Travelling Drum Hoop Saga Continues

My drum is so excited.  She has a new outfit.  She got all gussied up on the weekend.  I had to allow 3 months for her to be seasoned so she was completely dry before I decorated her.  She is now in her new outfit.

What do all the symbols mean?  Well, first some background.  Two years ago when I living in Truro, I decided I was going to open a healing centre and was searching for a name for it.    I received a message from the Creator to get out my Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue.  So I did.  Shuffled them and a card jumped out, landing on the floor.  When I picked it up, it was the Goddess Dana card.  Very Celtic in design.  I thought, hmmm.  I am of Irish descent and read all about her.  Dana has several names, Danna, Dannu or Danu.  Here is what Doreen has to say about her.

“Your wisdom extends back into the far reaches of ancient times.  You’ve brought this knowledge forward into your present incarnation to be a way-shower so that others may benefit from your experiences.  Don’t delay in expressing this wisdom.  I will assist you in manifesting platforms for your spiritual teaching, whether it’s through teaching by example, or through writing or speaking.  All forms of teaching are equally valuable, no matter how many lives you touch. Lead workshops, write books or articles, look for opportunities to teach, be a role model of peace, honour your Divinity, and know that you are a leader.” These words resonated so strongly within me.  I have taken them to heart and live my life by them.

Some of the symbols associated with Danu, are the running waters as in the rivers and oceans, the life forms within them, fish, etc; the black cauldron filled with water, and as a fertility Goddess, the lands and all that are nourished by it, trees, etc.  The mandala on the drum has a black cauldron emptying into a river with fish, and trees on its bank.  The symbols around the mandala are Rune symbols that spell out “Tuatha De Dannu” which means “the children of Dannu.” To the Tuatha De Dannu, she was the Creator Mother Goddess, and in order to protect her children from invaders and captors, she transformed them into Leprechauns.

My drum is now complete and honours all that is Celtic in me.  Her design is Celtic with a Celtic Cross on the back lashings. Her name, Dannu, is Celtic. Her wood is cedar, which is used in spiritual clearings. And now her beautiful design to honour the Creator Mother Goddess, Dannu.  I can’t wait to find a drumming group in my area to make her sing for others.

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2 thoughts on “Travelling Drum Hoop Saga Continues

  1. Hi Penny, I like your web pag, it’s very well made. I’m interested in chanting and in your last monthly page you talked about a chanting group. I would appreciate if you would be so kind to send me some information. Thank you. Gilberte Daigle

    1. Hi, I don’t think I responded to your post. Unfortunately, the chanting group was short lived and they have moved on to other things of interest to them. If I hear of any other chanting group, I will be sure to keep you informed.

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