I see the neatest things at the Farmer’s Market

I have a booth at our local Farmer’s Market on Saturdays.  I see the most fascinating things while standing in my booth people watching.  A few weeks ago, I saw my first person with Unicorn Energy.  She physically resembled a unicorn.  She was tall, thin, extremely graceful, and moved in a unique manner.  She had long straight hair, down past her waist and it was snow white in colour.  I watched her as she passed me several times and I was mesmerized by the movement of her hair that hung and swished like a horse’s mane as she walked.  She smiled at me each time she passed my table and finally after several trips past, I spoke to her and told her how much she reminded me of a unicorn.  Apparently, this was not the first time she had heard this as she laughed and said “so people keep telling me.”  I was thrilled to meet my first unicorn, and there was indeed something magical about her.

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Today, I was amazed by a pair of women that I spotted several isles away.  The second, always following behind the other, carrying her packages.  As they got closer, I could feel their energy better, and then  – bam- as they were standing at the booth across from me, I knew  who they were. The first women, tall, slender, with firery red hair in a mass of curls, was a High Priestess of Avalon, and the second woman, shorter, blond and loaded down with packages, had been her hand servant in Avalon.  And here they are, in present life, totally unaware of who they are (were) and the power and knowledge that they have, still behaving as if they were back in Avalon, the hand maiden following the Priestess.

How do I know that they don’t remember Avalon or who they are?  When I encounter spirits with such strong backgrounds as these two, they are usually drawn to my energy as we resonate at the same or nearly the same frequency.  They acknowledge me, stop and talk, sometimes give me their phone numbers and sometimes we go out for tea.  That is the case with the Unicorn, and many others.  However, these two women barely acknowledged me when I spoke to them, passed right by and I didn’t see them again.  They were totally unaware of the energy surrounding them, or emanating from me.

Other amazing things I saw today, people inside a building where the temperature was over 20 degrees wearing zippered winter coats, hats, and scarves while eating popsicles.  I, in the meantime, had stripped off three layers of clothes and bought a paper fan to try and keep myself cool.

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