pendulum and should they base their decision on what type of work they want to use the pendulum for.  As with all things metaphysical, there is a lot of superstition surround the selection of and use of a pendulum.

For instance, a few weeks ago a customer at my holistic fair table asked me if only witches use quartz pendulums, and is it true that you can use a pendulum to “put a curse on someone?” I will never stopped be amazed by the questions that people ask me. Anyone can use a quartz pendulum, and if someone wants to put a curse on you, they can do it without the use of tools, and it only works if you believe in the curse.

But today, I want to chat with you about how you choose a pendulum with which to conduct your pendulum work. Go to a metaphysical store or a holistic fair, and you will find people selling a wide and varied selection of pendulums in a wide and varied price range.  Do not base your selection on price alone.  And please do not base your purchase on the recommendations of the vendor.

Have a look at all the pendulums, is there one that you are attracted to, one that catches your attention even when the vendor is trying to sell you one (often the most expensive in the collection), is there one that stays in the corner of your eye even when looking at others and speaking with the vendor. This may be the pendulum for you. I truly believe that. Just like at Hogwarts where the wand chooses the student and not the other way around, your pendulum will choose you.  You will feel drawn to this pendulum.  As we say in the metaphysical world, it will resonate with you.

I have had some customers disappointed because that one special pendulum that resonates with them, that they are attracted to, that pulls their attention to it, is often not the prettiest one in the selection.  But there you have it.  If that is the case, I still encourage you to go with the one that resonates with you.  It will work so much better, than just choosing the cheapest one, or the prettiest one, or the one that the vendor is trying to sell you.

Often if you ignore the pull of the pendulum and choose another, the pendulum you choose will resist the work you are asking of it. It may be difficult to work with the pendulum, or you may experience a pendulum that refuses to work. I have had clients come by the table and say to me, yeah, I can never get pendulums to work for me, I must not be very psychic.  (Another myth about pendulums).  If a pendulum will not ‘move’ for you, you have chosen the wrong one to work with. When you feel that pull on the pendulum to choose them, pick it up and hold it for a few minutes in your clutched hand.  See how it feels.

If it feels comfortable, it may be the one for you.  If it feels “foreign,” it may not be the right one.  If it feels comfortable, I want you to then hold it by the end of the chain and run your thumb and forefinger on your other hand down the pendulum chain to the tip of the pendulum repeating “Atone to this body,” three times. Remember there will have been more than a couple of dozen people play with that pendulum at a fair or in a shop, and it will imprint the energy of each person onto itself.  So by asking it to atone to your body, you will begin the initial steps of eliminating that foreign energy and allowing the pendulum to imprint on your energy.

Once you have completed this, hold the pendulum in your dominate hand, steady it, and ask it to show you what ‘YES’ looks like and then be patient.  The pendulum should start to move in a pattern or direction. It may be slow at first as it trys to eliminate  the energies of the others that have handled it.  But it is important that it does move even if in the tiniest bit, even if it is just sort of shaking and vibrating.  Or you may even experience a full fledged free swinging and spinning motion on the first try, and that would be great.  If there is no movement at all, this is not the pendulum for you, so put it back and try another.

Eventually, you will find the right one for you, the one that moves when you ask it to. There is no such thing as a person who cannot get a pendulum to work.  Pendulums work in conjunction with our energy, and since we are all pure energy, a pendulum will work with you.  You are simply not finding the “chosen one”.  I remember a person who once told me that they cannot get pendulums to work, that they had tried hundreds and that they never work, and the glee and excitement that they experienced when after working with me on selecting one, finally for the first time, got a pendulum to move. It was very moving to watch as they succeeded with “the one and only.”

What if you can’t try out the pendulums, say for instance you are ordering one on line.

My advice is still the same: go through all the ones in the catalogue and order one that “speaks” to you.  The one that you “just can’t do without”.  It will work for you.  It will be easier to work with actually, as it would not have had the energies of dozens or hundreds of people imprinted on it, only a few, and therefore, easier to atone to your body. A good place to find pendulums to order on line is at

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