The Spirituality in the Labyrinth

What a Weekend!!!!!!!!!

I attended the Spirituality in the Labyrinth event in Williamsburg at the Once Upon a Time Land of the Little People.  We were hosted by Grenville and Debbie Woollacott.  They have managed to find the most spiritual place in New Brunswick and turned it into a haven full of Coddle Poppers, Fairies, Magic and Wonderment.

On this 100 acre property visitors will find a 120 foot Labyrinth, a 110 foot Medicine Wheel, and a Moon Dial.  In addition to this there are also kilometres of walking trails complete with story boards detailing the activites of the Coddle Poppers.  If you don’t want to walk the trails, well hop on board the Coddle Popper Express for a wagon ride around them.

Everyone started gathering around 11:00am, setting up tents to stay the night, and to accommodate a number of vendors who attended.  Then the events began.  People gathered to walk the Labyrinth, and around 1pm the drumming in the Labyrinth began.  As people drummed and danced, they were joined by 3 eagles overhead flying among angels shaped clouds.  At 2:00, we finished drumming and then went to the fire pit for an half hour Ohm Meditation, followed by more drumming.  The group then divided up with some going on an Angel Walk and others going to the Blessing of the new Medicine Wheel.  If you want to see this part of the weekend, check out the video on YouTube:

This video was taken and posted by Danielle Bourgque of Soft Stone Imagery.

After a short supper break, Mireille Albert led the group in a Laughter session which is a really fun way to Meditate.  You can’t think and Laugh at the same time.  People brought out guitars and other noise makers and we had a little sing along while we were waiting for the laser light show to begin in the Labyrinth beginning at dusk.  This was absolutely phenomenal.  The lasers were going, people were dancing, people were drumming, and the children were running around trying to catch the lights.

After the show was over, and people went home, a few of us stayed out at the Labyrinth for a bit chatting with Grenville and Debbie and watching the metor shower before tucking into our sleeping bags at midnight.

If you are planning a spiritual event of any kind and are looking for a location.  This one is perfect.  Be sure to contact Grenville and Debbie Woollacott .

Even the webpage is a delight to read.  You will not find a more animated storyteller than Grenville.

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