There are no Coincidences

How often have your heard “there are no coincidences”  or “everything happens for a reason”.  I trust that this is true.  When something occurs that seems to be a coincidence, I now ask the questions: “What is happening here? What is the reason?”

3 Oracles eMarket - Coincidence and Serendipity

I couple of weeks ago I started receiving RSVPs for a workshop that I was not offering.  When I received the first one I just chalked it up to an error somewhere, but then when #2, #3, #4 and #5 arrived, I became confused and wondered what was going on.  I responded to each of the emails informing them that they had somehow gotten the wrong email address and if the workshop was advertised perhaps they should inform the organizer that they had published the wrong address.

Then, I received an email from the organizer.  The address was idential to mine, except that instead of .com on the end it had a meaning that it was coming from New Zealand.  She sent me a copy of the ad which showed the correct address which got me thinking about why these five people had made the same mistake in sending me their RSVPs.  The event organizer and I began to correspond and today she asked me if she could circulate my newsletter to others because she liked it and wanted to share it.  So, now because of some cosmic error, my newsletter is circluating around New Zealand.  How cool is that.  And you never know where it will lead – looking forward to what is to come of all of this.  I am certain that it is going to be something exciting.

Do you pay attention to coincidences in your life?  Do you follow through on them?  Do you welcome them.  I do and then I secretly say thank you to the Divine and the Universe for sending them to me, as they often lead to opportunities I otherwise might have missed.

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