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Penny Lighthall is an Intuitive Consultant and Lightworker. “I have answered the calling to assist the world to heal, to assist people learning to heal themselves.  Therefore when I do an Intuitive Consultation for you, it is with this intention in mind, the intention of providing you with wisdom, guidance, knowledge and understanding regarding an issue that you are dealing with so you can make informed decisions and move forward in your life.   I do this by connecting with the Universe/ Divine/ Creator/ God/ Spirit, whatever name you choose, as well as your guides and angels, my guides and angels, and the Archangels, and on occasion passed loved ones.  My consultations are present-focused. I do not do fortune-telling type readings and don’t make predictions for the future.”  ~Penny Lighthall

 24-Hour Notice: Penny requests that you schedule your consultation at least 24 hours in advance as there is preparation that goes into every consultation.  In order to give you a “healing consultation,” Penny asks that you respect the process even if you are feeling urgent. Thank you for your understanding.

3 Oracles eMarket Rune Consultations | Rune Readings with Penny Lighthall
Runes, or which are sometimes referred to as Viking Runes or Celtic Runes, are one of the oldest form of oracle on the planet, having coming into existence nearly 5000 years ago. Rune Stones were created in Scandinavia, migrated to the British Isles and were adopted by the Celts and Druids of the region.  They were originally a written language that never developed into an oral language.  Their interpretations were passed on orally from Rune Master to apprentice.

Penny does not use Runes to predict the future or for fortune telling.  Runes are used to provide the person requesting the consultation  with insight, wisdom, guidance and understanding of themselves in a compassionate and helpful way.  In a balanced consultation, I will address not only the light side of an issue but will also deal with the shadow aspects of the situation, for you cannot know light without ever experiencing the darkness, and each has their own lessons for us to learn. The consultations average between a ½ hour and an hour long.

Penny has been working with Runes for 25 years.  She makes her own Runes and has also written her own Rune Interpretations, using research of many globally-recognized Rune experts, her own intuitive abilities, and guidance from the Universe.

Contact Penny for a rune reading.


“The Rune Reading I would have to compare to an Angel Card Reading or perhaps astrology reading, but very different and more intuitive. I have never had this done before but let me tell you . . . it was nothing short of amazing! It is a very positive and uplifting experience to have her do a reading. She offers clarity and perspective on one’s current situation and you will be given action steps to creating the life you were meant to live. It is not a psychic reading in the sense that she predicts your future, she simply tells you about your Self and shares possible steps for you to take based on the Runes. In the end, the choice is yours! “  ~Tracey D. (Moncton)

“Penny is truly a Wise One. My reading with her was very enlightening. She, with the help of her angels, spirit guides, and the runes, was able to see through my facade, past the murky depths of ego issues (namely self-deception) and into the heart of the issues that were truly responsible for my unhappiness and dis-ease. Her insights proved tremendously cathartic and therapeutic. I highly recommend Penny’s insightful wisdom.”  ~Kim H. (Moncton)

“I was sceptical about having a reading done over the phone, but once finished, I was really glad that I did it.  Penny’s reading was very helpful.”  ~Amanda M. (Nova Scotia)

3 Oracles eMarket Tea Leaf Consultations | Tea Leaf Readings with Penny Lighthall

Penny Lighthall is an Intuitive Consultant and Lightworker.

Tea Leaf Consultations

Penny has been giving tea leaf consultations for over 45 years. Penny learned tea leaf reading from her grandmother when she was 9 or 10 years old, and she started doing “readings” as a fun thing to do with her school girl friends, asking questions like, who will take Suzie to the dance this weekend.

Then in her early adult years, Penny was often approached to do readings more as a fortune telling activity at parties.

In her early 40s, Penny learned that this was not a “party activity strictly for entertainment purposes.”  It was than that she realized people took the tea leaf consultations  seriously. So Penny began doing tea leaf consultations the same way she does her Rune consultations, with the intent that they be healing consultations of wisdom, guidance, understanding and compassion.

