What does seeing dead birds mean?

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3OeM Stellar's Jay on Christmas Day by Helen Reynolds



Here is the Original Blog:

In the past two weeks I have had three different people ask me what it means to be seeing dead birds.  They are seeing one bird, then a couple of days later may see three birds, and then a couple of days after they will see another dead bird.  The species is different in each case.

These beautiful animals are actually messengers from the Divine, Spirit, Universe, God, whatever name you choose.  The message is not one of doom and gloom, you are not going to die in the next three days, it is not a “forerunner” of death and destruction.

One of the people who emailed me about this wondered if it is a forerunner to the end of to the world that is coming in 2012 that she has been hearing so much about. These dead birds are actually very similar to the “Death” card in a tarot deck.  It represents a death, but it is a death of something you have been focused on.  It could be the death or “end” of a bad relationship, or a bad financial situation, or a behaviour pattern you have been wanting to break, etc.  And with all things that end, the way is then clear for new opportunities to come into your life.

For instance, if you are in an unhealthy relationship, it is unlikely that a new healthy relationship is going to come into your life if you are still involved or healing from the unhealthy one.  Once you have dealt with it and are ready to move on, the universe will send you a message to let you know that it is now time to move forward with your life.

That is what these dead birds are, a message that whatever you were dealing with is now “dead” and behind you and you are now ready to move forward with the new opportunity that has been presenting  itself to you but that you have been ignoring for some reason. So, see the sign, and determine what message it is sending you and be grateful that you have now received the message and start looking for the new opportunity.

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382 thoughts on “What does seeing dead birds mean?

  1. Wow – Same for me too – Exactly what I am going through in my life right now. Thank you – Great info here! :D

    1. Wow, by far the most satisfied explanation I can get. I mean facing downhill in my life for these past few years and now I am getting better and recover. First days of work and this is what I saw at my doorstep. I think it does make sense.

  2. I was making eggs for my family and I mad about 6 eggs and each egg had 2 yokes in it. and later that day my kids found a dead bird in my back yard and i was wondering what that means friends said it was weird .
    thank you marsha

    1. Marsha: sometimes a rose is just a rose and nothing else. We are receiving signs all the time, however, I caution you and others not to reading something into everything. You will drive yourself crazy doing that. Having double yokes in eggs for breakfast and finding a dead bird in your yard has nothing to do with each other. It is quite common to have double yokes in your eggs, and it is quite common to get an entire carton of double yoke eggs, I get them all the time.

      As I mentioned in my article, a dead bird is a message from the Divine that you are ready to deal with the end of something in your life – an unhealthy relationship; a crappy job; a draining friendship; or any other number of things – so you can move forward with your life. If you still feel the two events are connected, then perhaps the lesson here with the double yokes and dead bird, is to encourage you to use your own intuition and to not allow the superstitions of others to influence you in your life. Make your own choices and take responsibility for your own actions, etc.

      Thank you for responding, and I trust you will find this useful.

      1. I have just moved into a new home. Trying to make a go of a failling marriage, when i keep seeing dead birds on my path. so freaked out, but i think i understand its time to move on .

        1. Hi Mo. When we see dead birds, and understand the meaning of its message, we often know instantly what it is in regard to. Go with your intuition, for it is 100% correct, 100% of the time and when we do as our intuition guides us to do, our lives only improve, it can never get worse. Actually, when our lives are filled with chaos and drama it is the result of ignoring our intuition. You know your situtation best, and your intuition will guide you to do what is in your highest good.

          Light, love and peace – Penny

      2. I found a dead black and red speckled bird on my porch. He ran into the house. I didn’t want him to die just to leave me a message of something that would have happened anyway!

  3. Thanks for the info because I have been disabled and in a relationship that is mostly on sided and my choices are limited and reading this gave me some hope. THANKS

    1. This posting in the blog gets a lot of attention. I am glad it has given you some help. Remember, you are a perfect divine child of the universe and it is not necessary to change for anyone, you are perfect just the way you are. The only time is it necessary for us to change is when we choose to for our selves, to improve or make our lives better. Changing for others never works – well it might for a while – but in the end you will be as miserable as before you made the change. I am glad this posting gave you hope. It is also my hope that it has also given you the courage to do what is in your highest good in this situation. Light, love & peace

  4. Hi i was just reading your article about what it meant about seeing dead birds. is this what it really means? A dead bird out of know where fell dead right in front of my car the other day. then a day later, im on the highway and i pull over to get sick, and i open the door, and there is a dead bird. I have been in a relationship for 12 years now,and i know it needs to end. do you think these are all signs for it????

    1. Yes, this is what it really means. Others may tell you that dead birds is a “bad sign”, or an “evil sign”, or an sign that something bad is going to happen. These are “old wives tales” based on old superstitions, which were often supported by the early fear based religions, and still persist today. Remember, in order for new energy to come into your life, you have to let go of some of the old energies, and the dead birds are signs, that you are ready to let what is no longer serving a purpose in your life, die, so that new stuff can have room.

      1. Hi I’m wondering if its the same if the birds die after you find them.two days ago I found a bird in my yard another bird was on it and flew away the baby bird couldn’t fly but ran from me back and forth then got out a hole in fence into my yard on side so I went to find it and help it but it was dead guts out when I found it then yesterday my daughter brings me a baby duck that barely made it across a busy street the duck was cocky and full of energy I told my other daughter to care for it while I looked for its mom but I couldn’t find her or any other babies so my daughter said she would take it home and care for it.I was so worried for it we went to pet stores for food and I looked up sites on care but I really wanted the next day to come so I could take it to a wildlife center I went to her house and helped her get the baby settled he WaS so sweet he started following me around when he heard my voice and he lines cuddling anyway that night he died he had water and food but I think he was lonely .two birds in one week that I couldn’t save.I’m getting a lot of messages lately tied into finding my purpose and using it in my work is there a different message in this since they were alive when I found them

  5. I just saw a dead finch on our rooftop. I live in a high rise in a big city. It made me shudder at first, and I took it as a bad sign. I was so relieved to read what you wrote because I am going through some very difficult times and I am praying they are almost over. You made me feel better, thank you!! :)

    1. It is a sign for sure that the pain you have been in resulting from this situation is coming to an end, and you are about to move on to a new level in your spiritual life. Namaste – Penny

    1. So glad it was useful. This posting on my blog receives more attention than all the others put together. I am really glad I posted it, as many people are gaining comfort and new perspectives from it. Light, love & peace – Penny

    1. All birds, animals, insects, and sea life are messengers and teachers. The article you read is a very generic interpretation for seeing dead birds. As with all messages that we are given, it is up to you to determine what the meaning is for you, as two people will see the same sign and each receive a different message from it.

      There are many different types of cranes, and each species will signify a particular message, but cranes in general are signs of guardianship, often pointing out that spiritual justice is in play, usually in some form of Karma playing out in somewhere in your life. Its main message is that it is now a good time to do some self reflection and may be time to look at past live and past issues.

      1. Hi Penny,

        I saw 4 dead birds on the same route as I did my morning walk. The next day I saw the same birds but also encountered an injured bird struggling to cross the road and it succeeded without being run over. Then at arriving at home there were two birds perking at my lounge window making whistling noises as wanting to enter through the closed window. The one bird was very persistent for about six hours and eventually it was too dark for it to persist.

        Please advice in what all this may mean.

        Thank you

        1. As this blog indicates, seeing dead birds is a sign that you are ready to leave a situation that is no longer serving your higher purpose, and the pecking at the window was to get your attention. The universe was not sure that you “got” the message, and so sent birds to draw your attention to it. Have a look at where you are in your life, what is going on that is no longer serving a purpose, what are you ready to “leave behind” as you move forward with your life. What were you thinking about as the bird was pecking on the window, they were wanting to draw attention to that. Sit quitely for a bit and see if you can remember what was on your mind that day or at that time. This will be a clue.

  6. Hello Penny, I would like to thank you for your blog! This has really helped me. Today I took my daughter to the doctor and as I open the door to my car I see a little dead baby bird then I leave to another place miles away about 2 hours after seeing the bird I get out of my car and to my surprise I see another dead bird in front of the door to the place I was going. I was worried about it being something bad. I have been in an unhealthy marriage and have suffered so much and now I see what this means. A new beginning time for me to let go and move on. And not only my marriage but so many things have gone wrong in my life in the past two years that it has to get better.
    Thank you so much

    1. Yes Janet, things will get better, you “got” the message, and as you remove things from your life that no longer serve a purpose or are not in your highest good, you will be leaving space for better things to enter and as they do, your spirit will be uplifted and you will wonder why it took you so long to figure this out. Be gentle with yourself, it is all part of the process.

  7. ive been finding dead baby birds I really dont know what they mean and when I talked to my pastor about it. But I feel as if she blew me off. does the age of the bird matter I just find it odd that im finding young dead birds? they are yellow and gray if color matters… I just want to know how this links back to me and no one i know can tell me.

    1. The age of the bird and/or colour does not matter. Sometimes the species does, but not always. Please re-read this article, and then ask yourself, how it relates to what is happening in your life at this time. What is happening that is no longer serving a purpose that you are ready to let go of, and move forward from, leaving the “dead” behind.

  8. Thank you so much Penny about this, I was feeling so bad this morning after I saw the dead bird outside my workplace building and I thought it is a bad luck, now after reading here my mind is at ease

  9. I was very upset yesterday and went outside to walk and pray, and came across a dead grouse. Told my husband to get a shovel and pick up the dead bird. Now I guess, I’ll wait and see what happens. I read an article last night that was sent to me that it was a Cherokee Omen, meaning the end of my spiraling turmoil that we are dealing with, and then I was sent this connection to read. Interesting.

  10. I’m so glad I found this site today. Last night something really strange happened. I attend to a candle light vigil in ATL last night and didn’t get home until late. I let the dog out and when it’s so late, I usually wait at the door and watch her. I’m outside looking at the double hanging planter I have on the stoop and I see a bird in the netting of the basket. Sometimes birds build nests in there so I didn’t think anything of it at first. The more I look at it, the bird isn’t moving. I touch the tail and it still doesn’t move. It’s dead! I don’t know if someone killed it and stuffed it in the planter or if the bird wanted to build a nest and got caught in the netting, I don’t know what happened!

    So freak’n weird. I’m going to my neighbor over when I get home to take a look at it. Kinda freaked me out.

    If this situation fits into your interpretation, bring it on, I’m ready for it!!!!

    Very interesting indeed.

  11. You have no idea hire helpful this was! For the pay week I’ve been feeling overwhelmed as I’ve taken risks where I am usually conservative -to the point I’m a procrastinator.After meditating I choose this’challenge’ to be seen as an awakening to stop living in fear and procrastination. Then I saw three dead birds today. Googled and saw this. You have no idea how much lighter my heart feels. A world of thanks!!

  12. Thank you for this posting. I love it so much.
    I’m a Train Engineer and when I got off of work last night to turn in my radio I saw a dead pigeon in my pathway and thought it was so odd for the bird to be laying there. I immediately thought it could mean something Spiritual. So this morning I googled, ” what does it mean when you cross a dead bird”. When I did that; this website popped up and it made perfect sense. Thank You Penny Lighthall.

  13. I found a dead crow outside my back door which gave me the chills. Since then I have seen 4 snowy owls, each one very much “in my face” flying in front of my car, sat in the middle of the road so I had to stop, perched on my garden fence!! I am happy to read your interpretation on the dead bird and feel very optimistic now thank you

    1. Sorry to be so long getting back to you, lots of various reasons that I shalln’t go into. Owls are extremely rare to see because they are nocturnal. So I have a couple of questions for you. When you saw them, was it night time or day time? Were you seeing them in the same location, in other words could it have been the same owl that you saw four times? What time of year was it – could it be that maybe you were too close to a nest with chicks in it, thus the “in my face” approach? Having asked all these questions, it is still a good indicator that it has a message for you. If it was daytime, you are getting what spiritual medium and animal behaviour educator, Ted Andrews, calls a “clue-by-four” up the side of the head (l0l) meaning you are getting thumped with its importance. The thing to do determine if it is behaving in an extraordinary way. That is why I asked you the questions that I did. If you see an owl in the day time, it is extraordinary. If the owls that you saw were in extremely different locations, that would be extraordinary, if the same location around nesting time, it would not be as you would be considered a preditor that the chicks needed protection from. So even though the sightings were some time ago, the best thing to do to determine what the message was, is to try and remember what was going on in your life at the time, or on your mind, and see how it would fit. In general, the message that owls bring is to carefully develop and use your life skills consciously and be meticulous in details but pursue your goals strongly. Attend to dreams and use your intuition more often.

      1. I wanted to let you know that I have just finished reading an article out of Minnisota, USA, about a higher than usual number of owls that are migrating to their area from northern Canada. Apparently there is a low mouse/rodent population right now (it goes in cycles every few years) and with the heavy snow that arrived in late January, February, the owls have having difficulty feeding, so are moving further south and to populated areas with bird feeders. The article said that snowy owls are finding it particularly hard this winter and are moving into areas that they have not been before. This may be why you have seen so many snowy owls lately. So the message may not be for you personally, but be a more general message about the climate change and the stress it puts everyone under, you included.

      2. Hi I had a concern. I read the article before making my question.
        I have a neighbor that lives accross the street of me. She practices voodoo or witch craft.
        Two days ago their was a perfect circle of pigeon feathers scattered with a pigeon head, no body.
        On the left side of my front yard. Does that mean anything? Should i worry?

  14. Something wierd happened to me today. I suddenly heard a scraming crow outside my window and it landed on the porch and just walked around looking at me. It diddnt look scared. When I walked against it it flew away. It bothered me cause I never see crows that near and behaving like that. So I googled it. ‘What does it mean seeing a crow’. I got many answers. Death, Bad luck, more death etc. So ive been shakey.

    I lived a troubled life. Jailtime etc. But the last few months ive started thinking differently. And i got started with my own business.

    Later this night I went outside. It’s very dark. And I saw a crow dead in the side of the road. Very strange since what happened earlier this day. And now i came back and i googled it again and it led me here.

    It’s very strange this whole day and I’m glad I came here to see what it really mean cause it makes so much sence. thank you

    1. Hi Ken. Seeing a dead crow can be a scary thing because there is so much mythology associated with dead crows and crows in general. I remember some rythme from childhood about 1 crow on a fence means….. 2 crows on a fence. means… and 3 crows on a fence means death. In the world that you have started thinking differently in – the spiritual world, we view death in different ways from those living in the fear based earthly world. Death is a term that is most often used metaphorically, as in the death of an idea, the death of a behaviour, the end of something and the beginning of something new. You have completely changed your life around, in essence, the old you is now dead, and the new you is emerging, you are growing not only on a personal level but on a spiritual level as well. You are thinking differently, starting your own business, moving forward into a new and exciting world. The strutting in the window was really just to get your attention, crows can offer information about unexpected help with problems and let you know when obstacles are at hand and show you ways to get relief from those obstacles. It just wanted to let you know that your magic is calling you, and again I use the word magic in general terms, as we are all magical, we are all special, etc. Search for answers and they will come go. Sometimes the search is from outside sources and sometimes you have to go into your inner self for the answers. The message for you is that you are on your way Ken, keep moving forward and do not let obstacles prevent you from reaching your dreams. Setbacks will occur, as they do for everyone, but with your new way of thinking, you will have the ability to weather through them instead of sliding back into old patterns.

  15. Found this blog post earlier today. Yesterday, I found a dead mockingbird, victim of stray cats. And during my drive today, I saw a few birds smashed on road. I find myself at a crossroads, once again. I am trying to make changes and get rid of negative energies, useless thoughts, limiting attitudes, and feelings of worthlessness. I am slowly taking control of the direction my life takes. For far too long I have allowed myself to be a victim of circumstance, paralyzed and bound by fear. I still struggle to use my voice, and sometimes still find it hard to believe that I have one, and that I actually matter. I am tired of feeling so fragile and susceptible to the negativity around me and of keeping myself in situations that make me feel bad. So it feels fitting that I found this post.

    1. Dear Claudia: there are no accidents in life – you came across this post when you needed to read it, when it would mean something to you. I encounter many clients such as yourself, describing themselves at a cross road in life, searching for the road or path that would make their lives better. In a world that is filled with others that often overwhelm us, it is difficult to find your voice, to feel as if you matter. Believe me when I say, that not only do you matter, but you matter in ways that you may never know and to more than you may ever know. For each being on this planet, is part of the large jigsaw puzzle, and if a piece of the puzzle goes missing, then the picture is not complete. As part of this larger picture, you serve a purpose on this planet. Now the challenge is for you to discover what that purpose may be and go toward it. Thank you for posting. Know that you are a divine child of the universe and as such are perfect in everyway and need not change for anyone or anything, except for yourself. Love, light & peace – Penny

  16. Question; I saw a dead bird walking home from school today. Will that bring any bad luck superstitions, omens, etc? Will it end anything that’s good and/or bad in my life? I would like to know, thanks!

    Mark B.

    1. Bad luck only happens if you believe in bad luck, same for superstitions and omens. As for it ending anything in your life that is happening, no it does not end anything. It is a message for you to take a look at what is happening in your life that might be in your best interest to release and leave behind, thus allowing room for new opportunities to come in, but that is your choice. A dead bird does not control your life – you do.

  17. I came across this post after searching for the meaning of a “dead bird”. Actually, I was driving home from work today and as I drove down the highway, I saw a pigeon that was just standing, dazed, by the side of the road. I turned around to go back in an attempt to help it, but by the time I circled back around, it had died.

    I knew there had to be a meaning, so I came home to look it up and I ended up here. I think it’s a sign, because I’ve been receiving other signs, as well. I think, perhaps, the fact that I tried to go back and save it, but it was already dead might represent something I’ve been hanging on to, but I need to let it go. I don’t know if it’s the life I’ve been living, or a new idea I’ve been striving for. I recently got my teaching license, but the opportunities in my area are very scarce. I have started applying in Abu Dhabi and Dubai because of the very lucrative benefits offered to expats there. Or, perhaps it has nothing to do with either of these things, but something else……I wish I could get a clearer picture of what path I should be on.

    1. Dear Kimberly: you have interpreted this incident correctly. It is all about letting go of something you are holding onto. It is also intended as a reminder to you that you cannot “rescue” or “save” everyone as is your tendency. This is what you are being asked to let go off. It is what is commonly referred to as wounded bird symdrome. Some people, who happen to be empaths, by the way, and you are one of them, “collect” wounded people and try to save them. This takes an incredible amount of your energy. We cannot save others because we cannot do their work for them, they have to learn to save themselves by doing their own work. It is our role to show them how, but not our role to attempt to do it for them. When we attempt to do their work for them, and by that I mean, doing what is necessary to advance them on a spiritual level, no body wins and you waste a lot of your energy which would be better used somewhere else. This is what you are being asked to let go off.

      The fact that the bird was wounded when you saw it and dead by the time you reached it, is a much deeper message than just finding it dead. Pigeons symbolize security, home, safety. When storms arise, which they do, huddle with your family, biological or otherwise.

      If you wish a more detailed Intuitive Consultation around this, contact me and we can set something up by phone or Skype.

  18. Over the past few years i have had a number of live wild birds come into my house and garden, sum have stayed and some have flown away, yet it always seems to happen to me, its like i seem to attract these birds into my life, from ducks to geese to pink small birds to large sea birds but today 2 small birds have fallen from 2 separate trees from 2 separate parts of my large sized garden at different times of the day, both live but somewhat injured and i know they will not survive so ive put them in resting places in the trees, i was wondering if you could enlighten me on why this keeps happening and also why this has happened today.
    I am going through alot of family stress and have always lived a stressful life but i have no idea why these birds are finding their way to me.. No one i know has ever had this kind of thing happen to them.
    Kind regards .. Claire x

    1. Claire: the ducks are coming to you as a sign of comfort, especially during those times of family stress, telling you to seek out emotional comfort in a comfortable environment; and the geese are coming to you as a sign that it is time to follow your quest. They are both, particularly the geese, migrating birds so they are carring the message that it is time to pursue new adventures, travel, see and do new things. The two birds your found that fell from the trees and did not survive, is as I mentioned in the blog, your message that now is the time that you are being encouraged to let go of something in your life, probably, the family stress, and move forward so new opportunities, on a spiritual and or personal level, can now find a place in your life. I see all these birds in your life as bringing you the same message. It is now time to focus on you. Make yourself a priority in your life, explore and expand your world and begin your spiritual quest.

