I’ve Been Having Fun Lately

3 Oracles eMarket blog - Spiritual Doll
Handmade Spiritual Doll

I’ve been having fun lately making Spirit Dolls.

Spirit Dolls are messengers you make with your own two hands, and they speak to you of just exactly what you need to hear to thrive in new, more confident ways. When you create Spirit Dolls, you tap directly into Spirit and your inner guidance.  

Doll-making is an ancient creative form that touches the souls of women. Through the delicious act of creation, you will reawaken to yourself and experience a deep transformation. You will feel her in your body. She is your direct connection to spirit; she will guide you, speak to you, be your inner strength. She is your loving, spiritual guide whose wisdom you can rely on and trust. She is your higher self. She will unwaveringly be on the journey with you. She is your touchstone of identity.

3 Oracles eMarket blog - Wisdom Doll
Handmade Wisdom Doll

Your spirit doll holds your essence. You will discover the magnitude of your full, true self. Your answers will come from a place of inner wisdom. This is a healing experience of self acceptance.


The Spiritual Doll (top left) represents my spiritual side and reminds me that I am a Spiritual Being having a Human Experience.


The Wisdom Doll (middle left) reminds me that I have wisdom to give and that people want to hear my wisdom when I choose to give it.  It is in dark colours to remind me that not all wisdom comes originates in the light but   also in shadow.  My wisdom must be balanced with light and shadow.

Penny Lighthall's Handmade Elemental Doll
Handmade Elemental Doll


The Elemental Doll (bottom left) reminds me that I am a being connected to the Earth, grounded to the soil, and am affected by the elements of earth, wind, water and fire.

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