The Pain in our Elders

I work at our local hospital sitting with patients who require attention 24/7.  Last week I spent time with a lovely women in her late 80s.  She was such a joy, very well versed in many topics.  Yes she is in the midst of dementia of some sort, but does that make her any less wise.  No, it doesn’t.    As I spent the day praying with her, I learned many things about her.  She appeared in pretty good health to me, certainly in comparison to some I sit with.  So when I heard her praying that God come and take her now, that she was ready to go and that she knew her time was near, I asked her how she knew her time was near.  Here is what she said. “People come into my room. They do things and they leave.  Since they do not talk to me, I know they do not see me. Since they do not see me,  I am invisible and because I know that I am invisible, I know I am close to death and will be joining God soon.”

3 Oracles eMarket - The Pain in Our Elders.

Oh my God. I wanted to cry. I hugged her, looked her in the eyes, and said: “I see YOU. You are not invisible.  I see you. I touch you. I talk to you. You are here.”   Her response to that was. “Yes dear. You do, but that is because you are an Angel sent to me by God to spend time with me until I meet him.”

This theory of hers was confirmed when her grand-nephew stopped in for a visit and spoke to me rather than her, asking if she knew who he was, and of course when she didn’t, he left rather than stay and chat with her.  He did not speak one word to her, only to me, and when he left she said, “See? They come in, but they don’t see me and they leave. I am invisible.

All I could do was hug her and stay with her for the rest of the day, listening to the wisdom she was sharing with me and learning the lesson she was teaching me regarding how we treat our Elders. I also left feeling like I was an angel sent to her by God.

Do you sit and listen to your Elders as they impart their wisdom to you, sometimes hidden in casual conversations.  It will be a rewarding experience for you if you do, and for them as well.

Light & Love

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