  19. Hello Peggy…as if by Divine GraceI found this blog..and although I hate to bother you with this…I’m curious what your take on my version of dead bird sightings might mean to you. I can only see the negative aspect of it but perhaps you can see it differntly and enlighten me. I recently had 2 back to back miscarriages (one in Dec-Jan and another in March-April) and it occurred to me that at sometime after both instances, that I had seen on 2 different occasions, a dead bird in front of my house and another in front of my workplace. I immediately connected those miscarriages to the bird sightings b/c I remember feeling so horribly when I saw the dead birds. It really cut to my very core just seing those sweet little things just lying there. And today..I saw another dead bird!…and I can’t help wonder if that is associated and/or is an omen to come for me regarding trying to conceive again.
    Your thoughts on this? Any would me most appreciated! Kindly..AF

    1. I sent your reply as an email rather than post it on the blog as it is so personal. If you do not receive it, please check yoru junk file, they sometimes end up in their.

  20. I found an injured pigeon two days ago. There was an injury to the center of his back and he couldn’t fly. I put him in my backyard where he would be safe. That night I put him in a carrier and brought him inside so he would safe from preditors. Let him out the next day and he continued to decline throughout the day. Towards the evening I wrapped him in a towel and brought him in. He was clearly dying. He kept laying his head down, eyes closing, beak opening and closing. Trying to stretch his wing and turned on his back. It was heart wrenching to watch him but I didn’t want him to die alone and so I sat with him. At one point he raised his head and appeared to look at me and not soon after he passed. I’ve read your responses but most have covered fing birds already dead. The bird appeared to go through a dying process, With the labored breathing, moments of being lucid, and moving around. What does all this mean?

    1. Dear Dana: Pigeons are messages about seeking security through your home life and about gathering your family, either biological or otherwise, near you in stressful times. So for the bird to be pigeon, it means to me that there is something very stressful that you are going through that you have not mentioned in your post.

      I work part time in a hospital sitting with patients in the palliative and hospice unit. As with the pigeon, all these patients are at the end of their lives. I am able to bring great comfort to them and their loved ones and I consider it to be a great honour to be allowed to be present and to be allowed to assist at such a personal stage of someone’s life. To be there when they transition is miracleous. The same as with this pigeon, not just humans, to be present at a being’s transition, human or animal, illustrates a very deep level of trust on their part for this is when they are at their most vunerable. The pigeon did not strike out at you in fear, or pain, but according to your post, accepted your assistance and figuratively and literally, put itself in your hands. This is a great honour. This is also a message for you. I feel that whatever stress is happening in your life, it is in some way triggering you to question your own level of compassion, forgivenness, selfworth, and/or loveability. If so, this experience was sent to you to illustrate to you that you still have all those qualities that others may be telling you you do not posess or that you may have been questioning in yourself lately. It is sort of a reminder that as a being living on this earth plane, you are worthy of all the love, joy and abundance that the Universe has to offer, a reminder not to allow others to persuade you otherwise, and a reminder that all you have to do is decide to accept it, and once the choice is made, you will be welcoming love, joy and abundance into your life once more.

      It may have been very difficult and certainly emotional to watch and assist another being to die, but what a truly beautiful gift you were given with this opportunity and what a wonderful message for you as well.

      1. Hi Penny, thank you so much for your insight and interpretation! I have been struggling with the things you mentioned. I’m an intern in my last semester of my Masters in Rehabilitation Counseling and becoming a licensed clinical therapist. I graduate this May. I’m present with people as they share devastating life experiences. I have also lost my parents and a brother and sister over time and I am the only one left. I’m 50 and have been in therapy working on grief, self worth and questioning if I’m loveable. People around me are supportive so all the self doubt is coming from me. I often wonder why im here and why everyone else has passed. And trying to go on living without them. Thank you again for taking the time to give such a detailed response. You have helped me tremendously. Blessings to you.

      2. Hi Penny-
        You are so kind to take your time to answer people’s questions about signs from nature, spirit, God, whatever you want to call it. It encourages hope and understanding in those looking to broaden their spirituality. I just wanted to thank you. I had a very similar experience with a chickadee that my cat attacked right in front of me, I ran over and scooped the poor thing up. She died in my hands after trembling for about a minute. I was praying that it was just stunned but she then died. I think what you wrote about it being an honor to be with its spirit right at that moment was truly beautiful. And the symbolism of that was huge for me.
        Bless you Penny- thank you for your efforts and caring. Best- Jenine Beck

  21. Hi Penny,
    Today this morning there was a dead sparrow right outside my back door and then latter today the life mate of our duck family was hit by a car infront of our house. Do different birds have different messages are meanings?

    1. Hi Articilily: Yes, different birds to have different messages for you. However, the initial message is essentially the same. They are bringing you a message that what ever is happening in your life is now coming to an end and you can release it and move forward. The differences in the species is that they can help you identify what that something is, if you are not quite aware of it, and some people are not. The sparrow brings with it the message that whatever obstacles have been challenging you are soon to pass, so it is emphasising that the turmoil in your life is coming to and end so you can move forward. It also brings a message of encouragement – to pursue and do what you need to do for yourself, fulfill your responsibilities, and trust in your nobility.

      The duck is bringing the message that you can now easily handle difficulties when they present themselves. And urges you to stay in a comfortable environment where you can seek out emotional comfort and protection. It soothes emotions. Hope this helps explain things for you and that it is relatable to your situation.

  22. the first baby was at my job and it was still kinda in a egg. few days later they were two dead birds showed up on my job. the last to was little and didn’t have any .feathers so I find out a week or so later that the guy that I ended my relationship with had seen the same thing I guess where he lives. buy two days ago from today I have lost my job and before that around that time had a miscarriage. and yesterday I just found out my baby daddy is gone to lose his job. so what I wanna know is the signs right.

    1. Hi Kiko: Firstly let me send my condolences regarding your miscarriage and the loss of your job. Whenever we experience animal beings, they are carrying messages for us. It is important to make the distincition between an ordinary encounter and an extraordinary encounter. For example, if you live in a rural area, it might be common for you to see deer in fields everyday and that would be an ordinary encounter, although the deer would still be bringing you messages. However, if you live in a major city say like New York City and you see deer roaming around downtown, that would be an extraordinary experience, and the message would be extraordinary.

      You seem to have had an extraordinary experience with your bird sightings. Seeing dead birds really is all about understanding that there is something in your life that is no longer serving a purpose and that you are ready to “release” it and let it go. It could be just about anything and that is for you to determine. It depends on what is going on in your life. When animals, or birds come to us to die, it is also extraordinary. These beings are at their most vunerable at the end of their lives, and it is an honour that they trust you so much to be with them when the end comes. These birds being in an egg is a message about rebirth, so the message they were giving you was that something major in your life was coming to an end so that room could be made for you to welcome the new. They were preparing you for the loss in your life that was on its way – your miscarriage and your job. It may also be that you ex-partner is also preparing for loss in his life as well. As he was the father of your child, your miscarriage is also his loss as well, and he very well may be in line to loose his job as well. I want you to know that the birds did not “cause this” as some people believe. They are merely signs that one part of your life has come to an end, and a new part is just begining. It is a way of preparing us emotionally and spiritually so that when things happen, we are better prepared to handle them. How we handle the loss is up to us, but remember that these tiny beings choose you to be with them as they crossed to the next life, a sign that you are a place of sanctuary.

  23. Hi Penny,

    I’ve read through your posts and found a lot of clarity about the symbolism of dead birds. Although you mention the message is basically the same with all dead birds, do you have any additional thoughts about the birds being robins? Thank you!

    1. Hi Cindy, yes, basically the message about seeing dead birds is the same massage – something in your life coming to an end. The species of bird can help you identify what that may be. Robins are all about trusting in your new creative ideas, stretching yourself into new areas, the birthing of ideas, after a long winter of dormant ideas – spring is upon us. If you are willing to make the effort to trust in your creative ideas, then you will be rewarded. The dead robin was a message that the winter of dormant ideas, is over. If you have a job in the creative fields, your new spring activated energy should now be flowing and any hard work you put into projects will be to your benefit.

  24. Hi Penny
    I went to look at a house for sale today. When we went in there was a dead bird in the passage.
    The house is not complete and has missing doors so I do believe it could have got out.
    Was wondering if this was a possible sign to not live here.
    The house has been left incomplete since 2009 . And I was thinking of selling my flat and buying a home for my future. The dead bird freckled me out though.

    1. Hi Melanie: It is an ordinary occurance to find dead birds in abandonded buildings. We think that they can find their way out if they find their way in, but that simply is not the case. Once they are in an enclosed space they become frightened, disorientated, and begin to panic. Most often they do not intend to fly in there in the first place, and although we see open doors and windows as exits, they do not comprehend that as so. They have a tendency to flap around trying to escape until they exhaust, or injure themselves or become entangled in cobwebs to the point that they can’t fly anymore and they end up dying there.

      That being said, when you read the blog you will see that any bird sighting is a message for you. It is not a message or omen of doom and gloom, but rather one that tells you that you are about to make a life change of some sort – that something has come to an end, and that now is time for something new to begin. This does not mean you shouldn’t buy the house, findind a dead bird in it is not a message that if you buy the house disasters of some kind will befall you. It is also not a message that you should buy the house. If it were me, I would be using guidelines like: what does an inspector say about the condition of a house that has been sitting unfinished and open to the elements; do I have the money in my budget to finish it and or repair any damages that the inspector finds; is it the kind of house I want to live in, in a neighbourhood I want to live in; etc.

  25. This actually makes a lot of sense! Thanks I was worried it meant something bad! My friend/coworker and I walked past two dead birds in the same day and we actually both just got hired at another job and plan to quit our current job so I’m hoping this means good news for our new job! :)

  26. Hi,

    When my father, whim i was v close to, passed away, i arrived backi in the country for his funeral two days later and walked around the garden to the spot where he died… as i walked in the garden a beautiful cat appeared that my mother said she had never seen before.
    I felt a connection with the cat..my dad was a cat lover and used to own one. He was also a bird fanatic.
    I went behind the hedge to the area where he died and laid flowers there. Funnily I had always worried about him pruning that hedge and used to watch him near that exact spot as it was v high and he had to climb a ladder to do it. He was 76

    I then noticed a dead bird a metre away from where his body had apparantly fallen, that my mum had not noticed there.

    I have had many spiritual experiences over the past twenty years and have deep intuition and appear to be able to fortell a fair bit very accurately…sometimes its been quite eery in accuracy.

    I felt there was some kind of spiritual significance to these animals appearing.. Do you agree? As if he was comforting me and his soul was at rest

    1. Hi Hilary, Firstly, let me express my condolences for your loss. It is never easy when a parent crosses over. I believe you have interpreted the incidents correctly. Having the strange cat appear just as you entered the garden is an extraordinary experience. Cats are all about independence, mystery and magic. I feel it was a message from your dad to seek and develop your sense of mystery and magic, or in your case yours intuitive and spiritual abilities as well as learning to reach out a bit more embracing your independence. The bird being there ties it all together, as dead birds bring messages that something in your life has come to an end and it is time to start something new. This would be a good time to use your intuition to determine what it is you are being asked to release, making room for the new opportunities to come to you. If you choose, this can be a very exciting period in your life, and the message from your dad, through the cat and bird, is – reach out and grab it.

  27. Hi just found a black bird just inside my French door which was open for my dogs. I heard a noise then the dogs barking came to find this bird taking its last breath on my tile floor with blood by its head. Don’t believe the dogs touched it. What does this mean?

    1. Hi Teresa: first let me begin by saying that there are two types of bird/animal sightings. One is the ordinary, and the other is the extraordinary. I have several trees just outside my office window, so seeing and hearing birds in them, particulary in April and May through to October is an ordinary experience and is to be expected really. However, the birds in them are usually robins, sparrows, starlings, and other small urban birds. This does not mean that they don’t carry messages, as they do. For instance I watched a robin the other day gathering last season’s dead grass to build her nest. She would pick up a few pieces, walk a few steps, drop them and pick up others (which I presume she thought were better suited than the ones in her beak). She kept doing this and I thought, “that is such human behaviour, always looking for something better, never being satisified with what she had, thinking the grass was always greener somewhere else”. Even though she is a common robin, and robins are really all about spring, re-newal, rebirthing, rebuilding, and stretching yourself in new areas, she obviously also had another message for me. So by paying attention to her and her behaviour and understanding what she was showing me, it went from being an ordinary message to an extraordinary message.

      Even though birds and animals die everyday, everywhere, to have one actually pass in your presence is truly an honour. For the bird to come to your home at this time in their life, when they are in pain, and really at their most vunerable, shows that you are person of compassion and that you can be trusted. They know they have found a safe sanctuary and have chosen you. This is a gift to you really. To know that you create an environment, your home, in which others can come when they need a safe haven away from the storm of their lives. This was the message for you. I feel that humans also think of you and your home in that way, but you don’t, as it is such a common occurance for you that you don’t even think about it, it is just part of who you are. This bird really was acknowledging that and letting you know that the Universe has also noticed your compassion for others. This was an extraordinary occurance.

      Your post said it was a black bird, but I did not get an indication of whether it was a bird that was black, which could include any of the more than 60+ birds that are black, or whether it was an actual blackbird, and each species carries it own message as well as the general messages that birds bring. So I really can’t elaborate any further. Hope this helps.

    1. Sparrows are all about responsbility. As I mention in the blog, dead birds bring messages to you that whatever is happening in your life right now has come to an end and it is time to move forward. This sparrow is putting you on notice that you need to take responsbility for something so that it can be finished and done with so you can move forward by doing what you need to do. If you do this, the obstacles surrounding this will pass and you will see things from a new perspective.

  28. Hi I just had a quick question. So I was out jogging the other day and I went past a flower shop. I seen a bird fly past into the shop then hit the window hard and passed out on the ground. I waived to the owner to come see what happened and he picked the bird up. The bird clearly was on it’s way out and died in his hands. I seen it all and was just out randomly out on a stroll. I got somewhat scared bc of the old wives tales you mentioned. So that’s what lead me to your site and reading this blog. It made me cry bc I am going through a break up and have been trying to stay positive, busy, faithful and hopeful for better things to come. And by looking up about birds and reading this really put a different perspective on my journey and choice to let go of something I felt that was not right for me! Thanks for the insight and I hope since I seen the bird actually hit then die in his hands was not a bad omen but one of the weirdest out of the blue thing I’ve seen in awhile!!

    1. Hi Shannon, yes it was just one of the weird things we see. Think of it in terms of logic. Birds and animals die every minute of every day somewhere on the planet. There are not more people on the planet than ever before. More people mean more buildings, more buildings mean more windows for birds to fly into, so at some point, it is bound to happen, that you would see one. However, it is not totally without a message. When a bird or animal is close to death, it is at its most vunerable time in life, and it is an honour that you are the one chosen to bear witness to its passing. Just as you are bearing witness to the passing of something from your life that is no longer serving a purpose for you. It will help you to shift your perspective from what you have lost, to what you will gain, for when we release useless stuff from our lives, we create space for new and better stuff to come into them. The bird was a message that you are ready. Now is your time. Release, release, release and welcome the new.

  29. Penny, what a beautiful post. I always get feathers around me but sometimes birds as well. A few years ago I had two owls fly at me within a 4 day period, a barn & screech owl. Last year a pigeon flew into a window. It was obvious it’s neck was broken so I picked it up & asked God to please take it. I said a prayer over it and cried but there wasn’t anything else to do. A few months later one of our dogs jumps onto our bed with a dying pigeon. I took the bird from her and again asked God to take it so it wouldn’t suffer, again I cried for this little bird. The next day I dropped something off at my daughter’s church and her pastor was SO rude to me. We have a business and we’re having the building blessed. I think he was offended we didn’t ask him to do it but he’s not our preacher, he said the ugliest things. It was all about his ego not God. My daughter didn’t attend too much after that and has since left the church. I think the bird was letting me know the relationship there is dead and to let it go. It was very sad.

    Last Saturday I found a dead pigeon in my bed probably from one of our dogs but surprised they didn’t eat it. It was laid out peacefully. Then 2 days later I found an unhatched egg on the steps in our front yard, there’s no nest around so I don’t know where it came from. It had a little hole in it and was rotten inside.

    We have stuff going on in our business life I feel this pertains to. We have a business partner we’re fighting with now & is in the process of coming to an agreement. He’s been so underhanded it’s stunning, he bought shares from an investor & he made some moves in the company that is basically pushing my husband out. We still own the majority & have tons of say but if we went after him it could take the company under and 17 people would loose their jobs. I do feel the dead pigeon is confirming this relationship is coming to an end & we’ll be gladly moving on, I just wish it didn’t go down this way. I don’t know what the rotten egg meant in this unless it just represents our partners “rotten” plan he hatched.

    Thank you for this wonderful post, Blessings from Texas

    1. Hi Tracie: thank you for your kind words. The pigeons have two messages for you, the first is all about home and security, and the second is also all about home and security (lol). Firstly pigeons have been used as messagers by humans for centuries, as homing pigeons, quite literally carrying messages from one person to another. They were very useful in times of war before we had other methods of communication. And these pigeons that are coming to you during this “time of war” with the business partner, are no different, they are carrying messages. The message is that you should seek security around and in your home – meaning focus on your family and make them your primary concern – not just your biological family, but otherwise too. If you consider your employees to be part of your family, as many small business owners do, gather them near you and keep them close to you right now, as they can see the “writing on the wall” so to speak and are experiencing anxiety around this situation.

      Coming across a dead pigeon carries one message, having one die in your home carries another. When a bird or animal is near death, this is when they are most vunerable, and for the pigeon to choose your home as a place to die, shows that it believes it has found a safe environment, a safe santuary. It is an honour, and show of great trust, to be selected by a bird or animal as a place to die. The message is strong – your home, whether it is your physical home, or your place of business (which is home to alot of entrenpenures and their employees), is a place where you and your family, biological or otherwise, can seek shelter, comfort, compassion, trust and support, during these turbulent and uncertain times. This is no small feat in the times in which we live.

      I feel you have made a great analogy, connection, between the broken, unhatched, rotten egg and the business partner. As I read it, I keep hearing messages in the form of phrases: rotten egg; rotten from the inside out; nest egg thief; unhatched plan; and dirty rotten egg. I am also being told to look to the birds for the message – there are certain species of birds that will steal eggs from the nests of other species in order to help ensure that that species does not survive. These two species generally compete in nature for the same resources, ie space, food, nesting supplies, etc. Ravens and Crows are a good example of this. One of the two species is generally more agressive (Raven) than the other (Crow) and also usually larger. The less aggressive of the two will, in an effort to perputuate the species, will hide eggs in the nest of a third totally different species, so that the aggressive species is fooled into thinking that they have elimiated their competition. Your business partner is the Raven and you are the Crow. So the message here to me, is clear, find a nest of a different species to hide some of your eggs in and the partner will be fooled into believing that he has suceeded in eliminating his competition. But you will survive. The egg on your doorstep was dropped there by a species that had stolen it from a competeing species nest, dropped it to destroy it, but the plan, like the egg, is rotten – and will not hatch.

  30. Oh Penny, THANK YOU SO MUCH for your response. I also just realized you wrote this in 2010! How kind of you to respond and with such insight. Employees are family, they are the ones who make the business move forward. Treating everyone with respect and doing the most you can for all is

    Interesting you mention security. About two months ago I got the vibe I needed to “protect” our home. I’ve had our home “cleansed” but I felt I needed to take action so I did some “cleaning” and tons of protecting around our home. I kept finding things that were showing me I needed to be more active with this. The biggest thing is a bag of items which belonged to my grandfather; his police whistle, his NRA card dated 1984, the year he passed away, his wallet and handkerchief.

    I LOVED your thought about the rotten egg and we are hoping this is how it works out in the long run. We will definitely keep your thoughts in mind when negotiating. My husband is always fair and some people take it as a weakness, they will be mistaken when all of this is said and done.

    Hugs to you Penny, you made our evening after a longgg day.

  31. Just found your blog. I’ve been separated from my husband since January. I have been praying for a sign to confirm that I’m really hearing God’s voice because I got the word to go. After an intense prayer session on Wed afternoon I found a dead sparrow on the threshold of my front door Thur. morning. I’ve read your info on the meaning of dead birds in general. Is there a specific significance to the type of bird and where I found it?

