I’m Intuitive – Again

What does that title—I’m Intuitive again—mean?  Well, simple. When we were born, we arrived on this earth plane with our intuition active.  As children we intuitively knew things without being told, talked to “imaginary friends,” painted what we saw as we saw it such as colouring a dog purple because we were seeing his purple aura rather than his black fur, had flying dreams, and often spoke our own languages.  All these activities are intuitive activities.  However by the time we reach the age of seven years or so, we get these activities “socialized” out of us by teachers, parents, and peers who tell us that only “babies” talk to imaginary friends, that dogs cannot be purple, that we can’t fly and dreams don’t come true.  And so we forget that we have these abilities in order to fit in and not spend a lifetime being teased and bullied.  What a shame.

3 Oracles eMarket - I'm Intuituve Again

Then we become teenagers, and well, we won’t even go there.  Followed by our 20s and 30s where we are busy living our lives, graduating from school, getting jobs, starting a career, finding a mate, having children, buying cars and a picket fence – all the things that we are supposed to do, and never giving a thought to the think we all intuition.  Then around the age of 40, the Universe gives us a little tap on the should to tell us it is time to start working on our spiritual life now that our physical life is looked after.  Some answer the call, most don’t and go back to their lives.

But even though they go to their lives, something niggles at the back of their head and they begin to develop a feeling “that there’s something missing”, that there “has to be something more” and the search begins.  We frail around for a few years, reading books, talking to others, watching “Oprah” and occassionally attending a seminar that looks interesting.  If we haven’t “stepped into” our new intuition by the time we reach our 50s then we often begin have experiences that will “push us, sometimes kicking and screaming” into it.  Very often when someone experiences a stressor at this time in their lives, it activates a trigger, and we begin our spiritual search.  These experiences often come in the form of a loss of some kind – a divorce, a death of a loved one, a job loss, an unexpected serious illness, and for some a Near Death Experience.

Why do we need a stressor/trigger to begin our search, why do we wait until then?  As mentioned earlier, we are often too busy to “hear” those intuitive whisperings that come as we take time to grieve, reflect on events, take time to heal ourselves of our pain.  Only after we slow down some, and spend some time in quite reflection, do we begin to have intuitive experiences that we recognize as intuitive experiences.  Often after the death of a loved one, we will receive messages from them, but if we are too busy, we miss them and eventually they stop sending them.  Often if we survive a NDE or a serious illness, we spend time wondering “why me” and all of a sudden we realize we are hearing the answers.

It is interesting to note that the last of the baby boomers will be reaching the age of 50 in 2012, and most will have entered this period of spiritual reflection and the planet will become the most intuitive it has been since the history of humankind, with the greatest part of the population listening to their intuitive voices.  Could this be what the Mayans predicted for 2012, could this be the end of the world as we knew it, and a new beginning for humankind where intuition is not only accepted by respected.  Here’s hoping.  Feel free to email me with your experiences in stepping into your intuition.

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