Painful Lessons

In my post about family reunions, I spoke briefly about our spiritual family and the role that they play in our lives.  Members of our spiritual family sign life contracts with us before we incarnate on this Earth plane.  In these life contracts we agree to teach one another specific lessons in this life time.  Many of our spiritual family members reincarnate with us over and over again in many life times and each time, and we provide each other with many lessons.

3 Oracles eMarket blog - Painful Lessons

What do you do when someone in your spiritual family, that you have incarnated with over many life times hurts you so badly you think you cannot survive it?  It is a challenge for sure.  We remind ourselves that its a life contract, and that helps to distance ourselves from it a bit and be more objective;  we look for the lessons and that helps us to understand a little bit more; we shift our perspective on the situation and that allows us to forgive and love a little bit more; and lastly we remember that we are spiritual beings living a human experience and because of that we are experiencing human emotions, which are by no means – rational.

We also remind ourselves that the lessons are not one sided – with ourselves being the only one to experience the lesson – perhaps it will help to discuss the situation with the other person from this perspective – I am learning my lesson, are you learning yours.  An then we hope that they are and that the pain will stop.  If both of you aren’t looking at the lessons for each of you in this situation, then the pain will continue, so take a chance and sit down with the other person and bring up the topic of life contracts and lessons, and come to some understanding on how the pain can be stopped and the lessons learned.  Only then will you both be able to continue your life of light and love.

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2 thoughts on “Painful Lessons

  1. Hi Penny,

    I found you when I was looking for the symbolic meaning on the dying dove I saw. By the time I got back to it was dead.

    The meaning I found you described seem to hit the nail on the head.

    Looking at painful lessons is kind of woven into the meaning of the dove. A certain person has caused great pain in my life since I have met him. I am sure it is a life contract and feel I am finally getting the lesson/message I am meant to get with this one.

    I have tried to reason with this one on numerous occasions, talking spiritually to him and every time I feel I may have made a bit of progress my guard goes down and I am once again taken for a ride.

    I laugh at myself because I know this is the lesson. Sadly I believe he is so caught up in his story that it would be insensible to try to reason any further with this individual.

    I feel more than ready to move past this relationship and let it go!!!

    I feel inspired by your writing and my intuition tells me it would be detrimentally unwise for me to not move on.

    Sending loving vibes your way, Thank you for your gentle wisdom

  2. I have seen two half eaten pigeons in the same week one up the road and one in my front garden what can this mean thanks

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