    1. Hi Kathy: Sparrows bring messages focused on fulfilling your responsibilities by pursuing and doing what you need to do for yourself. By doing so, you will soon see obstacles passing out of your view and being resolved. Entry ways, or doors, or thresholds to the out-of-door, signify new opportunities, entering a new stage in your life and moving from one level of consciousness to another. So my interpretation of this experience that you had is that you are now ready to leave your old life behind and being a new one that focuses on your wants and needs, rather than the wants and needs of others, and if you do so, you can expect any obstacles that block that from occuring to give way to the new opportunities that are presenting themselves to you. The choice is yours.

      Hope this helps.

  32. I saw a small baby bird who got kicked out of the nest literally on my front door jamb. Then the next day I found two larger birds , one looked almost dead and the other semi dead. I took pics and the humane society said they are babies and the other should come back for them. I feel like they were injured tho since I just saw one (different species, but still) the day before and it was way more lively even though it couldn’t fly. Then the third day my coworker found a bird in the very same place I found the two birds the day before. This was yet another species than the other three i saw in the last two days, and this one was even larger. It was where I would have walked passed and seen it myself but she got to work before me and had picked it up to move it to the grass to rest in peace. I just find it interesting that its 3 days in a row, and each day the birds health declined and the size got notably larger. And the fact that I believe death comes in threes, and these are four birds. AND on the second day, I said OK universe if I find a dead bird tomorrow, ill know ur trying to tell me something!! Any ideas on the meaning?

    1. Hi Maureen: you posted 3 times but I am only answering one as the other two were identical except for one sentence. The fact that you are finding “almost dead” and “semi dead” birds is a special message for you. For all birds, dead or alive, or in the process of dying are messages for us. As mentioned in the blog, finding dead birds is a message that there is something you are dealing with in your life that is coming to an end, and it is reassuring you that not only is it ok for you to move on, but that it is important that you do, that you release that which no longer serves a purpose so you can make way for new things to come into your life. When birds come to us near death, it is a special honour. For this is the most vunerable time in their lives. It shows that they know you can be trusted, that you are a caring, compassionate person, and that you and your home is a refruge and a safe place – a sanctuary. Knowing this, it is a place where you can go to when you are in times of distress. Now lets look at location – the front door jam – this signifies that you are entering a time of new opportunities as you release the old, and that you should take a look around to see what these opportunities are that are being presented to you. You are entering into a new stage in your life and moving from one level of consciousness to another. In particular, a door that opens to the outside, signifies your need to be more accessible to others.

  33. I really needed to see this. Been seeing dead birds all day . Came home and there was an injured bird in my yard. I have been stressed out horribly but after reading this I felt like everything was ok. Thank you so much this post.

  34. One day I walk out of my house and found dead crows all over my front yard so I walked to the side of the house and found more dead crows so I proceeded to the back of the house and found more black crows dead so I investigated and looked further away from my property and saw that they were only around my house so what does that mean can somebody give me a logical explination .

    1. Hi Louie: As I mentioned in the blog, seeing dead birds is all about something in your life ending. For example a job you hate, an unhealthy relationship with someone, stress over finances, etc. The dead birds tell you it is time for you to move on from that, to move forward and to release that which is no longer serving a purpose in your life. The crows are messengers bringing you magical help. When I use the word magical, I am not referring to witchcraft, but rather to something wonderous and unexpected. So when you are seeing dead crows, the message for you is: it is time to move forward and you will receive help with that from unexpected places, or people. Help with you problems and/or obstacle is coming and will bring you relief.

  35. Wow Penny you made me feel better. Saw a dead baby Dove on the sidewalk in front of me on vacation. It was my first sober vacation in 37 years. It was soooo hard for me as everyone with me was drinking. I’m sober 17 months and refused to compromise my new life by taking a drink. I hope that bird repressed the death of my old relationship with alcohol. The site of the baby bird hurt me so bad. I felt his beauty would never be appreciated. His life never realized. So I took a picture of him. Weird I guess. Later in the hotel, there were beautiful colorful love birds trapped in a cage. I took a picture of one of them too. Somehow , the picture of the caged bird was sadder than that of the dead one. I continue to think of the two situations. Freedom in death or trapped in beauty.
    Thanks again for the wonderful insight.

    1. Hi Tippie(lol): I don’t feel it is time for you to start wearing protective eye or head gear just yet. (tee hee hee) I will answer your two comments in this one reply. You made a correct interpretation regarding the dove, but I want to expand on it a bit. Doves are a symbol of peace, and in this case it is also bringing you the message that you have entered a new cycle in your life and opportunities are at hand. These opportunites, particularly the ones associated with spiritual and personal growth, will bring you a time of peace and prosperity as you have finished mourning and releasing the old behaviour patterns and have passed into a new birth. I would like you to re-read the words that you wrote, for the way in which you expressed it was really the message that the dove was bringing you regarding your own feelings, and while doing so, replace the “bird” with “you”. “hurt me so bad. I felt MY beauty would never be appreciated. MY life never realized”. All those years that alcohol had control over you, this was how you felt but never expressed it. The dove has come with this message so that now you can express it, heal it and move forward with the new opportunities that are coming your way. YOU were the “beautiful colourful bird trapped in a cage”.
      The two situations “Freedom in death or trapped in beauty” is again, an old belief that you are now being asked to release, thus the crow and the ducks. Crows represent unexpected help with problems and obstacle, coming from unexpected places. In this case, one of those places is from within your own heart, as the magic of your new life is calling you to move into your new life. The ducks message is to seek out emotional comfort and protection by staying in a comfortable environment. Or more simply put, if being around others that drink makes you uncomfortable, then seek out a more comfortable environment, remove yourself from the situation into a more comfortable place, ie by the pool feeding birds, and these difficulties will be easily handled if you keep the ducks in mind in the future.

      Lastly, the bird vacation was for YOU. And on a “funny note”, I speak with Alfred alot when responding to these posts, and he says HI Tippie. I sent the birds just for you. (lol)

  36. Funny for days after seeing the dead baby bird, a crow kept coming to me on my terrace and at pool side. I fed the Bird each time. My sister was terrified saying it was bad luck. I felt peace and awe of his beauty. So black and shiney. I also adopted two ducks on the premises. Feeding them daily. Funny I’m a cat person lol. Guess my vacation was for the birds. My sisters were calling me Tippi Hendren.

  37. Thank goodness! I too thought is was a bad omen until I found your blog. We are in Escrow on our new home, and we are here with the inspector and there is a dead bird in the pool. I almost cried!

  38. Penny, I can’t thank you enough for such a thoughtful and insightful answer to my questions. I especially loved my message from Alfred as I am a total fan of all his work. Even studied him in college. I stay up late every night watching his TV reruns.
    Everything you said hit a cord in me. My sister and I read you answer over and over. Drinking in all the analogies. I am going to apply all your knowledge to my current situation. I never realized that how I was feeling and mourning over the birds were really my repressed inner feelings about myself. I live in NY. Are you in England ? I will be contacting you about a phone consult real soon. Thanks again. Blessings and hugs are coming your way. Tippi of NY

    1. Hi Kate, not sure how I missed this entry, but I did. I am glad I was able to shed some light on your situation. I am not in England, although when I speak a lot of people ask me which part of England I am from, especially the Francophones where I live. I live in the bilingual province of New Brunswick in Canada. You have my private email, just email to schedule an appointment. Light, love & peace.

  39. Penny, I am dealing with something right now that I feel that I could really use your help with. I was guided to this website because I found a dead bird on my door step this morning and googled dead birds. I believe with all my heart that this is a direct sign from my angels in regards to something they know about. I need help with interpretation. Also, there is a bit more to it. I would be so appreciative if you could respond to me. Thank you so much for your time. sincerely, Lynn Buckla

    1. Hi Lynn, you really have not given me much to go on except it was on your doorstep, so here is what I have about finding a dead bird in your doorway. Finding a dead bird in a doorway signifies new opportunities that are presented before you. You are entering into a new stage in your life and moving from one level of consciousness to another. In particular, a door that opens to the outside, signifies your need to be more accessible to others, whereas a door that opens into the inside, denotes your desire for inner exploration and self-discovery. You are need to be more open to new ideas and concepts. It is really all about how you protray yourself to others, how outgoing you are, your welcoming or unwelcoming attitude especially to new opportunities and new stages in your life.
      You said there was more to the story, feel free to private message me with the rest and perhaps I will have a deeper interpretation for you.

      1. Please help me, I’ve seen the most bazaar thing today. While I was sitting in my room working on my laptop I heard a loud thump on the roof of my apartment, I got up and looked outside of my balcony, and on I saw a big red tailed hawk standing on top of a dead grey catbird, the hawk eventually got up and flew away into a tree straight across from my apartment and ate the bird.

        1. Hi Amarie, sorry to be soooooooo long getting back to you. I have had a backlog of over 420 questions to respond to, and they take quite a while sometimes to channel. Anyway, to your question. It has been more than a year since you sent in your request, so I am not sure if you have figured out the message by this time or not. But it is an interesting message, so here goes. Catbirds are all about communication. It was necessary for you at that time to watch your words, as words have great power, and can actually manifest things into being on the physical plane. The catbird was encouraging you to explore new ways to communicate. I am feeling a book in the making. The hawk was a sign that spirit vision and guardianship are all around you and encourages you to be patient and observe because the signs are clear and when you recognize the signs, you will easily see opportunities as they arise in you your. So what is the title of your book, the world is waiting for it.

  40. Penny
    It was a Blessing to find this blog. I found (2) dead birds within the last (2) days that appeared to be neatly placed in flowers pots where I am growing (1) perennial & in another pot a plant that I was surprised that it was able to survive & endure the cold winter weather. I have been going through a lot of changes for the past (3) years & through the grace of GOD have been able to continue to survive & endure and overcome a number of problems;although, I am presently experiencing a problem that I have given to GOD that appeared to have no end in sight.
    . I am optimistic about some personal situations that relate to what transpired (3) years ago. When I saw the (2nd) bird I was instantly sorry for it’s loss of life & also started repeating the 23rd Psalm to help me get over the shock of seeing the 2nd bird that recent after seeing the 1st one. I am very optimistic, & hopeful for me after reading your blog, and I will begin a special prayer for thanksgiving to GOD for the good that is now about to transpire as I leave all of the old problems in the past.

  41. Today I saw a bird, maybe a sparrow walking around my back patio. I went out to dinner, left the back patio open and when I got home I found the bird dead in my home office. I have a small pet, a maltese….I am not sure if she brought the bird inside the house, which I doubt because she is so shy or did the bird fly or walked in to die in my office.

    At first I freaked out because I thought it was a bad omen until I found your posts. It all made perfect sense and love your thought it’s honor the bird chose my home, my office to take it’s las breath. What are your thoughts?

    1. Angelita: If it was a sparrow, it is bringing you a message regarding the need to trust your nobility. The fact that it choose your home in which to take its last breath is an even strong indication that you are a noble person, meaning that you do what is right. You do not take the easy path because it is easy and less of a bother. Sometimes doing what is right is a very hard thing to do, especially when being judged by others. Know that when you make a choice that supports right action, not only do you benefit but all beings in the Universe do as well. In fulfilling your responsibilities, and pursuing what you need to do in any situation, especially what you need to do for you, all obstacles will pass.
      Light, love & peace.

  42. Hi Penny,
    I try to stay away from black birds cause they seemed to enter into my apartment(on the 7th floor) through the open window right around the death in my family. Literaly,days before someone dies.Right now, I am buying the house,that house is empty and there is a dead black bird in it. I don’t think anyone is going to remove it or bury the bird.I want to ask you, is it a bad luck? Should I not buy this house? Thank you.

    1. Hi Anna, I never influence the decisions and choices of others, so I will not tell you not to buy the house and I will not tell you to buy it either. It is completely up to you, your choice. What I can talk about however, is birds, and especially the bad rep that some birds have. At one time, humans were all pagan, in that they were connected to the Earth, its energy, and all its other beings, including the birds, animals, trees, plants, and minerals. All beings lived in harmony, supporting each other and honouring each other. A human hunter would give a prayer of gratitude to a deer that they had killed before eating it. Birds were honoured and respected because they were the only beings that could leave the planet and reach the heavens. Through human history, the birds have always been a messenger from the Sky, the Sun, the Moon, assisting the humans to know what the Guardians of the Heavens were asking of them. We could all interpret there meanings. All cultures on the planets had a bird mythology filled with legends and stories. This is how we lived for eons. Then just over two thousand years ago, Christianity arrived on the planet, and in its need to divert us from our nature based belief system to their fear based system, the reputations of certain birds were gradually over time converted into bad omens, death bringers, and forerunners of a mulitute of misfortunes. Among thoses who were seen this way were the Owls and many of the black birds, both being associated with the night, the darkness, the blackness. And we began to fear them.
      However, with the new energy arriving on the planet, people are beginning to turn to the old ways, of being ONE with the planet, other beings and the Universe. They are looking at things from a new perspective. The birds have always been messengers, teachers, wisdom givers. They do not bring messages of death and destruction. There are dozens of species of black birds, but if this was a blackbird, black bird, its message is about protecting what is yours, and is usually a good sign of promise telling you that the forces of Nature are with you now. It is important to stake out your territory, so if you want this house, stake your claim on it without fear, the Divine timing and Nature are supporting you. If it was not a blackbird, but rather a different species of black birds, then the message may be of a different nature depending what is going on in your life.
      Light, love & peace

  43. Yesterday, I seen -in the same day, three dead baby cardinals. Does it matter what type of bird it is or is it any type of bird? Odd, initially I thought it meant something was wrong within the environment, but then it dawned on me heavily last night that there was another significance of the dead birds. They were featherlings and oddly, the first one I seen was way across the street from the first two, and I would have missed the first two had not my granddaughter spotted it hanging in a bush! A tingly feeling came over me immediately.

    1. Thank you for your question Helen, and the detailed description of the sighting. It makes an interpretation easier to have all the facts. Cardinals are bright red, a flashy colour and are usually pretty easy to spot. However, you say in your post that you would have missed them if not for your granddaughter pointing them out. This is part of the message – your granddaughter seeing them. It reminds us that often children see things that we as adults cannot, or things that we overlook and could see if we took the time to do so. It is also important in the interpretation that these birds were chicks and not adults – again emphasizing that adults overlook things. Would you have been as affected by the sighting if it had been adult birds as opposed to chicks? Having said all that, here is the message that cardinals carry to us. It is about accepting your life’s importance. Accepting yourself as a source of light – for are you not a force of light in your granddaughter’s life? Of course you are and that is why she was the one to spot them first, to remind you that you are a source of light in her life and to not overlook her, to see her as she truly is, on a spiritual level. Doing so will be good practice for you in coming to understand just how beautiful you are, for what we see in others is a reflection of ourselves. So when you see the true her, you will see the true you, and as you see her as a loving source of light and energy, you will come to see yourself in the same way, as a source of loving light and energy. When you have done so, you will move to the next level along your spiritual path of enlightenment. This was a very significant and beautiful experience.

  44. Hi peggy, i found 3 dead blackbird chiks on 3 seperate days in My bakyard. Then a day Laterne a dead pigeon and sparrow lying. On their back face up on My work journey, i have three children and im happily married, but i Do have a terrible selfdestruct character, drink, selfharm …. i work Hardware and love My family, Do you Think its a sighn, i live in England, godbless you .

    1. Hi Paul. I can feel your distress through your email. I hope I can help a little. If you read the blog, you understand that dead birds of any kind are a message that you are now ready to move forward in your life by releasing something that no longer serves a purpose in your life, or some aspect of your behaviour that is not in your higest good, and if it is not in your higest good, then it is causing pain – not only to you but often to others as well. It could be a multitude of things, and often the species of the bird helps us figure that out. You, yourself have already identified what those behaviours are that are causing you and your loved ones pain. Often when we are being self destructive we do not see or understand that it also affects those who care for us – our partners and/or children. We feel that it is ourselves that we are hurting.

      The three different species that you saw, have positive messages, guidance and wisdom for you. Sparrows bring you encouragement to pursue and do what you need to do for yourself. Accept your responsibilties, trust in your nobility to assist you as you move the obstacles and blocks that have been preventing you in the past from doing the “noble thing” and doing what needs to be done to stop the self destructive behaviour. By the “noble thing” what they mean is , if you cannot do it for yourself in the beginning, then do it for the sake of your marriage and the sake of your children and in doing so, eventually, these blocks and obstacles will pass out of view and you will begin to do if for yourself as well.

      The blackbird is all about protecting what is yours. Ask yourself, is it in my highest good to protect this happy marriage; is it in the highest good to protect the relationship I have with my partner and my children. Then ask, from whom does it need protection, and how can I protect it. The sparrow has shown you the answer. The blackbirds also tell us that surprises and new understanding are coming and that secrets will be revealed that give new perspective on the situation. Three chicks (children) and three children – a message that you can gain new perspective on this situation by seeing it through the eyes of your children – how do they perceive this situation, what secrets are they guarding that you need to know in order to begin along the path of nobility. There hearts hold secrets that can help you along this journey.

      Pigeons are all about home. Home is where the heart is. When storms arise in your life and you are feeling the call of the old self destructive patterns, huddle with your family – biological or otherwise, for they will not only support you and provide you with a sense of security, but they will continue to remind you on a spiritual level of your responsbilities and nobility. Homes are built on foundations, and your family is your support system, your foundation.

      I also feel that part of the message is encouraging to have a look at people in your life that might not be in your highest good. Are there people around you who would benefit from you staying in a place of self destructiveness, ie a drinking buddy who never wants to drink a lone and therefore recruits you to drink as well. If you, it would be in your highest good, to recognize the role that these individuals are playing in keeping you in a place of self harm, and then choose whether or not you wish to have them remain in your life as you move along your journey. Remember, not all people are meant to be in our lives for a lifetime. It is ok to let them go if they are causing you harm or pain in anyway.

      I would also encourage you to have another look at the phrase “happily married”. What do you mean by that? Can you define what happiness is to you, and what consitutes a happy marriage. Is this a one-sided happy marriage, or is the other person in the relationship happy as well. This is not a judgement, it is to reveal those secrets we talked about in the above paragraph, to see things with new eyes, from new perspectives. Can someone who is self destructive and self harming be in what is called a happy marriage, can the partner be happy in the marriage if they are constantly under stress and worried over their partner. Be honest with yourself. If you ask yourself these questions and you do not like the answers, this is your opportunity to choose to make changes in your life, and by doing so, making changes in the lives of those you love and who love you. These birds are telling you – this is your time, your time to make choices that will affect the rest of your life, and to also let you know that you do not have to do it alone. You have the love and support that you need to make any choices that you choose to make.

  45. Thanks for this, my sister opened her door this morning and it was covered in feathers and a dead bird head was on the sidewalk. The body was not there. She believes a cat was the culprit but it freaked her out initially. Glad it is a good thing :-)

    1. Glad to have been of assistance. It is always a shock initially when we see a dead bird, or any dead animal for that matter because of their beauty, and on a primal level, we intuitively know that it is a message of some sort but because of our disconnection from nature, we do not know what that message is.

  46. Thankyou penny, i know what ive got to do, hard work and My families love are the things that keep everything in place, i will take Ur Kind words and use them to guide myself in a more constructive manner, im afraid ive been using My past as an excuse for My behavour! Thanku so much , i am going to change because i Do love My family and i want them to love me also, thanks penny

  47. sadly I lost my dad on the 18th of may this year my son bought a white rose for his grandma to plant in her front garden the rose was not planted yet but was outside my mothers living room window she woke to look outside and seen a blackbird dead beside the plant face down I have been so upset to think I could lose my mum so soon after dad and mum keeps asking me what was that a sign of ?

    1. Hi Gail: Firstly, let me send your condolences on your recent loss, to you, your mum and your son.
      Please do not worry about losing your mom, for birds do not bring bad omens of impending death, on the contrary, this is a very positive sign, as it is a sign of promise. When you read the blog, you will see that finding a dead bird is a sign that it is time for you to leave something behind, and that you are ready to move forward if you choose to do so. The blackbird, talks about staking out your territory and recognizing that the forces of Nature are with you. It is a reminder to look outside of ourselves for clues and meanings to see what is in store for us in the future.
      Blackbird awakens the mind with awareness as changes of perceptions are unfolding. He stirs psychic abilities and brings to consciousness latent healing gifts and creativity. Blackbird shows how to move with determination, focus and tenacity and how to use your power to its fullest potential. At this time there is a magic of the unseen worlds coming forth that is paired with the balance of grounding within the earth as you walk your path. Blackbird will guide in this new awakening. Blackbird teaches use of intuition that will aid in understanding Mother Nature and the connection to all things. Are you listening carefully to the seen and unseen worlds? Are you grounding and balancing your energy appropriately? Blackbird will teach much and bring new surprises when you least expect it. Pay attention and listen carefully for there is much going on around you that will show you the direction you should now travel.

