My drum hoop gets around – part 5

3 Oracles eMarket blog - drumMy drum hoop has been getting out and around quite a bit since my last posting.  Most recently she went rug hooking with me and had the opportunity to meet the women in my rug hooking group and spend the morning in an atmosphere of wonderful creativity.

Then we enjoyed a beautiful lunch at the Delta Beaujour with a very good friend.  There we learned that when curry is served in a buffet setting and you are allergic to it, you should order off the menu. Apparently people cross contaminate the food by using utensils in different dishes.  Who knew?  Not me.

Then yesterday, we enjoyed pizza for lunch on the new furniture that we picked out together.

We have been on many mini-outings such as supper at Wendy’s last week with a friend where she enjoyed her first  bacon cheese burger while we chatted about the philosophies of  “Right Action” and “Choice.”  Very deep discussion.  We’ve been to the mall, to the Farmer’s Market, went to visit the staff at Passage in Highfield Square.

3 Oracles eMarket blog - drum

Yesterday we took a bus ride and visited the Moncton Museum.  Today we are off to the bank again and then a tour of the Court House to explore our judicial system.  Tomorrow we are very excited to be at the Intuitive Arts Expo where my drum hoop will be assisting me in my readings by suppling me and my clients with drum wisdom, then off to another Laughter Yoga Class.

Sunday, I think we will take a rest and watch Coronation Street together in the morning, while I do some more sanding to make her beautiful and smooth.  What a blessed live we have together.  Oh, I almost forgot to mention how interesting she found it to be voting in her first election last Monday.  She was rather intrigued by the whole process.

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