During your tea leaf consultation, Penny will be referencing symbology to interpret the symbols, as well as using her intuitive abilities, guidance from the Universe, your spirit guides and angels, her spirit guides and angles, and the Archangels and Ascended Masters.


“I learned on my own that I AM intuitive!  This was a lot of fun and I plan on learning and expanding this experience.” Kim S. (Moncton)

Contact Penny for a tea leaf reading. Tea leaf consultations can be done in person, by phone, or by e-mail.

Pendulum Consultations

PL pendulumPendulums are used for many things – finding lost objects; dowsing or scrying; and can reveal information that cannot be obtained in any other manner.

As the perfect device for unlocking the secrets of the subconscious mind, a pendulum can identify areas that need examination.  The potential of the pendulum is virtually limitless.

Penny has been doing pendulum work for more than 10 years.  She combines it with her intuitive abilities to assist the client to find answers to their many questions.

Pendulum Consultations can be done in person, by phone or by e-mail contact.


Chakra Balancing

PL chakra systemChakra balancing is one of the many forms of Energy Work.

In a one-hour session, Penny utilizes a variety of techniques to move the energy around in the body and eliminate energy blockages.

Some of the techniques Penny uses include: charka pendulums, singing bowls, Reiki, intuition, universal guidance, colour and sound therapy.

Clients always report improvements in their health, spirit and emotions after a session.  Penny also prepares a report for the client to take home with them, including suggested methods on how to maintain their chakra balancings.


“I went to see Penny because I was feeling unbalance and not grounded. I was not feeling good! After a chakra balancing session and a reiki session I was feeling very good the day after. She is gifted and I highly recommend Penny for her good work.”  ~Diane L (Moncton)

Bird Whisperings (Bird Interpretations)

  • What does seeing dead birds mean?
  • What does seeing birds acting strangely mean?
  • Why am I seeing the same bird over and over?

Since you are here, I am assuming that you have read my Bird Symbols blog and have more questions. If not, please read the questions and detailed answers in this blog thread to see if it can assist you with your questions.

If you are looking for information in greater detail than the blog supplies, or want an Interpretation of your own bird sighting, please contact Penny to set up a consultation.

Penny provides Bird Whisperings by email consultation only. Advance payment is required.


Oh What a Party! – Party and Group Consultations

Are you looking for something new to do in a group setting?  Tired of just sitting around gabbing with one another and want a bit of fun?  Looking for something original do to for a baby shower, or a wedding shower, or the monthly girls weekend? Try these ideas out.  They are unique, fun, and can be very interesting.  If you are interested, contact me and we can discuss the details.

Tea Leaf Love Charm Party

This is a variation on the tea leaf consultations that I do.  This party is specifically designed to assist you to manifest a new love in your life.

We will draw our intended (don’t worry you don’t need to be VanGogh to do this), list their qualities, drink a love charm tea and then consult the leaves from your cup. You do not need to be intuitive to do tea leaf reading and it will help to grow your intuition if you practice.

You will do a bit of reading of each other’s cups and I will also read.  Lastly we will send our desires out to the universe and see what happens. It may take a while for the person to arrive in your life, but it may also be only a few days.  It is different for everyone.  So if you are ready for love, gather a group and have a fun time manifesting.

Laughter Party

people laughingThere are many health benefits to laughing, not the least of which, you just feel good afterward.  At a Laughter Party, Penny can come and spend approximately 45-60 minutes with the group.  We will do activities designed to assist us to reconnect with our inner child and explore the world of childhood play once again.


The Laughter Party is not just fun in a social setting, but is also useful for team building, relieving stress in the workplace, group bonding, and breaking the ice at conferences.  The program is totally 100% adjustable to meet the needs of your group.  Penny can do a program that is 15 minutes or longer depending on your needs.  The only restriction is space.  The Laughter Party needs space for people to move around.

Although you do not actually do yoga in the class, there are role playing exercises. The participants can range in numbers for 4 to 100 or more people.  The programme is also adaptable to meet the mobility needs of the participants, from individuals in wheelchairs to marathon runners.  In other words, anyone can benefit from a Laughter session!

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