      So this was not a bad omen, as many people believe, but rather a message that your mom now has an opportunity, if she chooses to, to connect to others on a different level of consciousness. When we grow older, especially during a grieving period, our spirit guides and angels gather closer to us to assist and guide us, and even if we are not aware of it, we are often aware that something has changed even if we can’t quite put our finger on it. We begin to use our intuition more even if we do not realize it because we are more closing connected to Nature, to the Universal/Source energy. I am feeling that you mom is receiving messages from her husband, but is afraid of being considered ill if she mentions them, and this too is quite normal, especially among couples who have been together for a very long time as they have. This blackbird, is simply a message to her that what she is experiencing is real and something weird or abnormal. He really is trying to comfort her from the otherside by visiting her.

  48. Hi penny thank you so much I have been reading your blog and have taking great comfort from your words and wisdom. I have been very open to signs my first was when my dad was in the rest room the rooms have names he was resting in the room called harlaw and that was the school his grandaughter went to!! then the blackbird such a relief to hear this is not bad news thank you . x

  49. Hi Penny, In dream I saw a Dead crow (Black beak) In The hall of my apartment, and i think it was killed from a cracker which is used in airport to frighten off the Birds, which I suppose I planted it my self. but I planted it with an intention to stray away the birds but it died in the dream. I was having a sort of mixed feeling in the dream. I am travelling after 8 hrs so was worried if it was a good sign or bad sign.

    1. Hi Nitin, as I have mentioned in several other people’s posts, birds are not the messager of bad omens or signs. Seeing a dead bird, either in the dream world or the physical world, is a message to you that something you have been dealing with or struggling with, or blocking you from moving forward, is now dead, and you are ready to move on, to move forward, to begin taking steps to reclaim certain aspects of your life. Crows are all about receiving help with this, usually from an unexpected source and if you stay open to possibilities and opportunities, allowing them to flow into your life, your inner personal magic will assist you as well. The universe is letting you know that you that the time is here to answer the calling of your magic to move forward into your new life. In your dream, you planted and set off the cracker that killed the crow, this could mean, that you are more in control of the situation and outcome than you believe you are. When we release things that no longer serve a purpose in our lives and except the flowing of receiving, magical things can happen, and it is now up to you to choose. Release, accept, move forward, so stay in the place you have been in lately. As it is your choice, it is you in control.

  50. Hello Penny,
    I am very grateful for your thoughtful & intuitive insight for the bird sightings…from these postings I have been able to gather & understand that the circumstances of my own experience are not necessarily negative, but a release of something negative from which to move on…
    But most of those who have posted see those already deceased, or near death…
    I was on the phone with my mother on our front porch in WV when something falling from our red oak tree caught my eye. It fell entirely too quickly & oddly…
    As I approached the tree, I saw it was a young baby/fledgling bird, beautifully marked brown & bright red, on it’s side, eyes wide up at me & gasping, with it’s poor little head twisted around completely in the wrong direction. I immediately burst into tears as I ran to get my husband not sure what to do to help this poor little thing, whom I was certain had just broken his/her neck…
    My husband accompanied me out & picked up the little bird, thinking it was only stunned as it flapped a bit & seemed to regain some consciuosness from the stunning & jarring impact it had suffered, but still could not upright it’s little head…
    Just when he thought & tried to reassure me the little critter would be okay, the poor thing stopped breathing & died in his hands… I cried again & said a little prayer for this poor little innocent baby feeling terribly I could do nothing to help or ease its suffering.
    It still bothers me to recall it…
    So yes, referencing some of your other posts, I see that I am to let go of trying to fix everyone & everything…
    But I do not know if the bird was/is a cardinal or a robin for certain…I could send you a picture I was able to snap in those brief moments my husband was convinced he/she was okay…
    My husband and I have both been through obstacles that no newlywed couple should face and injustices too numerous to count, all from a single source, and all of which has put our marriage & unity with each other through very difficult tests. He already has children; I do not, but, we are trying to start a family of our own. However, God has not seen fit to bless us with this miracle yet, and I feel like this burdens & worries both of us (him even moreso than me).
    On top of that, the conversation with my mother was my inquiring of the condition of my father, who has MS & had been admitted to the ER last night for going into seizures. She tried several times through the night to call me to come pick her up very early in the morning, but none of us heard any of the house or mobile phones & I didnt get her messages until this morning right before the bird falling & crashing happened & I was feeling incredibly horrible for not being there for the only single person in my life who has never failed me…
    If you maybe arent bored to tears reading this & have any further insight to what I experienced & the meaning of cardinals, I would be very grateful… Thank you.

    1. Hi Rebecca, yes please email me a copy of the photo and I may be able to better tell which species we are dealing with, as it does make a difference. please send it to the email: pathwayconnections@hotmail.com

      Right now I am receiving several questions a day and spending more than 3-4 per day responding to them. But when I receive your photo, I will move you to the front of the que and get back to you as soon as I can.

      1. Morning again Rebecca: I have done some more research on the photo that you sent me. It is not a Rosebreasted Grosbeak as I first thought. You were correct, it is a baby cardinal. It is really difficult to tell from fledglings sometimes because their feathers and colours come in at different stages of their development. But I do believe this is a cardinal.
        To find a dead bird can be very upsetting, to have one die in your hands is extremely upsetting. It is an honour however, to be present at the death of another being, to be there for them when they transition back to the spirit realm, so they are not allow at the most vulnerable time of their lives. When a bird is ill or injured, its natural instinct is to hide, seek shelter, seek sanctuary. It chose you to meet its needs at the end of its life. This is an acknowledgement of the deep level of caring, compassion, loving that you have, not only for those you love, but all beings.
        The cardinal sings a song of renewed importance, and its dying in your hands is a sort of “double-dose” message for you. The message that a cardinal brings is all about accepting yourself as a source of light, and when you couple that with the message of it dying in your hands, it is truly a message that you are a source of light, love, compassion, caring, understanding and forgiveness. You are being asked to not be afraid to conduct yourself accordingly. What does that mean?
        When dealing with the source of the injustices that you mentioned, that one single source, do not be afraid to go with your instinct to be that source of light, love, compassion, etc. For this is in the highest good for you to do so, you actually are being called to do so. There are three sides to every story – the other person’s side and how they interpret it to be true, your side and how you interpret it to be true, and then what is actually going on. We bring to every issue in our lives, the accumulation of our life experiences as a reference point when interpreting a situation, and since no two people can ever have the same life experiences, no two people can ever have the same interpretation of a situation. The very best we can do is use our source of light, love, compassion, understanding and forgiveness to assist the situation. There is a Buddhist saying: is it better to be right or better to be happy. Here is another one, be the change you want to see in the world. So if you are not afraid to conduct your self as a source of light, others will begin to follow you in this situation, and you will see a change in their behaviour as well. For light generates light, it cannot generate shadow, only something standing in the way of light can generate shadow. Be the light. This is the message of this dear,dear cardinal. It fell from an oak tree, oak trees are symbols of growth, personal development, self knowledge and self confidence. It reassures you that you are on the right path, the one of light, love, compassion, etc. and acknowledges that family and friends are supportive right now and that discussions of your future will be fruitful. It is a good time for change and a good time to explore your opportunities.
        Understand as well, that if was in the highest good for you, for your mother, or father for you to have been at the hospital at that time, you would have heard the phone, picked it up and been on your way. There was a reason you did not hear the phone, and you may not find that reason right now, but trust that there was a reason. It may reveal itself later.

  51. Hi Penny,

    I am so please I found your blog and read about Gail’s experience too. I lost my Dad suddenly to Cancer in February this year. We have lived in our house for 13 years & I have never had so many sightings of birds in our garden. We have had a robin nesting in our shed.Then two weeks ago I walked out into the garden to find a dead blue tit right by my back door, then yesterday when I went to put the trash out, there was a dead black bird by the gate.
    I had a turbulent relationship with my Dad, we often did not see eye to eye, but I always remained loyal and loving towards him, despite it being difficult at times.
    So far 2013 has been a bad one for us, with losing my dad, my husband lost his job, and trying to support my mum through her grieving as well.
    Thank you for your insight

    1. Wow Naomi, I am impressed that you are knowledgeable enough about birds to be able to identify a tit. Lets deal with the robin first. Robins are the one of the first signs that spring has arrived. Here in Canada where I live, it is not uncommon for the robins to arrive while there is still snow on the ground, making them a significant sign that new beginning are at hand, a sort of new re-birth if you will. The robin nesting in your shed is a sign from your Dad that he is ok, that he is more than ok, he is fine and he wants you to know that it is time for you to release all the difficulties of the turbulent relationship that you shared with him, and move forward, be re-born and live a happier life. The message from the tit is about maintaining your dignity and your inner nobility. It also lets you know that little things count and serve a great function, and these are really important in fulfilling your responsibilities. The black bird is usually seen as a sign of promise, especially when it comes to staking out your territory and lets you know that the forces of Nature are with you now. A garden indicates that your hard work and diligence will pay off in the end. It is also symbolic of stability, potential, and inner growth. You need to cultivate a new skill or nurture your spiritual and personal growth, and represents tranquility, comfort, love and domestic bliss. You need to be more nurturing. A shed is where we store things, tucked away until we need them, such as emotions or memories.

      So now that we have general information on the major players in your questions, we can begin to tie it all together. A robin in your shed, where you have stored away emotions and memories until you are ready to deal with them and this is related to your relationship with your Dad. As the blog tells you seeing a dead bird is an indication that what you are dealing with is now ready to be released and it is time for you to begin your rebirth (robin) by taking out those emotions and memories, dealing with them, releasing them and then moving forward with your life.

      The forces of Nature that the blackbird is talking about are your higher inner self; your inner nobility ie the knowledge that you are “good enough”, dealing with your self-worth issues, and letting you know that you are stronger than you give yourself credit, and as in the garden, if you are willing to do the inner work, your efforts will be rewarded. All three of these birds, are pointing to the necessity of working on your inner self, nurturing your spiritual and personal growth. The person who needs to be nurtured in this equation is you, and in doing so you will generate a great sense of tranquility, comfort, love and domestic bliss. But none of this can happen if you choose to avoid taking those emotions and memories out and doing the work.
      You mention supporting your mom through her grief – a way in which you can do that is to do the above work. She can speak to the memories and the emotions that you have surrounding your relationship with your father, her perspective can be very useful in this situation, and will also allow her to bring out her own memories and emotions regarding him and work through them as well. Often when we lose a loved one, we are afraid of the pain that memories and/or discussions about them may cause both us and other loved ones. When in fact, we find if we are open to doing this work, miracles of sorts can happen. There is a nobility in that, and it addresses the message of the tit, in following through and doing what needs to be done. Remember, little things count and serve a great function – we may not immediately beware of those functions, but in all things, there is Divine Timing.
      It has been a difficult year for you and your loved ones, but it is not anything that you can’t move forward from. The tit is also a message for your husband, letting him know that even though he may not get that new “dream job” right away, there is a nobility in doing what needs to be done, to get the bills paid, if he takes a lesser paying job, or one for which he is overqualified, and to remember that in doing so the little things count and serve a function.

  52. I am relieved to read this article. I found a green very rare looking bird today on my run today. It had disappeared in a few minutes. It actually looked like a mini dinosaur which kind of freaked me out. I have been trying to find out the species of the bird , but am unable to.

    1. Hi Neetika: I am afraid I can’t help you out much here. I will need a little more information from you, such as the identification of the bird species. Have you tried an internet search? try googling “images of green birds”, or try “images of common birds of…..(put where you live in the search)”. When searching for birds of….. you do not need to be extremely specific. But even all birds of Canada are not found in the USA for instance. Some birds in the province of Ontario, Canada and not found on the East Coast of Canada, or on the West Coast of Canada. I do not know where you live, but try that search, or go to your local zoo, or natural history museum, or your local naturalist or bird watching club. Someone knows what it is that you saw. When you get the info, then confirm it by googling its image on the internet, and then write me back.

      1. Sure, I’ll do that. I can email the picture to you in case you know the bird species. But it is good to know that seeing a dead bird is not bad. I felt it was a spiritual message :).

  53. Hi I saw a crow fall in front of me today in the morning around 8:30 on june 25th 2013… the crow was dying … it bled to death from his mouth… i think he looked at me… i was in my room… and eventually he died…
    I am not superstitious but this has never happened to me ever before… i am just wondering what it means or if it has any significance.

    1. Hi Adeel. It is a very beautiful double message for you. Firstly, To find a dead bird can be very upsetting, to have one die in your hands is extremely upsetting. It is an honour however, to be present at the death of another being, to be there for them when they transition back to the spirit realm, so they are not allow at the most vulnerable time of their lives. When a bird is ill or injured, its natural instinct is to hide, seek shelter, seek sanctuary. It chose you to meet its needs at the end of its life. This is an acknowledgement of the deep level of caring, compassion, loving that you have, not only for those you love, but all beings.
      The second message is from the crow, as crows bring messages about problems or obstacles you have been experiencing. Expect help with them from unexpected sources. Each of us is unique, and as such each of us have magical aspects about us. Your personal magic is calling out to the Universe and the Universe will answer that calling. Magical help is at hand. I see that magical help being a part of you, in that, because of your nature of deep caring, compassion and loving, you will attract others who want to help you, simply because you are you and you care. Your caring allows others to care as well, this is how the magic of the universe works, and this is from where you will receive your help. So whatever is happening in your life, do not be afraid to show your loving, caring, compassionate side, as that will lead others to respond in that manner. You are going to be the change that you want to see in the world, leading by example. The choice is yours.

  54. Thank you for your information. It was helpful. However, I didn’t actually see dead birds. I either dreamt, see on t.v., and my daughter talk about a dead bird. Does this have the same meaning? Your response is nicely appreciated. Thanks.

    1. Hi Tamara, I suspect that you had an opportunity to see the dead bird, but somehow missed it, so missed the message. Therefore your guides and angels have been helping your out but sending them to you in your dreams, and providing you with opportunities to see them on tv. Also, a parent will sit up and take notice when their child starts talking about such things as dead birds. They sent the message to her to bring it to you, because the other ways were not working.
      We are all intuitive beings, but some of us do not pay attention to our intuition, or completely dismiss it when it presents itself. So you were seeing them in your dreams and on tv and other places, but you were shutting down your intuition that was telling you that this was something important that you should pay attention to – so your guides got your attention by sending you the message through your daughter.
      So in answer to your question, yes the message is the same. You are at a time in your life when you are ready for something to change. Use your intuition to discern what that might be, or maybe you don’t even have to, maybe it is so obvious, you can’t believe you didn’t see it before. In any case, now is the time to release something that is no longer serving a purpose in your life, so that the new energies and opportunities will have space to come into your life.
      Light, love & peace – Penny

  55. Small birds have been perching right above my sister’s
    Storm door. Then today she found 3 dead birds evenly spaced
    Apart between the front of two cars parked in her driveway
    And the garage doors. One in front of each vehicle and one
    In the space between the cars.
    Here’s the concern, her two oldest boys who just graduated
    From college are about to drive cross country to start a
    Job in California. Joining them will be her husband and
    Youngest son for the ride and vacation. They will fly back.
    She has been stressing about this time and now with the
    Discovery of the birds the worry has intensified. A word from you
    Will help understand its meaning. Thanks!

    1. Hi Maureen and Maureen’s sister: sorry to be so long getting back to you, the trip is probably over by now and everyone home safe and sound. I injured my back on the day before you sent this message and I was on very powerful pain killers and could not channel messages.
      If they have not left yet, I want to know that these dead birds are not a bad omen. Birds do not bring messages of doom and gloom, this is an old wives tale. They do however bring messages to us about things in our lives coming to an end, and that has been misinterpreted to mean someone dying. Not so. In this case, it is a message that your two oldest boys are now ready to leave home, leave the care of their mother, and move on to the next stage of their lives. It is a message that you as their mother, are now ready to allow that to happen. It is an acknowledgement that this stage of their lives and your life is now over and it is time for all of you to being a new stage, one in which you are the mother of adult men – a totally new dynamic for all of you. In essence, time to cut the apron strings.
      You have a choice now. You can choose to see this as the new and exciting opportunity that it is for you and for them, in which case, all sort of new opportunities will arrive for all of you, or you can choose to resist the new dynamic in attempt to hold on to the old, in which case you can expect resistance and emotional pain to follow. It is your choice. This is the message of the dead birds. Release and let go, or hold on and struggle.
      I hope this is of some assistance to you.
      Light, love & peace – Penny

  56. Hi Penny

    Today a sparrow fell from the sky and hit me on the head. It then fell to the ground and died.
    I’ve experienced a quite traumatic couple of months, in which every aspect of my life has been affected and has changed.

    Along with a lot of self reflection and personal development, my spiritual and intuitive senses seem to have developed significantly over this period, which is what led me to consider the dying sparrow from today as significant.

    Your blog seemed to make particular sense to me and I was wondering if you could offer any more insight into my particular encounter today.

    Many thanks.
    Claire :)

    1. Hi Claire, I sort of chuckled when I read your post. It reminded me of a time when I was sitting on a stone wall having an informal luncheon with a man I had been smitten with for months who had finally asked me out to lunch. While eating, a pigeon flew overhead and pooped right on my plate. How does one recover from that. It was the only date I had with him. I got the message loud and clear, life with this man would quite literally generate a lot of shit in my life. However, that is my story, on to yours.
      You say you have had a lot of trauma over the past few months. The main message from the sparrow is that this time is now coming to an end and it is time for you to release that which no longer serves a purpose in your life. Your Intuition will lead you to understand what that something is. It has developed significantly recently so that you can begin to make changes in your life. It is important for you to know that your intuition is 100% correct, 100% of the time. We, as spiritual beings who have come to the Earth Plane to have human experiences which allow us to grow and evolve on a spiritual level, all arrive here with everything we need to accomplish that task. Everyone is intuitive, the difference between people is that some choose to use their intuition and others do not. The sparrow is telling you that you can trust in your nobility. Fulfill your responsibilities, and begin with your responsibilities to yourself. In other words, do what you need to do for you.
      The origin of your intuition is that of the Divine, the Universe, Spirit, God, Source, whatever term/name you choose for that higher innerself that we all have, that connects us to the source energy. Its purpose is to guide and protect you while you are here growing and evolving. Because of its source, and its purpose, trust that it is, as I said, 100% correct 100% of the time. Which means, it is always right and never wrong. That is important to remember. If you could access guidance that was always right and never wrong, why would you choose to ignore that guidance, because obviously it would always lead you to something better and your life would improve. Think about that as you take these steps to fulfill your responsibilities, especially to yourself. When we do as our intuition guides us to do, our obstacles soon pass out of view. This is the message of the sparrow. And just as the pigeon pooped in my food, you had to quite literally be hit over the head with the message so you would listen to it. My guess is that you have been getting this message in various forms over the past little while, but have been choosing to ignore them. So bang, hit them on the head and see if they ignore it any longer.
      Light, love & peace – Penny

  57. Hi, i was driving to work today, goin past a round about where pigeons gather to eat. while taking the turn i think i ran over a pigeon, i am not sure if i ran over it, or someone else did, or it was already there… i came back to see if it was there, if hurt i could help, but crows had flocked over by then and had started feeding on it….i also stopped to see any such signs on the car tyres…..none… i have been feeling terrible about it…. i love animals and birds and i can never think of harming them and now this happened… its very difficult to overcome it…can u help me please, does it mean anything?

    1. Hi Aditi: I would say that the pigeon was already dead and that it was another vehicle that hit it. It is still distrubing though when you love all animals and birds, to find a dead one. However, it was a message for you. When you read the blog, you would have learned that seeing a dead bird is an indication that it is now the right time in your life to release something that is no longer serving a purpose in your life, and that it is also time for you to move forward from that into something new. It is a message that in order for new things to come, old things have to die. I am sure you have heard the saying “out of loss comes new beginnings”. This is the message of the dead bird. Now pigeons are all about home and family – seek security around and in the home, and sticking close to family – both biological or otherwise, when the storms arise in your life. So have a look around at what is happening in your life. Is there a storm of sort happening, by that I mean, some chaos or drama happening. If so stay close to your family til it passes, and pass it shall, that is the message from the crows. For crows bring us magical help, you will be receiving unexpected help with the storms, the chaos, the drama, the problems in you life. Your inner personal magic is calling out to have these issues resolved, and they will be. So watch for signs of help and choose to accept it when it arrives.

