Understanding Creativity

Christmas is coming so I will next share with you two Christmas theme rugs that I did.  I cannot take credit for the design however.  My beautiful niece, who is now 20, sent me a Christmas card  when she was six years old with a Santa on one side and Rudolph on the other. 3 Oracles eMarket - Christmas RugI used these incredible childhood drawings as the inspiration for the two rugs.  Because they were so beautiful and simplistic, I didn’t want to distort any of the wonderment of them, so I copied them exactly as she drew them.  I traced them onto a sheet of mylar and enlarged them on an overhead projector to get them to the size that I wanted them.  I also remained true to her colours. Then as a way of saying thank you to her for the drawings, I created a series of Christmas cards. When I was making these rugs, I was imagining a tiny girl’s wishes for Christmas, her innocence in the belief of Santa and Rudolph and the magic that comes with all of that. It made me lonely for those feelings that have long passed for me. My niece was a teenager when I made these rugs, but at that time, and even now in her early 20′s she still believes in the magic of the world.  I do too, NOW. The magic that is Christmas is around us year round if you just take a moment and look for it.

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