If you are healthy, you have everything

As an empath, intuitive healer, reiki practitioner and sensitive, I spend most of my days at one of our local hospitals as a ‘bed sitter.”  In this role, I sit with different people everyday.  Some are lonely and have no one to visit with them; some require 24/7 attention and the nurses cannot be there 24/7 so I come in and assist them; some get visitors but are at a stage in their lives to not recognize those who come; many are at the end of their lives and are struggling against it; but the one thing they all have in common is their pain.

The pain may be physical, it may be emotional, it may be mental pain; it may be spiritual pain, or it may be a combination of some or all of them.  But regardless which it is, they are all in pain.  They are an ever present reminder to me that I am healthy, can leave there and go home and come back the next day.  They are an ever present reminder to me that I live a blessed life and therefore can enhance their’s by being grateful for what I have, especially my good health.

When I enter their rooms each day, I can see Archangel Raphael standing in a corner, or sometimes at the head of their bed. In times of their greatest pain, I can see him reaching out, taking their hand to comfort them and assist them through their pain, if only for a moment.

3 Oracles eMarket - Our Health Is Everything

Each moment free of pain is a gift to them, and I do what I can to assist them to have as many pain free moments as possible on my shift. Sometimes I sit and hold their hand along with Raphael, sometimes I provide support when they are upset because they have little or no control over anything in their lives anymore, and sometimes I am there just so they have a choice in their lives, about whether or not I am there.  I do what I can to assist them to attain a moment free of pain, and I so it as many times a day as is necessary.  I feel I do so little and yet many are so grateful.  I love this job.

Blessed be to all, and my wish/prayer for you is your continued good health, or improvement in your health if you are suffering in anyway today.

I am healthy, and therefore, I have it all.

Light & Love.


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