  58. Hi Penny,

    I’m reaching out to you in hopes that you can provide some clarity as to why I’m seeing dead birds lately. I’ve recently relocated to another state approximately 1.5 months ago ’cause I like the sense of adventure and always wanted to live in a different state. :) Furthermore, I wanted to change my career path (from accounting/finance to social work/education) and with the likely cut in pay, I needed to live in an affordable state. I was fortunate to find an apartment and moved in within a week. Since then, I’ve hit the ground running attempting to find a job in social work/education and only received two phone interviews and one in-person interview. No offers. :( Albeit the process is discouraging, I’m continuing with the job search. A few weeks ago I met a man who asked me to grab some coffee. The conversation progressed well and he asked me on a date. On the day of this first date, I see a dead white-winged dove as I stepped out of the gym (part of the apartment amenity) heading back to my apartment. It laid on its side (facing my direction), all body parts intact, no blood. I scurried past it and dashed back to my apartment. The date went well and definitely felt chemistry. Then a week later, on the day of the second date, I see another dead bird. This time it is a baby bird. It was located on the parking spot next to mine. It was flattened (presumably by the car in that spot), had some feathers (but primarily bare skin since it’s a baby), no blood. The second date went well. So, what do these dead birds mean?

    Any insight you can provide will be helpful. Thank you!!


    1. Hi Susie: these dead birds are a message that you are now in a place in your life where you are ready to release the aspects of your life that are no longer serving a purpose in it. Since you are associating these dead birds with the man you are dating, and your intuition is telling you to do that, I would say that you are now ready to release what ever issues have been preventing you from entering into a healthy long term relationship. I am not suggesting that this gentleman is “the one”. I am suggesting that you are ready to be open to opportunities that will be presenting themselves in the form of possible new relationships. Listen to your intuition, for it is 100% correct, 100% of the time as it guides and protects you in your decision making process. This man may be the one, or he may not be, the decision is yours and your intuition will let you know which choice is best for you.

  59. I cam across your blog and I find it comforting that you have a detailed explanation of what finding a dead bird means. I found a sparrow dead on my balcony yesterday, which is odd because I see mostly seagulls and ocean type birds. My apt is directly on the beach and I have only seen a sparrow on my balcony one other time, it was singing and standing right on the ledge of the patio glass door, it was the Sunday before my dad passed six days later on Sunday. I live in LA and it was interesting that back in FL where my family lives, my dad’s pick-up truck just had sparrows perched everywhere. That was unusual, my brother told me that the birds just sat and sang. Similar to what I experienced at my home in CA.

    I’ m going to do a burial on the beach tonight. I have been going through some tough financial and job times for the past three years and when I lost my dad two years ago, it has been really challenging because he just understood me as a person and always knew what to say to encourage me and assure me that I’m gonna be alright. I have been pressing to find a better paying job that gets me back to the exec level I once was as well as starting my own business venture to eventually transition on from corporate life.

    I want to honor the bird and give it a burial with love right here on the beach. Thank you so much for your wonderful blog, this helped me make sense out something so unusual.

    1. Hi Janet, here is a message that the sparrow carries to you, it is about trusting in your nobility, and I can tell that you do as you wanted to honour the little sparrow with a proper burial, and I can hear the love in your voice when you talked about your father. The big message of the sparrow is that it is your time right now, your time to pursue and do what you need to do for yourself, and in doing so you are accepting full responsibility for your life, and you will see that obstacles blocking your path will soon past out of view. This is the same message for your brother. I am getting the sense that your father’s passing was a means of releasing both of you of your responsilibity for him, and that it now your time and your brother’s time to both do what is best for each of you. Don’t be afraid to step into that energy and release your grief over your father’s passing – he sent the sparrows to you so you would know that it is ok to move on with your lives. He is still trying to tell you that he understands you and that you are going to be alright. But your grief has been holding you back. It is time to release that which is no longer serving a purpose or is preventing you from moving forward. If you are able to do this, you will see big changes come into your life, and the obstacles preventing you from getting that job and/or becoming an entrepeneur, will just seem to vanish, and you will have such clarity that you may not believe it is real, but it is.

      Light, love & peace – Penny

      1. Thank you Penny for your insight. So thankful I found your blog and I understand the meaning of this special sparrow. I will be on the look out for your book on birds, just a fascinating subject.

        1. Hi Janet, glad to have been of some help. The book is coming along nicely. It was pouring rain here all day, a good day to write. The target date for the book is in November, in time for Christmas.
          Light, love & peace. Penny

  60. Hi Penny. Today (Sunday), I was driving to work and heard a flick against my car and looked up my rear view mirror and saw in a distance a black object in the middle of the road. I made a U turn to go back to the spot to check up on the bird. By then there were several cars that drove past the spot and I was almost certain the bird would have been run over by one or more cars. Amazingly, the bird was just standing in the middle of the road. I parked my car and went to pick it up thinking if it could fly, it would. It did not even attempt to move as I gently cupped it with my hands. The bird was clearly an old bird by looking at its legs. It had no visible injuries such as broken wings, neck, blood, but its eyes were closed. It was not dead because it’s body was not limp and I could feel its heart beat in my palm. When I stroke its neck or chin, it would open its eyes. I then drove to a friends house thinking she would know what to do. Her boyfriend answered the door; my friend was on the phone upstairs. I asked him if he knew what to do, and he said he didn’t, however he offered the bird some water. I dipped its beak into the dish and the bird did seem to take a little water by the swallowing motion. My friend’s boyfriend determined that the bird was dying, so I decided to take it to the wetland 7 miles away. During the car ride, I held it in my left hand. It started to struggle and attempted to fly a bit. When I got to the wetland, I found a shady spot, and put it on the ground. I took a picture of it and gave it another gentle stroke and left it there. I have been wondering if I somehow struck it? But it had no injuries. Lately, things in me and around me are changing especially energetically in the past few weeks. I am currently reading a book called Zen Entrepreneurship in which the author asks the readers to look for unusual clues and sings as life is like a treasure hunt. My encounter of this bird was definitely unusual from how it did not get run over by other cars being in the middle of the road, to I turned back to check up on it (which I normally would not), to I drove the distance to take it to a resting place. I suppose it’s giving me the message that I’m ready to let go of old habits, don’t seek advise from others but listen to my own intuitions?

    1. Hi Jenius: Wow, what an interesting story. I would say that you did not hit the bird. If you had, you would certainly have seen some physical damage. I do not know what kind of bird it is that you are speaking of and since you photographed it, can you please send me the photo to pathwayconnections@hotmail.com That way I can give you a proper interpretation.

  61. Janet, thank you for your blog. I am amazed at the spiritual, emotional and psychological effect that birds have ! I saw birds flying inside a lumber store and was dreaming about birds that night. I was contemplating moving to a different unit in my complex. I had a reading with a women and my brother Vincent who is passed came through. He was connected to birds. The very next morning I saw a dead robin outside of my building closer to my unit. That really startled me. Today I decided to stay where I am and bring life to my unit. Your blogged has touched me deeply and I am grateful for you and your insight and blessed gift. Any comments will be appreciated. Liz

    1. Hi Liz: I am grateful that the blog has been of assistance to you. Vincent actually sent you the birds in your dream. He was a bird whisper as well, and they seemed to “flock” to him. He had a very special communication with them and delighted in spending time with them. He found them to be one of the greatest marvels on the planet. As you read in the blog, seeing a dead bird is a message that it is time to or that you are ready to move forward with your life by releasing something that has been preventing you from taking that forward movement. In the case of the Robin, it is really about releasing your feelings of not being good enough, and you can accomplish this by trusting in your creative ideas. This would relate directly to your decision to bring life into your unit. You are being encouraged to release the fear of being judged by others as you stretch yourself into new areas. If you do this, your efforts will be rewarded, and often in ways you never dreamed of. Vincent sent the birds to your dreams to get your attention, so that when you say the dead robin, you would make a connection that you had just witnessed something special and inquire about it. He is encouraging you, and your efforts to move forward in your spiritual development. Congratulations, you are in Vincent’s words “ready to take flight”, so do be afraid, trust that you can do it. Light, love & peace – Penny

  62. Hello Penny,
    I wanted to know what this could possibly mean, I am a bit worried since crow symbolizes death. Yesterday afternoon my dad noticed a crow that has been sitting on our small tree branch in our backyard, I believe it is injured cuz it was still sitting there at night. I am a bit worried, as I had been having a lot of pain for the past week in my stomach I took care of the problem and got help my dad was going through some medical problems to, but does this really mean something bad is going to happen and then my mom said two weeks ago they found a dead baby bird on the grass. But when I got up
    This morning there were sounds of two or more crows in my backyard. I would appreciate it if you could tell me what this symbolizes as I am worried since everyone thinks its a sign of death.

    1. Hi Jaseema: I have answered many questions about crows. Crows and owls seem to have the most misunderstood messages associated with them. The fear that crows or owls bring death, or are able to predict deaths of loved ones is an old wives tale. At one time when humankind had a nature based belief system, we were in tune with the energies of all living things and we intuitively knew the meanings behind these sightings. However, once Christianity arrived on the scene, in an effort to turn people from the nature based belief system to the Church, they villainized certain aspects, and this included the role of birds in our society. Because crows are black, which is associated with darkness, fear, and evil in the Christian realm, and because crows like to sit in elm trees which are commonly seen in cemeteries, they were assigned the persona of “bird of death watch”. Often when we believe in a certain tradition, we have expectations surrounding it and are able to see signs that are easily misinterpreted.
      The role of the crow being that of the predictor of death is in many ways so far removed from its original meaning, that many people do not acknowledge its original meaning and will even dispute it. The Crow brings you a message that help with whatever you are having difficulties with is on the way, and you can expect that help to come from an unexpected place. There is some truth in the symbolize of a crow representing death, however, it is not in the way that people have come to believe it to be. The death that they represent is not a physical death, but more of a metaphorical death. The death of an unpleasant situation; the death of a fear that may be holding you back from moving forward in your life, etc, it represents more of an end to something, rather than a death. They are trying to tell you that it is time to pay attention to these medical problems, keep an open mind regarding them, and that help with the situation will come from some unexpected place or person.
      The dead baby bird in the yard is a further confirmation of this. When you read the blog, you will learn that seeing a dead bird is really a message that it is time and that you are ready to release whatever is holding you back, or preventing you from moving forward with your life, so that the new opportunities, can have room to enter into your life.
      The crow sitting in the tree is exactly where is should be. Crows roost in trees at night. It has been trying to get you attention, that is what the calling crows is all about, to bring you around to understanding that help is on it way.
      One other reason that crows have been associated with death, is because recall seeing them at the time of the passing of a loved one, but what they are really trying to communicate to you, is that the time of the passing of this loved one, is now a time for you to release issues associated with them, so that you can move forward. It is unfortunate that they arrive at the time of the death of a loved one because it has caused their message to be subverted into something to be feared rather than welcomed.

      Light, love & peace, Penny

  63. Greetings Penny, Last weekend I saw a dead pigeon lying on the side of the street in NYC. (While pigeons die all the time a dead one is not that common a sight.) Then on Tuesday as I was crossing the street to go to work something sharp landed on my hand. I was startled by the impact and shook my hand without looking. It was a dying sparrow. Another sparrow came down next to it. I was frightened by the experience and regret not comforting the bird, especially after reading all that I have found in your site on this topic. While I do feel tremendously relieved to know that this announces changes (and I certainly have them relationship wise and work wise, a book I want to publish, jobs I wish for) I feel so guilty for not being there for that bird that honored me with his presence. I do promise to comfort going forward even as dying animals have always scared me in the past. Is this OK?

    1. Hi Frances: First let me address the pigeon question. Pigeons are all about returning home, thus the name of the Homing Pigeon. They have the unique ability to find their way home even when released 100s of miles away, an organic form of GPS. The message that they bring is to seek security around and in the home, especially when storms arrive in our lives, and by that I mean chaotic events, not weather systems. When you are faced with these, huddle with your family, biological or chosen family. If you have been undergoing a lot of changes in your life, the chances are pretty good that you have been experiencing some stormy times lately as chance is often brought on by chaos and/or drama. It is often a response to what challenges us. So the pigeon wanted you to know that some of this drama is coming to an end and you are ready to move forward with things, especially with family support behind you.
      Sparrows are all about trusting your nobility. What does that mean? That it is time for you to fulfill your responsibilities, pursue and do what you need to do for yourself, for in doing what is in your highest good rather than what others are pushing for you to do, you are being noble. Trust that this noble act will lead you to where you need to be and obstacles blocking your path will begin to disappear as you move forward, the greater the trust in this nobility, the faster the obstacles will disappear. So if we tie the two incidents together we begin to see a picture forming: as outside influences are encouraging you, and even pushing, you to do what you know is not in your highest good, drama is created. Turn to your family, biological or chosen family for the support you need to stand in your nobility and do what is right for you, not for others. For in the end, if something is right for you, the domino affect creates a rightness for others.
      Of course the experience frightened you, that is natural, to be frightened by what we do not understand, and that is ok. I feel that the sparrow came to you as it was dying for a couple of reasons, one was to really get your attention and draw it to recognizing what needs to be done, and the promise that you are making is part of that, honouring and growing the compassionate side of you – understanding that compassion is not a weakness as many believe it is, but a strength. Having a bird or animal die in our presence, as I mentioned, is all about trust, compassion, etc. It was all as it was supposed to be. If you had stayed put, comforted the bird, the lesson would have been different for you, but the lesson was exactly as it needed to be to activate that part of you. The sparrow trusted that you are going to fulfill that promise, as it is part of what is necessary for you to do to develop that noble side of you.

      Light, love & peace – Penny

  64. Dear Penny,
    Thank you for your response to me and everything makes perfect sense and is quite accurate and specific. Interesting about releasing something and it preventing me from moving forward and fear of being judged and releasing feelings of not being good enough (that was a big issue for Vincent & unfortunately brought forth his demise). I love that Vincent is encouraging me to move forward in spiritual development and that I am finally ready to take flight. Amazing he was a bird whisperer as his favorite book was Jonathan Livingston Seagull ! He used to make bird houses too. After doing some research it turned out that the robin was actually a male. I will look forward to reading your book and already I am sharing your blog with others. much love , light, peace and blessings to you. Liz

    1. Hi Liz: thank you for your endorsement. I will be certain to let you know when the book has been published and is ready. I am launching a new website in a few days called Pen E-Books. It is to highlight my e-books that I have published and my bird book is done, it will be up on that site. I am very glad that my response was helpful to you. Vincent is drawing my attention to Mourning Doves as I am writing this. They are about being fearless, especially in the company of humans, and enjoying open spaces. If possible try and get out in nature more often, this will help you, and when feeling the pressures of those judging you, remember the mourning dove and its fearlessness in the presence of people. They also have wonder ventriloquisistic qualities, meaning that when they choose to, or need to, they can sound like other birds, so remember this when in crowded rooms, you can use that skill to “fit in” a bit better – meaning listen, and, and if need be, use the words of others to assist you in situations you may feel awkward in – ahh, public presentations, when doing public presentations use this skill and you will do just fine.
      Let me know how things go. Penny

  65. Thank you so much for your post. I found much comfort in your answers to all of us who have had dead birds cross our paths. I have been going thru many life changes and healing energies from my past and found it interesting that yesterday I found a dead baby bird that had fallen out of its nest overnight and this morning a juvenile robin flew into my window and breathed its last breaths in front of me. I held it in hopes of it coming to but realized it had passed. Your post helped me to realize that I need to keep going forward with changes in leaving my past behind. Please, if there are any other messages you may see with regards of the age of the birds or the fact that one was a robin please advise. Thank you!

    1. Hi Traci: As you have read and understood, it is in your highest good to “keep going forward with changes in leaving your past behind”. I can tell you this about the robin, as robins bring us messages that a new spring is coming for you (metaphorically that is). Spring is all about growth, sprouting up, bringing new life, and this is what you are being encouraged to do, grow, move forward, bring new life into your life, stretch into new areas, especially creative ones. We are co-creators of our lives and humans are most happiest when they are creating. This creation can take the form of any thing from cooking a healthy meal for our selves, growing a simple daisy, sewing a new outfit, painting – even if we are not so great at it, etc. It is the act of creating that keeps our lives filled with wonder, magic and inner peace. When we stop creating, we become stagnant, listless, moody, and very negative. The robin wants you to know that your efforts in this area will be rewarded, and bear in mind the axiom, you get out what you put into your life, it is never truer than in this case. The fact it was a young robin, reinforces this message, for a young bird is all about growing. Hope this helps.

  66. Before we opened the pool there were 2 dead squirrels then a week later 5 more plus one sparrow. Birds have been hitting my windows they don’t die just hit the windows and found 2 more dead sparrows around the pool in the past 2 days.The marriage I’m in is coming to an end and we’re moving on eventually once things are situated in finding a new place to live.. Is this why everything is dying etc?

    1. Hi Dawn: I had to research squirrels, as I channel mostly birds. Squirrels are all about finding balance in your life, especially balance between work and play. Squirrels are really playful, but they are also industrious, “squirreling” away a stash of nut for the winter. They play, they plan, and they invest in their future. We can learn a lot from observing them. As with the birds, when we find a dead animal, they are messengers come to tell us that it is time to move forward and the obstacles, problem or incident that is preventing us from moving forward has come to an end. It is important to remember, that these precious beings do not die to bring us the message, we do not cause their deaths, but when they do die, it is a sign to us when we see them. By that I mean, that we cannot prevent their deaths, but we can understand the message that they bring to us.
      As you say, the marriage is coming to an end, and the squirrels are letting you know that your life has been out of balance for quite a while. Life has not been much fun lately, but now the both of you can move forward, bring some joy back into your lives, especially if you can have a friendly parting of the ways, and can’t more balance.
      The sparrows are messengers bring you signs that it is now time for you to do what you need to do for yourself. Be sure to fulfill your responsibilities, and in doing so, you are acknowledging your inner nobility. For we all have choices in our lives, we can choose to stand still and let the world move around us and become a victim, or we can choose to accept our role in the lives we have created for ourselves, learn from them, and then move forward. This is noble, to come to understand that in any situation there are 3 sides. There is the story as told from your perspective, the story told from their perspective and the truth, which usually has a few elements from the other two sides. The world is not black and white, there is a lot of grey and other colours out there. So do what you need to do for yourself, to bring the balance, and joy back into your life, while keeping the highest good of all involved well within your view. I hope this helps.
      This part has nothing to do with the reading, but I am assuming that near or even overhead of your pool are wires, trees or fences. I ask because I have a friend who had a pool and it had the wires leading to the house from the pole passing over the pool. The squirrels would run along it and sometimes they would fall in the pool. If they fall in the pool, they cannot get out because the ledge is too high above the water, and they eventually drowned when too exhausted to swin any longer. So they started leaving a piece of Styrofoam in the pool and when the squirrels fell in, they could swin to the floating Styrofoam, get up on it, rest a bit and then when the Styrofoam floats close enough to the edge, the squirrels could jump to the pool deck. She has not found any dead squirrels in her pool since. Just a side note.

