The Little Garden Plot that Could – June 17

My friend Mireille called me weeks ago and asked if I wanted to go splits on a plot at the local YMCA Community Garden.  I live in an apartment completely surrounded by concreate and pavement.  So I jumped at the chance to get down in the ground and grow my own food.  The good news is I will get to spend some quality time with a friend – the bad news, neither of us have really gardened seriously before.  The reason for that, well, neither one of us takes life too seriously.

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We paid for our plot, and chatted a bit about what we wanted to plant.  The plot is only 8′ X 8′, not that large, but large enough for beginners.  As a child, all my neighbours had huge vegetable gardens and I remember them all telling me to “plant by the moon”.  In otherwords, in the Maritimes, we are still liable to get frost right up until the full moon in June.  That’s what I explained to the person from the Y who called a few days ago to find out why we haven’t planted yet.

The 15th was the full moon, so Mireille and I went to our garden last night to plant.  Really, who knew that an 8′ X 8′ plot could have so many weeds in it.  We filled bag after bag, after bag and emptied them in the weed bin which was full before we got there and was now overflowing. (Pictures on the way).  It was hard work, but we had quality conversations, deep and philosphical with a lot of laughter thrown in for good measure.  Mireille is also a Laughter Yoga instruction in addition to being a trained clown.  There is no way we could get all the weeds out, but we did our best.  We wanted to get our planting done before nightfall.  While Mireille was getting the last of the weeds that she could, out of the ground, I connected to the Divine and received a vision of what should be planted where, so they would grow best.

I have no idea how we will be able to tell the difference between weeds and young sprouts, but we have both decided, that whatever happens in the garden is fine with us.  We thought our little garden needed some help.  There is a lot of clay in the soil and parts of the plot has more clay than some other parts.  Between the remaining weeds, the clay and our inexperience, only the Divine knows if anything will grow.  So we started off by providing the little plot with a few minutes of Reiki, the two of us standing opposite each other on opposite sides of the garden.  Next came our prayer of gratitude for this opportunity, remembering to thank Mother Earth for providing nutrients for our plants, Father Sun for providing light and heat, and the sky for providing fresh water to our tiny plants.  We meditated while providing Reiki and then did a dance and laughter session after the gratitude prayer.  We whispered to the plants and seeds, laughed some more, channeled and directed universal energy into the parts that had the most clay, and danced some more.

We have decided that we will do this each time we visit our garden, meditate, pray, sing, dance, laugh, provide Reiki and channel universal energy to areas in need.  Will our fellow gardners laugh and snicker at us – probably, but only until they see how beautiful our little garden plot is, then they will be asking us to show them how to do it too (tee hee hee).  It is interesting to visit the gardens and see how many different gardening styles there are.  Really serious gardeners have little hills in the gardens with plants already coming up and little fences around their plots to keep those who can’t lift their feet higher than six inches out of the plot; some have whirlygigs with spinning appendages; some have a flat garden with plants coming up; some have pink tape around their plots, some have yellow tape.  Almost all of them have nice straight rows, evenly spaced and well defined.  We planted part of our garden in vertical rows, part in horizontal rows, and part of it in mandala circles.  Gardening by the moon and love.  Something will be sure to grow, even it if is only the weeds we didn’t get pulled out.  It dosen’t matter, as with all things it is the journey, not the destination.

Stay tuned for more events from the “Little Garden Plot that Could”.

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