The adventures of my drum hoop – Part 2

My drum hoop and I had a very exciting day today.  My drum hoop accompanied me all day today.  We started off the day by performing a house clearing for a friend.  We really learned a lot.  It was a good morning.  Then this afternoon, she participated in a Laughter Yoga session with me.  The group was very intrigued by her and wanted to learn all about her and why I was carrying her around with me.  I explained that we were bonding, learning all about each other, so that when she was finished and became a drum, we could sing our songs together.  We are getting to know one another.

After the Laughter Yoga, we went to the bank.  My drum hoop was very excited to learn all about the world of high finance.  Little joke there, my finances are more on the scale of piggy bank than high finance.  We then went shopping for a bit to pick up a couple of things, and later she is accompanying me to the hospital to watch me a work in my new job as Hospital Bed Sitter.    I will not get an opportunity to sand her today, but she has spent the day learning about me.  I worked on her quite a bit yesterday and she is becoming smoother and smoother.  She is feeling good in my hands.

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