  67. Hello Penny,

    I currently have quite a few things going on in my life at the moment, but I will start with this. I found a dead bird today, kept thinking about it, so after some searching….here I am.
    I work for a communications company and went to a cell tower site. Much to my surprise when I opened up a box that our equipment is in, I found a dead bird. May not sound all that odd however, this is a metal electrical type box with NO access to any critters, especially something the size of a bird. It is so tight there aren’t any spiders, flies etc…in it.
    Allow me to back up, I lost my dad in February of 2012. I was extremely close to him, he was a wonderful man. I am the hugest skeptic, try to debunk anything that happens, yet am yearning for 100% positive proof that I will see him again, and that he is now at peace. Anyway he used to always call my sisters(4 of them) and I, his “birds”. Without delving into too much detail hopefully I can get to the question. Dad loved feeding the birds, woodpeckers, hummingbirds and loved seeing the cardinals.
    So I completed my work (albeit) perplexed, I left. It bothered me so much I turned around after approx 4 miles to go back and take pictures. Just to prove that there is no possible way for the bird to get in. However as I turned up the remote dirt road back to the tower a cardinal flew in front of me and went up the road a bit before heading back into the trees. It gave me goosebumps and I didn’t quite know what to think. I still don’t for that matter
    Reopening the box to take pictures, I happened to notice feces. So the poor thing was obviously alive for a while. Now this box isn’t big enough for a bird to fly in there, rest and not be noticed. It is maybe 24″x24″x8″deep, impossible to not be seen and impossible to get in there as I said earlier. SO that is what brought me to your site! Now for what I have going on…here you go:
    I despise my job extremely bad! Especially this past week or 2. But also having issues with my stepmom and Dad’s final wishes (that were not honored) and his requests after he was gone still yet to be fulfilled. I have a ton of resentment there. I am deploying for Afghanistan in less than a month, so with all the stresses that brings along with it. Making sure the family is all set with everything while I’m gone, hoping nothing major breaks, and just the stresses of worrying about it all being on my wife, 11yr old son and my daughter off at college and their general safety. And last but not least, my Mom has cancer for her 3rd time. This time it is incurable, however she is on her 3rd medical trial with this round of cancer and she is doing quite well at the moment. Her prognosis was 2yrs, and that was almost 2 1/2yrs ago! Nonetheless, that is a huge concern of mine. “Things” can happen quickly, and when you are thousands of miles away….god forbid I get the call!
    Sorry for the rant, but if this bird theory is true….how can one tell which “bad” circumstance is ending? This whole bird thing is just too coincidental for me to disregard.

    Thanks for your time!

    1. Dear T. my response to this is very long, it took me nearly three hours to sort it out, well all the messages, and it is also very private so I am sending it to you by private email rather than posting the response here in the blog.

  68. Hello Penny,

    I just wanted to say that I have enjoyed reading through these comments. I appreciate your insights. It’s been very comforting and empowering. I’ve been unnerved today. I am about to begin my second trimester of pregnancy. Before this pregnancy, I had a very early miscarriage. Since then, I’ve been edgy about many things. Today one of my children pointed out that there was a dead bird outside. I immediately thought of West Nile. I then went out to see it. It must’ve died very recently. A beautiful yellow warbler was lying on it’s back. I looked closely and saw it’s beak was cracked with a bit of blood. My husband said it most likely hit the window and broke it’s neck. I felt very sad and a bit anxious after seeing it. Then, today after dinner, my sons pointed out a black cat in our driveway. I was really unnerved. I looked out to see this cat standing there and look at me. I clapped my hands and chased it away. Since then I’ve been feeling like a bag of nerves wondering what this all means! I feel it must mean something, two of these weird happenings in one day, perhaps chance, but, I’m wanting to believe that it’s not some sort of bad sign. I’m looking for some insight and some peace of mind. Thank you!

    1. Firstly, thank you for sending me a photo to identify the bird, yes, it is a female American Goldfinch. You state that you have read through the comments, so you already know that seeing a dead bird is not a “bad omen” of any kind, nor is it a forerunner of someone dying. Yes, these two events do sometimes occur around the same time, but they are not inter-related in the way that most people believe they are. What I mean by that is that seeing a dead bird, or a crow, or an owl, does not cause someone to die. This is an old wives tale. If the two events occur around the same time, the message from the bird really has to do with you releasing something that has been holding your back, or something that is not in your highest good that has been impacting your life – it is a signal to move forward from here. So if say for instance someone had a loved one pass away and then saw a dead bird, the message would be that it is time to put the issues between the two of you to rest as well as the person who passed.
      How did these “old wives tales” come into being? At one time all of humankind lived in a nature based belief system, we were one with nature, and we knew instinctively what the birds, animals, plants, rocks, etc were trying to communicate to us. We did not need someone like me to interpret what was going on. Then Christianity arrived on the scene and in an effort to divert people from the nature based belief system to the fear based belief system of the various religions, they attached negative means to all of these incidents. A crow which brings us messages to expect unexpected help from unexpected places (which is a good thing), over time – because it is black and black is associated with darkness and evil in Christianity, became a messenger of death, causing people to be afraid and go into hiding when they see crows. Owls have a similar reputation, because they are birds of the night, they have become a symbol of death and evil, again, attaching fear of the dark to the qualities of the bird. But they are not only wise, but bring us a message that they are all seeing as they can turn their heads in nearly a 360 degree circle. The poor black cat also has been misinterpreted as a bad omen, simple because of its colour, black and the fear associated with black. They are all old wives tales, or what we call superstitions. By definition, superstitions are not based on actual facts:
      1. irrational belief: an irrational, but usually deep-seated belief in the magical effects of a specific action or ritual, especially in the likelihood that good or bad luck will result from performing it
      2. irrational beliefs: irrational and often quasi-religious belief in and reverence for the magical effects of some actions and rituals or the magical powers of some objects

      Please know that you are not alone in this type of questions. I get dozens of them every week from people who have been raised to believe in these superstitions and they always describe what they are feeling as a bag of nerves; on edge; anxious; afraid and/or terrified. You are not alone in your beliefs, so please don’t feel that your question was a foolish question or anything remotely like that.

      So now that we have dealt with the cause of your fear of these events, let’s have a look at what it all means for you.

      As mentioned earlier, seeing a dead bird is about some aspect of your life that has reached its natural end and that you are being encouraged to “let it go”. So I will ask you to think back to what was happening at the time that you saw the goldfinch, what was happening on an emotional level with you, physically in your lkife, etc. This is a clue to what it is that has reached its natural end.
      Since goldfinches are very vocal birds, I am willing to bet it has something to do with making yourself heard, speaking your truth, communication issues, or even setting boundries. Goldfinches also encourage increased contact with of nature. They help with endurance in transition of physical to spiritual, aid in understanding the power of your voice and your own song. Goldfinches teach the value and importance of changes, healthy family resolutions along with balance and harmony in dealing with people, and in addition, teach you to awaken to once hidden choices.
      I feel you need to speak to your husband about your fears surrounding this pregnancy, especially since the last one was a miscarriage, even if you have spoken about it, we sometimes hold back out of fear of revealing too much, or making the other person uncomfortable. Even if we are reassured by our doctors that everything is ok, and the pregnancy feels ok, on some level, in the back of our minds is that niggling little bit of fear that will not go away, no matter how hard we try to pretend it doesn’t exist and doesn’t matter. Guess what, it does. It does for you, and it does for him, and it does for your other children. I feel you are all living in a house where everyone is holding their breath waiting for the shoe to drop. This is an extremely stressful way to live. Sing your song, speak of your fears, and encourage others in the family to do the same, that way they can be addressed and resolutions for them found.
      The male goldfinch looks after the female while she is incubating the eggs, bringing her food and feeding her. She gets tender looking care from her mate while awaiting the hatching of the eggs, are you getting the tender loving care that you need from your family, if not, sing your song – speak up. You are being encouraged to not feel guilty asking for what you need right now. This little bird is all about communication, and her message to you is the stop being silent about your needs, especially during this nesting period.
      Hope this helps.

  69. Hi Penny,

    I should clarify. It was not a yellow warbler. It was a brownish bird with a beautiful yellow belly.

    Thank you!

    1. Hi N. I am hoping you took a photo of the bird, if you did can you send it to me at pathwayconnections@hotmail.com. There are many, many birds that are brownish with a yellow belly. I do not know where you live so I cannot even narrow it down based on location. I get requests from all over the world, so when you consider all the brown and yellow birds out there, we could be talking about 100s of different species. If you did not take a photo, perhaps you could google “images brown and yellow birds” and see if you can find it there and then let me know what kind it was. If it turns out that the answer is no to both of these options, let me know and I will do the best that I can with the information you have given me.

  70. Penny, thank you for an incredibly accurate and insightful phone reading. The messages were given to me with compassion, thoughtfulness and integrity. You are a wise, highly advanced intuitive and an intelligent and valuable teacher. I am truly grateful that you are available. Many blessings and light.

  71. Hello Penny,

    Today around 2:20 AM i was taking a walk because i couldn’t sleep and i saw on the road a dead black/white bird with a black/grey beak. I think it might be a young seagull. I saw feathers meters away from the body so i think the bus that just passed me 15 min earlier might have been the cause. The body was fresh and it’s intestines were bright red.

    I didn’t see anyone here mentioning a seagull so i was wondering if you know whata dead seagull represents?

    1. Hi, you are absolutely correct. Between the posts on the blog and the private email questions, coming to nearly 450 inquiries, you are the first to ask about a seagull. Most are crows, robins, sparrows, and pigeons, with a lot of others tossed in there for good measure.
      As you know seagulls can be quite noisy. When we have noisy birds, they are almost always bringing us messages around the topic of communication, encouraging us to either learn to speak our truth (be like them and sing our song), or encouraging us to watch what we say and how we say it. Words are very powerful. They have the ability to heal or cause pain, and often the results of our words are misinterpreted and we cause others pain without any intention of doing so. Caution should be used to not force or argue your way into anything, for when we are “pushy” to get what we want, what we don’t realize is that by pushing, we are pushing what we want further away. Instead we need to be attracting it, letting it be naturally drawn to us. Push or attract, the choice is always ours. I feel this describes your current situation and you know exactly what it is to which I am referring.
      Gulls are also graceful, light and buoyant, soaring and gliding. They are both controlled and elegant at the same time. This gull is reminding you that there is a benevolent force of energy available to guide your life. This force of energy always has your best interest and highest good as a goal. Another name for this energy is GRACE and when you open yourself to its influence, just like the gull, you will see indicators on our path leading you in the right direction. Once you start to soar like the gull, you will have a new perspective. While they are adaptable, gulls are also very sensitive to disturbances around them. So are you, and these disturbances cause stress in your life and are also distracting you from your path. If you are feeling a sense of “being lost” this is the cause of it. Like the gull, take shelter in the stormy periods of your life, and be sure to look at things from that new perspective that I spoke of. This will lead you back in the right direction.

  72. Wow!!!Now I know what that means. My daughter was letting out the dog and noticed that there was a dead bird in our dogs drinking water. So I go out to see it and of course clean up the mess. I was recently told by a Psyic that my life will began a new chapter. I’ve been emotionally stressed out with finiance etc.., and I almost got involved with a man that was not good for me. This corresponds to every thing that she said would happend, a new start, new chapter filled with many, many positive things including a new and very good man intering my life. So the dead bird was the binding tie. Thank you so much!!!

  73. Hi Penny

    Thank you so much for your post and your kind response to each of our queries. I feel very relieved knowing seeing dead birds means it’s time of a natural end of something holding me back. I just graduated University in 2011, I am 24 years old. I have been struggling with my job for more than a year now. My boss has been taking advantages of me without giving me much credits. I know it is a sign from the Universe that I have to move on and follow my own career aspirations. I have been setting goals and preparing to leave this job and start my own career plans. I just wanted to tell you my incidences of seeing dead birds, it would be great if you can help me if there is any other messages from the Universe for me.

    I have seen dead birds three times in the last 3 months. They are small black urban birds, the ones that we normally see on electrical wires in the city. The first time I saw a dead bird was in April. It was in my backyard. It was the morning before I went to work, I went out the backyard to throw the garbage in the bin and I saw the little one lying close to the fence, I buried it in my flower bed. About 3 weeks later, when I was leaving home and was walking to catch the bus, I suddenly remembered that I forgot my wallet so I quickly walked back. Then I saw a dead little one lying on the pavement, I took a plastic bag from my bag to carry the bird home and buried in the the same flower bed like last time. I saw the third dead bird today when I walked home from the bus stop, soon after I just crossed the street I saw a little one lying there next to the pavement. Again, it just happened that I have a spare plastic bag in my bag so I took it out, put the dead bird in, carried it home and buried it the same flower bed again.

    What does it mean that it happens to me three times like that Penny? I feel like every time there is a call inside me to carry the bird home and burry it in my flower bed in the backyard. I feel some kind of connections to them.

    Thank you Penny

    1. Hi Chloe: sorry to be so long getting back to you, I have started a new job with 12 hour shifts and it is not leaving me much time to respond to bird questions. Thank you for your patience.
      These birds, although you have not told me the species, I feel they are starlings. It happened three times, just to make sure that they got your attention. Starlings are not native to North America, having arrived here centuries ago on ships from England where they are native. They are very chatty birds, and have the ability to mimic other birds. Often I hear them outside my office and think that a robin is trying to get my attention, and when I look up it is a starling sitting on my porch railing singing at me. The message they bring is focused on communication issues. In particular, paying attention to what you say, how you say it and to whom you say it. It is directly related to your work place issues.
      You are correct, it is time for you to leave this job and move on, however, use caution when doing so. A supervisor who takes advantage of a young, inexperienced employee will not thank you for bringing attention to that fact and could cost you possible employment in the future if you burn this bridge and do not secure a good reference. So choose your words carefully when leaving and while preparing to leave.

  74. I recently found a dead bird (young female cardinal) laying sideways with its eye open facing me. Does this have any meaning?

    1. Hi Isabel, sorry to be so long getting back to you. I just started a new job with 12 hours shifts and my time to respond to these questions is becoming limited. Thank you for sending me a question.
      A dead cardinal is a message that there is no need to be afraid to show compassion, love and kindness to others. It is not a sign of weakness as some will tell you, but rather a sign of strength and courage. I am sensing that there is someone in your life that needs your compassion right now, your lovingkindness, your strength, your courage. Look around and you will see them as surely as the sun that comes up each morning. They need these qualities from you but are afraid to ask for them, so be creative in how you demonstrate these to them, so that they can accept the gift of love, compassion, understanding and forgiveness that you will be offering them. I am being told, that you know who the person is. Fight your own fear of rejection and offer the gift, it will be accepted.

  75. Thank you for you interpretations. In 3 days I have found three dead robins & watched one robin (which must have been ill) get attacked by my dog & shortly later passed. The first Robin was at the entrance of the enclosure of my ill neighbors blueberry bushes, yesterday morning. Laying on its side. There were two other live Robins trapped & I helped guide them out of the pen. (I tend to frequently see birds & most things in my life occur in 3s). Today I first saw the bird my one dog attacked which was still alive and roughly 3 feet away from it was one that died earlier that day. It too laying on its left side, this time feet were tucked tightly in towards the body. Next while I was walking my other dog on the school grounds (siting many geese & ducks) there was another dead robin, on its left side, that my dog helped me find. I saw a spiritual guide a few years back & she told me that the universe speaks to me through bird sitings. I always notice hawks flying or perched as well as have seen an owl during the day and heard one at night one time when my husband and I were making a very important & difficult decision. She told me to note how many birds were seen & what I’m thinking at that time…however I haven’t been able to make a sound coalition. But reading your posts does make me realize the universe/God/spirit guides etc are speaking to me. I feel very loss lately, like I’m missing something in my life, my days are just passing by. My husband and I have been having serious talks about choosing to have children or not & it’s such an unclear decision for us. We are scared to go for it; yet fear we will have regrets if we don’t. Another stress in my life is applying for a supervisor job in my current department that could help us financially but could burden me with stress & less personal time. Sigh. The universe is speaking loudly with these passed robins but I’m not too sure how to interpret it.
    Thank you again for sharing your insite with all of us.
    Peace love and joy

    1. Hi, boy oh boy, you have a lot going on. I think your spiritual guide forgot to mention that you too are a bird whisper, that is why so many come to you, so you can take their messages to people. These birds have a lot of messages for you, and your past spiritual guide was correct in directing you to pay attention to what you are seeing, thinking, feeling and or doing at the time of these bird sightings, as that will lead you to your interpretation. I will deal with the birds one at a time and then try to tie them all in together at the end.
      First, the robin – they are all about creation – trusting in the creative process and your own creativity, expanding and stretching into new areas, so you are being encouraged to let go of that which no longer serves a purpose in your life- ridding yourself of stagnant energy, and set new goals and intentions for the year to come.
      Geese are messengers encouraging the following of a quest. This is why you are feeling as if life is passing you by. The stagnant energy you are holding onto out of fear of the unknown has you frozen in time and unable to be open to new wonders and possibilities, keeping new adventures at bay, just out of reach. This is where the goal setting is going to come in. Identify these new adventures, remove the stagnant energy and forge forward into the unknown. While doing this, please remember to express gratitude for all the good fortune you have, including the guidance that you are receiving from your ancestral guides. You are receiving messages from them, so be on the watch out for signs and messages that this is happening.

      Ducks – ah ha, here is the fertility message. They are all about fertility, both metaphorically and literally. They are a sign that the time for turmoil is passed and that you have made your decision, whether you are aware of it or not. If you want it, you can now manifest it. Do whatever is necessary to reconcile your emotions on this issue – you must do the work, recognize the emotion, experience it rather than pushing it aside or pretending it does not exist, acknowledge it, accept it, and deal with it – come to terms with your emotions the subject of fertility. You know the answer. Don’t be afraid to face it. P.S. your husband is feeling the same way, don’t be afraid that he isn’t.
      Hawks come to us to let us know that we need new perspectives on situations. They fly high and can get some distance from any situation, seeing it clearly from there. Step away, get some perspective, stop over analysing and getting caught up in too many details. You are creating a forest so you can’t see the tree. Eliminate distractions, stay on focus – remember the robin who told you to set goals and intentions, stay focused. The distractions are a means of keeping you from making a decision, they are fear generated and will derail you if you let them. The hawk is also telling you to watch for the signs that will indicate you have made your decision – the signs will be clear. So clear actually, that they will feel like a 2 X 4 smacking you on the side of the head. The only way you will be able to miss them is to choose to ignore them.
      The owl is also telling you to watch for the signs. You are seeing them, you are choosing to ignore them. You are being encouraged to step into your life. We are co-creators of our lives and right now is a particularly creative time for you so seeing an owl in the day time is a huge message “what are you waiting for”. Your intuition is strong, the guidance you are receiving is there to assist you. All these birds want you to know that your intuition is 100% correct, 100% of the time. It is always, always, always right and is never, ever wrong. What are you waiting for. If you are feeling as if your life is passing you by, it is because it is while you are stuck in a place of frozen fear, step out into your life, and create it to be as you want it to be. It is your choice. Go beyond your comfort zone and grab it. It is yours for the taking.

  76. Hi Penny,

    I am trying to understand this and need your help. A bird (not sure what type it is) hit my sister’s window at her place of employment on Friday. She was not able to locate the bird afterwards. The following Monday, the same thing happened again. This time she was able to locate the bird and took a picture of it. It was a sparrow. A few days following this incident my sister is now ill. What are the chances that a bird hits her window twice in a matter of days ? Her place of employment is not a highrise building. It’s a 2 story mansion turned office building. Birds are not known to hit the windows there, especially twice like that. She’s worked there for 2 years and this is the first time that’s happened. Could something be wrong ? Thank you.

    1. Hi Mai, sorry to be so long getting back to you, I have started a new job with 12 hours shifts and that is not leaving me much time to answer the more than a dozen questions I get each day. So I am back logged.
      Firstly, thank you for sending in your question. Secondly, if I read between the lines, I think you are asking is there is a correlation between the birds hitting the windows and your sister being ill. There are a lot of reasons why the birds have suddenly starting hitting her work place window, and one of them might be that perhaps they are cleaner than they have ever been. Often birds will hit windows that are clean; or reflective; or windows that are opposite one another causing the bird to think it is a clear pathway rather than a barrier. Having said that, birds are messengers and birds hitting windows are really trying to get our attention. Interesting that the bird was a sparrow as one of the messages they bring is about obstacles that will be passing out of view, and yet it hit a window. So I am actually going to interpret this as a message about revealing hidden obstacles, or obstacles that are present but that she is not aware of that are suddenly coming into play in her life.
      I feel that she is being put on notice that she has to take better care of her health, or it will be an obstacle to doing what she wants with her life. Another message from the sparrow is about doing what needs to be done for yourself. Being aware of potential health issues and taking pro-active, preventative measures to ensure her health is very important right now, ie, annual check ups that we all hate to have done, paying attention to the messages her body is sending her, not ignoring what may be warning signs, etc. Take care of your health right now is the message. If she does not like the outcome of one doctor, follow it up with another. Knowledge is power. Do what she needs to do to be a well informed patient. Do not put your health care blindly into the hands of others.
      I do not feel there is anything to be alarmed about, so please do not interpret the interpretation as some life threatening event on the horizon, it is just good practice to take control of your own health care and so often people blindly accept the word of doctor as some sort of “god” who is never wrong.

