Right Action – What is it?

When channeling, or reading Runes, the phrase “right action” is a common phrase that comes up.  What is Right Action? My guides describe it as “any decision, any choice that we make that benefits the Universe”.

When performing right action it is important to remember that we, as human beings, cannot possibly know all the ripple effects of our actions, although some are certainly predictable – ie, rob a bank, go to jail.  Very often we make decisions with the best of intentions, and then somewhere down the road learn that our choice has hurt someone that we never anticipated, nor intended hurting.  When that happens, be sure to take the steps necessary to “correct” that choice – apologize, ask forgiveness, and learn from the experience.

3 Oracles eMarket, taking the right action, blogOf course, there are always those choices that we make with the intention of hurting someone, or simply not caring about the outcome.  These actions are “contrary to right action”, and it is important to remember, that the person who is harmed the most in these actions is you.  For in intentionally harming others, we harm ourselves first, sometimes requiring years of self pain to correct.  An example would be engaging in an extra-maritial affair.  I don’t have to tell you how harmful such actions are, but do need to tell you that when dis-harmony occurs as a result of choices contrary to right action, it ripple thoughout your world, the physical world and affects the Universal harmony.  We know right from “wrong” so there is no need to spend more energy on this subject.  My intention is not to preach right and wrong to you.

So lets go back to when we make choices with the best of intentions, but still end up harming ourselves, rippling outward to others.  How do we avoid this – well sometimes we can’t, because it is necessary for us to learn from our actions.  So it is important to remember that when it happens, as soon as we are conscious of it, we must take steps to heal the harm.  The best way to avoid having this happen it to not allow yourself to be drawn into other people’s dramas.  Sometimes we want to help so much that we do not realize that we are causing pain.  Here is an example of what I am talking about.

I have friends who are a couple.  I love them both.  All I have ever wanted for them is for them to be happy, just as I want all people to be happy.  However, that has not been the case with them.  They have been together for four years, and seldom in those four years have I heard a kind word between the two of them.  They fight non-stop, and always in front of the children; as a matter of fact, in front of anyone and everyone who enters their home, and always try to recruit others to their side of the current argument.  The children cry, and have now taken to leaving the home to avoid the hostility, doors are slammed, dishes are broken, screaming, yelling, and blaming are constant occurances in this home.  It breaks my heart that this family is in such pain (as an empath I can feel the pain even though I live 2 hours away), and I certainly can hear it in the voices whenever I speak to any of the 6 people who live in that house.

So as any “good friend” would do, I try to help them settle things, but to no avail, and the fighting continues.  I have told each of them that I love them and want them to be happy, and point out that they aren’t and how wrong it is for them to continue to hurt one another and everyone they come in contact with, even suggesting that perhaps a separation would be best for all.  That’s what any “good friend” would do right?  Well, boy was I WRONG.  I have since come to realize that by making that suggestion, as well intended as it was, I was acting in a way “contrary to right action”.  I was contributing to the pain of the situation, for both of them.  No. 1  – it is none of my business but is in fact what we call Universal business; No. 2 – I had inadvertently allowed myself to be drawn into their drama; No. 3 – because it is none of my business, I cannot change the situation, they must make the choice to change the situation themselves; I cannot do the work for them, it is necessary for them to have this experience and learn and grown from it; I cannot rescue either of them for they must rescue themselves; No. 4 – I now need to correct the “contrary to right action” choice that I made by explaining this to them, apologize for interferring, and asking their forgiveness.

This does not mean that I am walking away from people that I love, it means that I now understand that my role in this situation is to be that of “listener”.  I will listen, and listen, and listen, but from here on end, I will not be drawn into the drama by trying to rescue them.  They must do that themselves – if they choose to.

Right action can be a tricky thing, but when we “get it”, it is a beautiful thing that allows the Universe to flow  without interferrence.

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