  77. Hi i have read your page and I am wondering if the same applies to my findings this morning..I found to baby birds still in the shells on my van and drive way..This has sadden me greatly to see life cut so short and am wondering if it is a bad omen as you speak of finding grown birds not babies that are not even hatched from their shells.

    1. Hi Lucy, the message is essentially the same, however baby birds are sent because for some reason you were missing messages that were sent to you before. Humans have a strong maternal instinct and when we see babies who lives have been “cut so short”, we have a tendency to sit up and take more notice of things happening around us.

  78. Hi Penny,

    Thank you for your interpretations. The other day, me, my father and my sister had gone to the Catholic Church to attend Mass. After the Mass, we usually kneel and pray to the Divine statue of amother Mary which is just outside the building. So while we were kneeling, an injured bird (dove) came fluttering from somewhere, brushed past me and came to a halt in front of my sister’s knees. So when my sister finished praying, she opened her eyes and noticed the bird. It seemed injured so we picked her up and put it on a ledge and tried to give it water. But it seemed very scared so we dint want to leave it alone and brought it home.

    The first day she was not eating and drinking much. But we tried to feed her and from te next she has started to eat and drink. Also want to let you know that the day this incident happened, it was my grandmother’s second death anniversary. So just wanted to ask you if this could be a sign for something?

    The bird is still with us and seems to be recovering though she still cant fly.

    Thank you very much,

    1. Hi Rohitas: This is indeed a sign. It is also important that the dove, although injured, has chosen to stay with you while healing. This gives you a chance to express your love, compassion and caring in small yet significant ways. This dove was sent to you by your grandmother. She loved you all very much and sent it to show you how much she still cares for you all. In caring for the bird, you are in a way, caring for your grandmother and her spirit. She has made a smooth transition to the spirit realm and wants you to know that it is as equally important that you nurture yourself with the same loving care that you nurture the dove with.
      Doves are also a sign of spiritual renewal and this bird is an acknowledgement that this is a time of intense self-examination which will result in a significant growth in your spiritual evolution. Just as you shower this beautiful bird with love, compassion, kindness and healing care, shower yourself with it as well. Be as gentle with yourself as you are with the dove. She has much to teach you on this subject. This is her gift to you.

  79. Hello Penny,

    One of our vehicles would not start this morning, so I had to give my spouse a ride to work. On my way back home after picking him up from work, there was a turtle dove in the middle of the road. I thought it would stay there and it would be safe to proceed, I slowed my speed the bird turned its head and looked at me, as I past over it, the bird must have frieghtend and unfortunately I ran over it. This is very upsetting, I love all creatures. Please give me some insight.

  80. Thanks for posting this info. This is the second time I’ve found a dead bird in front of my house. I’ve been reading everywhere that it means death to a family member. I feel really anxious and scared. I hope nothing bad is coming my way.

  81. I have been looking at houses with my wife this week and we stumbled across a great opportunity ,although it needs a lot of work as it is pretty dated to say the least. We have been talking about upgrading from our 3bed semi for sum time but haven’t got around to looking due to raising our 22 month daughter. Any way I popped back to have another outside viewing with a good friend of mine today and there in front of, or near the thresh hold was a dead starling on its back and close if not in its mouth/beak was a beautiful flower. This was so bizarre that I wish I had taken a picture. Reading some of the posts above has opened my curiosity. Could you or anyone elaborate or please explain what this could mean once again.

  82. If dead birds mean an end to something resulting in the beginning of something new is it possible that seeing dead birds in different stages can bring bad news, worse news then news that things are about to turn around? Does it work like a 3 times a charm? I was in a relationship, we both love eachother very much but we drifted apart, there was a confusing period where he strayed. We are seperate but still have such big feelings for eachother. Birds 1 & 2 were an affair & a break up. Now that were broke up I am lost. Can bird 3 be telling me my heartbreak will soon be over & I will begin anew with this man I love & miss so much? Its all I want, can bird 3 be the silver lining? I feel in my heart we will be together again, I just need another opinion.

  83. Hi Penny,

    I so appreciate your blog and the fact that you provide people so much comfort and knowledge with your gift. I found the blog as others have by searching for the meaning of dead birds appearing at my home. I think I’ve been sent messages through birds for the last few years (white pelicans, hawks, and others), but they have been live birds. On about March 13 (my father’s birthday) a sharp-shinned hawk hit the side of my house and died on the patio. A couple of months later I found a female robin dead about six feet away under an evergreen tree. A couple of weeks afterward, I started watering a pot of flowers near my front porch and was startled to see a female house finch in the pot. She was alive and sitting in the pot with her head poking through the flowers. I stopped watering and she stayed there most of the day and was gone when I checked the following morning. About two weeks later I found a baby robin dead on the driveway as I was returning to my house. Two weeks later I discovered another female robin dead in my patio area.

    In between the hawk and the first robin I received word that my former husband had passed away. We hadn’t had any contact for about 20 years, so I don’t know if his passing is related to the dead birds. I’ve been making changes in my life lately to try to carve out time to work on sewing projects – maybe that’s what the robins have been about? Any insight you can provide will be greatly appreciated! I’ve never had this happen before and I know there is a message here for me.

    Thank you and many blessings to you!

  84. Hi Penny: So glad that I found this site! A few mornings ago, just after filling my bird feeders in my small backyard garden, I sat down to work on my gratitude journal. I always feel close to spirit when I sit in this garden. Within just a few minutes, I glanced up at the feeder as I always do, to watch the birds. I saw a large bird dangling dead from my beautiful ornate wire bird feeder that had just been filled as the smaller birds continued feeding at the feeder. The feeder hangs just a few feet off the ground. The bird’s neck had been trapped and he hung himself. At first thought, I perceived it to be a mourning dove, but now I really think it was a pigeon, as the pairs of doves have continued to visit, but the pigeons not so much. The larger birds always gathered on the ground waiting for seed to drop but never tried to actually feed at the feeder itself. I was so distraught and wanted to remove the bird quickly before any one else had to see this disturbing sight. I cannot shake the vision of this poor creature hanging itself in my lush and peaceful garden. I apologized to the bird as I removed it and then stood in my yard sobbing for quite some time. I don’t know how it happened with me so close by. I feel quite certain that it must mean something. Just writing this gives me a sick feeling in my stomach. Thank you so much for your help with this. Karis

  85. Hi Penny
    I’m hoping you can explain something that happened the other day, my wife and I have been looking at houses to buy, possibly keeping our current 3bed semi and then upgrading and renting our current house out. We fou d a house the other day and it seemed to newer all our dreams although it wuold require a lot of work as it is dated to sy the least. It woul puh us finavislly for he short term till we rented house out too. Any way I took a drive down to the house in question with a friend of mine last Saturday just to have an outside visual and a second opinion. Being aPolite and an honest person I thought it would nice just to knock the door and ask permission to have another look at the garden and the rear of the house although it did look as if nobody was home. As I approached the front door I was presented with a dead starling on its back! but as bizarre as it sounds it had, if not i it’s beak/mouth a beautiful flower. It was so strange I was thinking of taking a photo of it. It did really stop me in my tracks. Although ths was a picture of death there was something truley beautiful about this moment. Old you please explain and elaborate.
    Thank you. Julian.

  86. Today I went with my aunt to do a house cleaning. She cleans houses that are up for sale & keeps them nice & neat until people by them. Well anyway the last time we went we put a padlock on the door of the garage, its like a house door, and we are the only ones with a key. Well when we went there this time the lock was unlocked & when we went inside we saw 7 black birds around the garage in a perfect square, dead, and they were equal lengths apart from each other. It was creepy! We locked the door again & left to leave. I was wondering what this could mean. The lock was not damaged and neither was the door it was just perfectly unlocked. Even the padlock was made especially for us & we have a code box that we put the key in.
    Thanks Jesica

  87. Penny, I have concluded that the bird must have been an mourning dove. A pigeons head would be too large to have become trapped. As you can tell, I am still thinking about it! Karis

  88. Hi penny…
    I came across your webpages when in search of a weird situation in my condo complex. Last week a friend and neighbor found two dead birds. Two days later my husband and I found an injured bird which later died. Today my friend and neighbor informed me that there were five more dead birds all within our complex. I did read the post and while I think my dead bird was a symbol of financial issues coming to an end, my husband got a raise at work today, I am concerned about the other seven. The friend is suffering from some illnesses as are her dog and family. We don’t want to look to much into this but do you think you may have an answer? I should mention all of them have died with neck issues. Thanks

  89. Hi Penny,

    It is with interest I have been reading these questions about the birds. I myself went into garden last evening and found the perfect remains of a dead black bird. It was so strange, the tiny skull and the feathers all in place, this was at the back of my house under the lounge window, there is covered gareden equipment and the poor thing was just laid on the top.I felt such sadness on seeing it. Within the last few months I have been caring for my darling mum who was taken suddenly ill. She is doing better now and out of hospital and at her home. I also have had to go back to hospital last week after a routine breast screening, I have had two more mammorgrams and due to go in hospital for a biopsy next week.Please could you tell me if this dead bird is a sign?

    Thank you so much x

  90. I am by no means religious (I grew up Catholic and grew away from the church), however I have been dealing with a lot of stress and unfortunate hardship in my life, one of my professors in school is very intolerable, money hasn’t been amazing at the moment and I was involved in a hit and run accident while I was biking. Basically my life has been filled with unneeded stress, and for some reason I kept thinking that all of these things were the most important things that will influence me forever. However recently while biking around, I have seen dead birds on the road, way more than I am used to seeing and at first I saw this as an omen for my own death, as I nairly avoided death last Wednesday in that accident, but it’s comforting to find out that these are just a sign that my unneeded stresses will die and end from my life, it really has given me the clarity and comfort I needed right now.

  91. Hi Penny,

    I usually do not think anything is a ‘sign’; however, a few weeks ago I found 2 baby birds dead in my yard. As they were under the giant spruce tree I just figured they must have fallen out of there nest. But then today when I got home I notice feathers and upon further inspection it was a pair of bird wings, no body. The wings still have the scapula of the bird attached and looks almost like they were ripped out of the bird. But what disturbed me most is how they were laid to rest … They almost look like tiny angel wings spread. I don’t know if it mean anything or if the neighborhood cat is a great hunter …

  92. Hi Peggy,

    I posted a question back on April 25, 2013. I had
    Asked you about seeing dead robins. After your reply, I had an unexpected and unplanned opportunity
    To start a new career in a creative industry, which I did. Today, I had to take an exam
    To obtain a license in order to perform my job. I have dedicated several hundred hours over the
    Past three months studying. I passed my exam and on the way out of the building, (since it was Saturday there was only one door open to the office building where I took the test. I exited the same way I came in and right outside the door was a dead hummingbird. She was green and white in color. I was wondering what the humming bird symbolizes. I have not seen any dead birds since I last wrote you. Thank you for your help and I look forward to your thoughts!

  93. Epic #autotype name failure above! My apologies, Penny! Sometimes typing on my phone creates more problems than it’s worth!!!

  94. This spring a pair of crows decided to settle down and make a family in my front yard. At times it was annoying as they would get loud and have get togethers with other crows. “LOUD”

    They finally had a baby crow. One I think. So when baby was ready they got it out of the nest and taught it the language. Only it was off key, was kinda funny. Anyways we let them be and finally they disappeared.

    Well today I let my St.Benard out the back door and there were a BUNCH of crows going crazy in my back trees. Then one at a time they would fly towards me and fly back. I got currious so I walked back to where they were and found a dead crow in my back yard. They were trying to show me I know it!!

    I hope your assumption is correct as I’ve been fighting some health issues as well as financial concerns. Yesterday I went back to my original primary physician and came up with a new plan of attack to my issues. God I hope your right. My family and I are due for some good news :)

    Peace to all and make it a day to remember!

  95. Living in this same house for 8 years without this occurring. Have had feathers left at odd locations which I did believe had a spiritual meaning. Within a week period first a hummingbird and now a female cardinal found dead at my back door… Both while I was home. Do these birds have a special meaning? Thank you.

  96. Hi Peggy,

    I’m so glad I found your blog, I really wanted to know what it could possibly mean seeing a dead black bird.
    I have a picture of the bird I’m not sure how to upload it though, it was around 10 at night that I got off of work and walked to my car , I typically park in the same spot but I switched it up today, as i pull out to leave I see something black in the bush, so as my instinct i turned around my car and stopped it. It was a dead black bird laying peacefully on the bush. Everyone that I’ve told this too so far says its a bad omen. I’m really hoping its not, I’m quite religious. Please get back to me. I’m so interested in your opinion. Thank you ,


  97. My husband and I were standing in our kitchen this morning and a bird flew into our window. I felt so bad it couldn’t move one wing and kept opening and closing its mouth. My husband went out lifted it up to help it fly but it just fell on the grass. Just wondering what your thoughts were on this. Also not sure if there’s a correlation but we have an annoying gofer that my dog barks at every morning and right before the bird incident I asked my husband what he thought the symbolism of the annoying gofer was :). Thank you for your wisdom!

  98. Hi Penny,

    A few moments ago I was in my backyard and a Yellow Warbler dropped down in front of me. I stood there and looked into its eyes as it took its last breath. I didn’t know what to do after that because it was such an intense experience that was so unexpected. My first thought was “there is a meaning”, but it didn’t seem clear. After I composed myself, I found your website and here I am. I look forward to any insights.

    Thank you for being a resource for understanding.



  99. Hello Penny,

    I am so happy to hear your explanation of seeing dead birds. Something similar has happened to me just yesterday but there is a difference.
    Very early yesterday morning I was walking my dog and was just passing a house when something hit the window almost right next to me. When I stopped to look I noticed it was a bird. I picked it up as it was still moving and
    I thought maybe it was just stunned. It lived for another few minutes and then died in my hands.
    That really upset me because I have an enormous love of all animals and really take to heart any that suffer.
    Almost exactly 12 hours later my husband and I were walking our dogs and he noticed a bird on the sidewalk and it was moving but was obviously hurt. Again I picked it up and brought it back to our house because it looked like this one had a much better chance of survival. Many minutes later it too died in my hands.
    At this point I’m already understanding that it is a message but with there being two in one day and both of them dying in my hands, I’m a little freaked out at the severity of it all.
    Could you help to spread some light on this for me? No matter what the meaning it always helps me to know if there was a purpose.

    1. By the way, both birds were lying on their belly with their heads almost tucked into their chest.
      The first bird was a Warbling Vireo or a Willow Flycatcher. The second one was similar looking but I’m having trouble identifying it.

  100. Hello Dear Penny,

    Thank you so much for your beautiful, positive interpretations of dead birds. You were so helpful to Guy and me this morn when we found an exquisite little female cardinal that we had been enjoying at the feeder dead on the daybed outside of our window.

    Thank you for being devoted to making life better for people and please take care of yourself and your bod(ies) during those 12 hour shifts.

    Love no end,


  101. Hi Penny,
    My 2 girls and I went for a walk yesterday and saw a dead blue Jay. My girls were saddened to see a dead bird. We continued on to go feed the ducks and when we got there we noticed a dead seagulls in the murky pond at the golf course. I am wondering if there is any meaning to seeing 2 dead birds in less than half an hour.

    Thank you,

  102. Hi Peggy,
    I am glad to have found your site today. I had an experience on my last day of work in oct of 2001 of a dead owl in front of my work place door. I had been working as a contract archaeologist and it had become a situation that I needed to leave the organization that I had been working for. Owl dreams had occurred in the year leading up to finding this beautiful bird. I literally had to step over it to get inside and I buied it on a Little wooded hill. So fast forward in a nutshell I left archaeology and was happy in the new job for many years, I had to leave due to a family situation but maintained ties there. I have been working for almost a year at a new job where I am not valued and its not good for me and it is infested eith cockroaches abd i am allergic to them. One day last week I went into work and a dead beautiful little light green finch? Sparrow? Was lying outside the door of the workplace where I am unhappy. The next day I received a job offer to come back to the job where I had been happy and people valued me. My question is what is the specific differences of an owl message versus a small song bird and I have never seen a light green one before. Wondering what the significance can be? Thank you!

  103. Hi Peggy,

    I just wanted to add that I found an image of the green bird that had died and was outside my workplace door. It’s a Flycatcher.
    Thank you for your insight. I have really enjoyed reading them on this site!

  104. Hello,

    Yesterday I noticed a little green bird outside my job and today my coworker found the little bird dead in front of the door before I went on break and when I returned from break one of our patients called to our attention that there were three identical dead birds lying in front of the office. Weird.

  105. Hi Penny,
    Congratulations on your job! I hope you are doing well. :) On 7/2/12, I picked your brain on seeing dead birds. Thank you for your insight! Now (if I may), I want to pick your brain on turtles. Recently, I had a dream with turtles. In my dream, my brother paid me back for money he owed. I went to a drawer to put the money away and noticed a tupperware. I opened it and saw 3 turtles swimming in the water. I also saw a dead turtle in the tupperware. I placed the lid back on and stored it back in the drawer. I found my mother to inform of the latest finding who suspected the turtles were in the drawer for months. As I thought about the situation in depth, all the turtles should have died due to lack of oxygen and food. I went back to the drawer, opened the tupperware, and confirmed there were 3 swimming turtles and 1 dead turtle. As I observed them closer, I realized that the 3 turtles survived by feeding off the dead one. I removed the dead turtle from the tupperware and tossed it on the floor where I noticed that it still had a bit of life since it started to crawl. Then I went to locate a sizable bowl as the new home for the 3 surviving turtles. I started cleaning the turtles one by one.

    Penny, I recognize that this is a bizarre dream. No worries if you cannot interpret it. I simply wanted to see if you would have any feedback on the dream, turtles, etc. Thank you for reading this post!

  106. Hi Penny,

    I saw a series of dead goldfinches over a few day period. I was walking in every instance. I saw the first bird and it had clearly just died. Then a few days later I saw a second and then a few days later I saw a third. As I saw the birds I thought what a waste of something so beautiful and it seemed wrong that they had died. I especially admired how the feathers were so beautiful and soft. I have never seen a dead goldfinch in my life…and I’m not sure that I have really noticed any live ones having lived in a city most of my adult life. To see three is so unusual as to be exceptional. I even checked to see if Chicago had a rash of dead birds. That googling led me to your site. I have read that dead birds generally mean the death of something that needs to be released. I did not feel positive but shocked when I saw each one of these birds. And dismayed might be a better word.

    Any guidance you can provide would be helpful.
    With love and light.

  107. Friday night on my belated Dad’s birthday (he died in March of this year) I returned home at 11:45 pm to find a bird had pooped all over my house, a Startling, and eventually I found it dead on my bedroom floor. Sunday I found another dead in my bedroom in a drawer that had an opening at the top of it large enough for the bird to get in. Any thoughts has to the meaning that this occurred on his birthday??

  108. Penny, hello –
    My fiancé and I were raking leaves this morning when he noticed a bird lying in our yard. It was moving a little and looked as if it were dazed. When my fiancé got closer to check on it the bird tried to fly away but couldn’t. I suggested we back away and give her space, thinking she flew into the window and dazed herself, hoping she would shake it off and fly away. We sat waiting and watching, keeping guard so no animals would bother her while she rested. After a few minutes more, she fluttered and turned onto her back. We watched as she stretched out and took her last breath.
    This was very sad for me. While watching her and wondering if she would pass I kept thinking of the two back to back early miscarriages we had this year. Seeing her pass brought tears to my eyes.
    I searched online and found the bird is a starling. I keep saying her but I’m not sure. I searched for the meaning of watching a bird die and found you here. After reading the majority of the posts here I think that this is the universe telling me to let go of my fear of pregnancy loss. We are undergoing fertility treatments and have had recurrent loss testing on both losses and genetic testing on ourselves. The doctors cannot find a medical reason for our losses and we are scheduled for a frozen embryo transfer at the end of the month.
    I believe, after reading here, that the message for us is to move forward without fear from our recent losses an to embrace our next pregnancy without the burden of worrying that we will face another loss. Please let me know if you think there is a deeper or different message based on they type of bird or the fact that we were with her when she passed on. Thank you.

  109. Hi Penny,
    First off, thank you for this site! Like everyone else, I wondered if it meant something bad when I saw the dead bird, and I’m on a metaphysical path – you’d think I’d know better! So I’m glad you were here to say it’s actually a positive omen of change in our lives and a release.

    I found a dead bird this morning that looked as though it died of natural causes, just dropped down right in front of my apartment door. It was lying on its back as though it had been posed that way. I didn’t get a picture (and the apartment people have probably removed it by now because they try to keep the walkways cleared) but it looks almost just like this bird. Fairly certain it’s a warbler. It was a bit thinner and paler blue in the back, but otherwise exactly like this picture.


    If this is some kind of a sign, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Thanks in advance and also for putting up this site! Blessings to you!

  110. Penny, I’m glad I found your blog. My son and I found a dead bird in the car, looked like it had flown into the open window on the drivers side and then into the closed window on the passengers side. The poor thing was lying dead on the passenger seat. I believe it was some type of Thrush. It was even stranger to me because directly before going out to the car I was looking up birds, trying to see what type of birds would be eating the poisonous yew berries out front. Which is actually how I came up with believing it to be a Thrush of some variety. The window it hit into had a glob of the digested berries smudged on it.

  111. This has been the weirdest week (the following things have happened in the last three days). . . First, I saw an “orb” fly across my living room one night (in a contained space) . . . just like a small shooting star and disappear; Second, a green frog sat next to me on an adjacent chair on my back deck for several hours (he would not budge until he had a sever diarrhea problem and hopped off); Third, a black snake was trying to enter my house at the roof level (maybe hunting green frog dinner?); Fourth, I found a dead seagull in my back yard this morning; Fifth, as I was disposing of the bird found a large concrete angel statue (grave marker for a pet) had been turned to the left of it’s original position. My yard is totally enclosed by a six foot fence and it would have been extremely difficult for a person to have done these things. I’m at a loss as to what is going on. Upon reading up the frog and snake appear to be good luck signs; now this site says a dead bird is a sign of the death of “things” and change (relief); can’t figure out the orb or angel statue. It’s like the universe is trying to tell me something. Any idea folks . . . it’s all a little disconcerting. Any opinions?

  112. I was on my way into a meeting when I came across a dead sparrow. Then when I was leaving my meeting to go home I happen to cross the same dead sparrow. I paused both times. I have a very sick spouse who is in denial of his illness.

  113. Hi penny, I found a dead pigeon on the sun roof part of my car. What does this mean. Does it mean anything different since it was on my car?

  114. Hi Penny, I found your blog really comforting. I have lived in my home for 3 years and in the past 6 months i have seen 5 birds die on my deck. 3 were brown with yellow bellies(they died on 3 different days)and just a few minutes ago I was sitting on my deck and 2 humming birds ran into the glass on my deck. The other 3 did as well, but one humming bird fell at my feet and the other in an ashtray on my table. I am so freaked out. so many animals have met their death in my backyard that my family jokingly calls my yard the “pet cemetary.” Could these birds be signs? Why all of a sudden are the birds dying when I have not seen anything like this in the previous 2 1/2 years?

  115. Last night, i heard a distress call that I wish I would have gooten out of bed to check on. As this morning feathers were all over the yard. Once I rounded the corner , on the walking stones, there was the carcass of a black bird ripped to shreds. Even the heart was torn and ripped. I heard that bird. It sounded like a rooster or chicken in the night really struggling. I was very shaken to see the violence and know that is what I was hearing.
    What do I take from this?

  116. Hi Penny,
    Just wanted to say, Thank you. You are such a good person to share yourself with us. Just wanted to say that….

    I read all you facebook posts and now your twitter posts, and also now I will read your blog.

    You are such a peaceful person and your advice and help in my past has put me in a better place. Thank you again for being YOU…

    xox your friend from Belleisle Creek, NB, Ghislaine

  117. Hi there.
    This morning I had 2 medow pipers lying outside my front door. They did not look well. And it was rather chilly, so I brought them inside. The one that was worse for the wear, gave a little squeek and died in my hands. The other one I kept a little warm and gave it a flow of life force, it perked up. I sent my hubbi out for worm and seeds , which the bird did not want, it got rather frisky and energetic. I took it outside my front door , where I found it , it hopped twice, and happily flew away giving a chirp. So while it was sad the one died, it had a bitter sweet ending with the other lil one recovering. This would not be the first time I have found unwell / dying birds right outside my front door that I have taken in and attempted to help recover, but sadly not as successful as this lil one. Any thoughts on this?
    Thank you
    Lynn Kelly

  118. I have a daughter that is sick and we are being giving a gift of help to move , we went to look at the house and found that there was a dead bird on the floor in one of the bedrooms floor , I am superstitious so it scared me, your post makes sense to me with all that is going on , we have financially been struggling , my daughter is trying to get well, me and my family are at odds , so thank you

  119. I just saw 3 crows or what could be ravens perched on my balcony. I live on the beach Oceanside, these kinds of birds don’t hang out this way.

  120. I am so grateful to have found this website after, like so many others, searching for the meaning of finding a dead bird. It was a great relief and consolation to me, and it makes so much sense the way you describe the meaning and symbolism behind it.

    This morning, Monday, December 2, I left out my back door heading for work. There are two steps leading off my porch, at the back door, and lo and behold, I saw what appeared to be a dead finch just before the first step on the sidewalk below. I almost thought to myself that maybe a neighborhood cat had found or killed it somewhere else and dropped it off there as a gift to me. Who knows. Anyway, it left me feeling kind of chilled and afraid. It seemed ominous.

    But what you talk about here makes so much more sense. Just days ago, I ended the most abusive, heart-wrenching relationship I’ve ever had. It was truly the most traumatic and difficult time in my life, putting an end to a nearly year and a half long relationship (not nearly as long as others I’ve been in), that, while shorter than most, sucked all the energy and life out of me. Over the last few days, I have been stressed and anxious to the point I am physically ill. Finding the bird, and reading the meaning behind it on this site, gives me the reassurance I need that that situation finally really is truly over, and that I can move on and look forward to a bright and happy future. Thank you!

  121. I’ve read through most of the posts and I find it quite reassuring that a dead bird symbolizes letting go of the old and making way for the new. I connected so much with your writings and it really brought me out of the place of fear I was in after reading the standard responses to the meaning of finding a dead bird on the internet.

    Can you share the significance of a Robin? Today, New Year’s Day, there was a dead Robin outside our side door.

  122. Saturday Jan 11, 2014 after we had return home from our morning activites the boy were headed out to play. They came running back in to tell me there was a dead bird on the porch. I had found one dead in the back yard a few weeks ago I didn’t mention to any one because I was scared it ment bad luck, and I didn’t need any more back luck. I have had a rough past three years,with the lost of my daughter, trying to go back work and not finding a job. Things had been hard for me. I told my other daughter about the dead bird and she sent the link to this site and after reading the mean I am accpted to what it mean, it time for me to let go of the guilt I had for moving to Texas, the anger I had for Keith for the mess he did to me,and to accept that my daughter is in heaven with my mother and she would want me to move on and for me and the boy to be happy. It’s time to let go of the old and start a new. So the dead bird will bring change.

  123. Hey
    Long story short my family & I have lived in the same house for more than 20 years & I have birds & fish & my birds always die in 3s & sometimes it can be 3 birds die at the same time or 3 birds die 1 after each other & sometimes they r all the same colour bird or all the same type of bird or 3 of my favs. I have started stayin between my boyfriends house & my parents house which my birds r at my parents & it’s still happenin. Wat does this mean ? & How do I stop it happenin ?

  124. I know this will sound nearly impossible but it is indeed true and was quite an amazing morning. the symbolism or messages have overwhelmed me and i hope you can help me sort it out. I saw and heard three crows making a lot of noise one morning in cedar trees near my car. Every time I would talk to them asking what was wrong they would stop making noise. All of the sudden they flew out of the trees along with a white creamish barn owl they were apparently chasing. They flew directly in front of me to another set of trees and then flew off in the distance. The owl was so beautiful and graceful. After they left I was filled with awe of what I had seen. I got in my car to leave to go to work and was on the road about two miles from my house when I looked up and saw an American bald eagle lofting overhead. It circled once and then flew away. I have never seen either of these animals (eagle or owl) in the wild. Needless to say it was quite a touching morning. I have been struggling with changes in my life and trying to figure out my path and I guess dealing with fear of change. I appreciate any help in deciphering this. Thank you.

  125. This is what happened to me last sat as I was entering the salon to get my hair done. I noticed a dead red male cardinal bird right my the door it scared me , then I informed the owner and other people in the beauty shop who had no idea the bird was there . Ok I went on about my day then that Monday 2 days later as I had just finish eating in the evening . I decided to take the food and give it to these wild cats that live in the woods. I went out my back door and there was a female red dead cardinal bird on my patio. No immediately I was like this is a coincident just saw a dead male that sat. I can tell u in my life my husband passed on June 2 2013 he was a 13 year cancer survivor . 2 months later had to separate myself from family including my mom for my own peace of mine who was trying to be controlling in my life . Glad I found this site help to understand is this some kind go message for me? Thanks

  126. Today I was in my room alone and I have a door that goes outside and I had it open with the screen door shut. I had my back to the door and suddenly I heard a boom I looked but saw nothing so I walked out side and there layed a dead cardinal. Im only 16 but am very superstitious and had never had this happen to me. I cried because ive heard this means someone in your house will die soon. Can you explain, Penny?

  127. I mean I see dead birds a lot and never thought much of it. But today it seemed the bird flew straight at me. Considering where it landed and all.

  128. This post is still so important! In the past three days, I’ve seen a dead mouse, a dead rat and a dead bird. I am in the process of launching a business and sending bids out that will hopefully take me out of my recent penny-pinching. I hope these mixed animals mean something okay, potentially, too? Feeling good about life right now…. :-O

  129. My husbands sees birds regularly (cardinals in our tree or in the woods, large birds that swoop right beside or in front of him while driving etc.). This is his first time seeing a dead one on our back porch. But your explanation seems to vibe well, and I thank you for sharing!!

  130. Ive seen 2 dead black birds and just right now a brand new baby new born pigeon on the sidewalk on side of house. What does dead baby birds mean?

  131. I have a. Dead bird just out by my porch. This gave me some relieve, it is not bad luck. In the past 4 years, I have lost my husband to cancer,and the following year my job. I am still trying to figure what to do with my life. I could use some good luck.

  132. Hi I really hope the 2 dead sparrows I saw are positive signs.

    My father is currently fighting a life threatening disease and around the time that I saw the 2 dead birds was when he was first diagnosed. The first one was just outside my bank where I get $ from an ATM, outside the door and someone had put a newspaper over it to try to cover it in the corner. But the wind had moved to reveal it. My first instinct was it was that it is a sign but I took it as a negative one considering my dad’s situation. 2nd dead bird sighting was at the building where my dad lives (my childhood home). He has an inner corner apt that faces south and 6 stories, directly below where his apt is located, was the dead sparrow.

    I don’t know how I can pull a positive take on this….as far as viewing this as something “not good to end soon”.

    Can someone help me with this? I know I’m reading into it but the gut feeling I felt both times when i saw it, and the location of the 2nd one really concerns me.


  133. Hi
    I just wanted to know if this have any meaning, My family and I went out for a little this morning and when we came back there was a dead red robin under our magnolia tree. I just finished with my magnolia tree about 3 weeks ago it should be ready to bloom so I am not sure if seeing this bird a sign or something like that.


  134. Hi Peggy, I posted Sept 21 2013 and just wanted you to know to please not get back to my post. I’ve figured it out and there is a plethora of info on your site to assist that a reply is not needed. thanks I see that you are very busy!Peace

  135. Hi
    I found today a white plastic bag at the end of my allotment, Inside was a carrier bag and inside that was a dead pidgeon. Thanks to the wonderful information already written I realise it is about having something dead and buried and to take refuge in my family and we have had a right ruckus on the allotment which left me very emotionally battered. So I understand the meaning

    But not sure whether there may be something more to it, about it being in a carrier bag inside a white plastic sack? I would appreciate any comments about this


  136. I’ve been struggling with quitting my job and moving to another state. I asked my angels to send me a message about wether I should go. When I got home from work today a dead dove was sitting in the middle of my driveway. I was freaked out until I found this site. I am so grateful and happy to know that my prayers were answered. Thank you

  137. All I can say is Thank You! No one but GOD knows when things are going to happen, and that’s just my opinion. But because I am human I was very disturbed to come home today and find dead birds in my doorway, so I hop online to find a meaning and I find you and you encouraging words. Thank you so much!!

  138. Hi Peggy!

    Thank you for your explanation of what it means to see dead birds, it brings me some comfort, however I’ve been seeing dead baby birds. First it was a dead pigeon that my dog has in his mouth, then a month later or so I found a dead baby bird in front of my door way. It was not fully developed yet & had no feathers yet. I didn’t know what to do at first & then decided to find a tiny box & put it in there in case it was actually ok but when I went back for the baby bird it was gone. Then 3 weeks later I found a baby bird by my car which was less than 100 ft from my house (I live in a townhouse and parked in guest parking), this one had feathers but still super small. I recently got laid off from my job that I had close to 9 years the beginning of the year and was able to obtain a new one in March but it was a horrible work place & I quit abruptly. I hurt my chances of getting unemployment & know this employer will fight it. I’ve been beating myself up for not sticking it out with this new job & leaving before I secured a new one. I would appreciate it if you could tell me what it may mean. I have never felt so scared for my future as I do now. I would appreciate it & look forward to you response. Thank you!

  139. Thank you for taking the time to explain the meaning of dead birds! On Sunday I found a dead bird that had been mostly eaten up in my front year close to the garage door. You could barely see the shape of the body, but the wings were almost intact. Today, Wednesday, my youngest son found another bird, but this one was intact in the back yard. In both cases, my eldest son picked them up and threw them in the woods in the back of the house. I wonder why 2 dead birds, though the carcasses were in a different state, within a week on my property. Any insights will be welcome!

  140. Hi Peggy,
    I recently found out I am pregnant.But the day before that I saw a dead bird in my backyard outside the door.I was thankful I did not see it on the day I came to know of my pregnancy.The bird disappeared .We did not move it. The very next day I saw the same bird in the same place(looked like the same bird) .This time it was badly mutilated.It was gone again the next day. My husband saw it too .I am not superstitious but the timing and repeated ness worries me.Is God warning me of something?In the past when I had seen dead birds I had to face struggles not aware people were working against me.Usually career related.Can you please give your explanation?

  141. I am grateful to have came across this blog, just this week I have found a total of 3 dead birds in my yard, (2) were found in the same exact location. In my personal life, just (2) weeks ago I left my fiancee of 4 yrs. This relationship was a roller-coaster. Very interesting to have read this. Now I’m inclined to find out the significance of crows, since April I feel like wherever I go I either see crows or hear a crow’s call. Not a day goes by that I don’t cross paths with one.

  142. Dear Penny, I was putting my Golden Retriever out on her lead line when I came across a nest on the ground, and under it were 4 dead baby birds. I immediately starting crying, and was inconsolably upset. My teenage son luckily was home. I took it as a bad sign as my entire life has been in a negative place since my father shot himself in the head while I was in staying in his spare room, only 3 months ago after a month long health struggle with strokes, surgery, CDIFF, and obviously depression. I have been intensely grieving since that night that my sister, 22 year old daughter, and I attempted to keep him alive until the ambulance came. We later had machines shut off as those obviously were his wishes…and he died just a few hours later. The horror of that night replays in my head daily. Grief counseling helped somewhat, but now my family is torn apart over the “will”. I could care less about the $$, however, my five siblings barely speak to each other (with the exception of that sister and I as we will forever share a bond that we will never forget). We cared for him the month prior to his death and were the closest to him. Oldest sister and I am the youngest of five-with ten years and three siblings between us. My mom passed away only a year and a half ago and I was still in mourning for her, but the shock and violence of dad’s death has left me in a deep depression that I am slowly trying to climb out of with the help of my children and friends. I pray that my dad’s soul is up in heaven, but will never know for certain. He asked for last rights and communion only a week before his death while still in the hospital. He was in intense pain and went from 210 pounds to 142 in a month. I have read the above messages and understand what you’ve said and am trying to relate it to my own life in some way. I would just like your input on whether this is some spiritual “sign”? Sincerely, Gena

  143. Great insight and interesting what people here have to say. Last August/September (cant remember which), I had been briefly dating this girl and she had been the main reason I was going to temporarily halt my move to Florida (from Buffalo, NY). She was often a bit moody and even arrogant towards me.
    One day she and I were walking her dog and her dog was moving about in the brush and had a dead bird in her mouth. the next day I was just taking a stroll in my neighborhood and came across another dead bird on the sidewalk. Later on that day, I was mowing my parents lawn and came across another dead bird. 3 random dead birds in 24 hours. Long story short, that was the last time I ever saw that girl and shortly afterwards I moved to Florida. Just recently got my college diploma in the mail and now in school for PT. A lot has changed and I’m a very spiritual person now (not religious). Not sure why I thought of this now but I googled “meaning of 3 dead birds.” Hope you can give a little insight. Either way, thanks!

  144. Hi, I have noticed you haven’t been able to reply to the recent post but I still wanted to try and get a response since their worth the wait. I have been in a harsh relationship for four years and during I have encountered three birds. The first was very odd, because it was broad day light when I was walking and heard the bird fall right behind me. It looked dead but I picked it up any way and took care of it for a couple of hours till it disappeared off the porch. Which I don’t understand because it didn’t seem like he could fly. The second bird I seen on the side of the street. he seemed frightened so I picked him up which is odd because healthy birds don’t let you pick them up!. He later flew away that day. The last bird was a baby bird I found that fell out of a nest. I tried to nurse him back to health and he was doing fine until he died this morning. The two first birds looked like finches but the baby bird was black with an orange stomach.i tried to answer my own question but everyone else’s post are about dead birds and my birds are still alive when they come to me. I don’t know what to make of this and would greatly appreciate your advice. Thank you .

  145. Truly for the very first time in my life, I am involved with a truly wonderful man. He is exceptionally good, kind, and attentive and we get along wonderfully. Realizing his value, I have become afraid of losing him. The fear is unfounded and can be overwhelming and it is something I am making every effort to erase.
    Yesterday, I observed a dead Robin right outside a large plate glass window at work. I read this blog and thought the bird might have something to do with me abandoning my fear. Coincidentally, I had an appointment last night with my former therapist to get his take on this new and wonderful relationship. He confirmed my sense that things seem to be going quite well and said he understand how finding a kind and loving partner for the first time in middle age might indeed seem scary but to reflect and focus on all the good, moment to moment, day to day. Later in the evening, I told my partner about my visit to the therapist and he was glad to hear of positive reports from me and my therapist. Later in the evening, he sent me notes, as he always does. Today, he checked in mid day, as he always does. Today, I saw a second dead bird near the first.
    I know it’s MY job to abandon fear and the pain of the past and focus on the love and comfort this man brings me. It’s my job to open my heart and welcome love that’s been sent to me, knowing I fully deserve it.

  146. today when we returned home..an old pigeon was dead in my balcony..my mother started worrying..since many months we feed the pegions..they come have grains n go..but today completely disaapointed…people said that it is not good for the house if pegions dieds in the house..can u plz suggest a remedy…thanku

    1. Hi Ramya: Pigeons are all about the home and our sense of security and they tell you that when things are not going well, keep your family gathered around you. This could be your physical family, your soul family, your spiritual family, or a family that you have created for yourself. Having these people near you will give you and your mother a stronger sense of security. Also, do some exercises to balance your root chakra, where your sense of security and safety is located. It is unbalanced right now. The best one is deep breathing exercises.

  147. I know that this thread is closed for responses, but just wanted to share a very strange experience today. I was in a PetsMart and noticed a parakeet attacking another bird in a crowded cage. The loser was barely alive. I went and got a clerk. Then about 3 hours later I pulled up at a friends house and saw a dead Blue Jay on her front lawn. This had to be too much of a coincidence, so I take it that these “messages” are either about my change in jobs, which is happening next week or my marriage, which may be coming to an end after 22 years (and the reason for my job change). I did notice that both injured/dead birds were blue so I’m not sure if color has any significance. Probably not.

    1. Hi Annette, I am slowly opening back up the thread (no big announcements, just quietly doing it) Thank you for your story. Parakeets are messenger companions, letting you know that new spirit guides are on their way to you and that you might need to spend some time alone to adjust to the new energies that will be surrounding you. Blue is the colour that is associated with the throat chakra, which may indicate that you are experiencing some communication issues (could be the reason for the ending of the marriage). The Blue Jay cautions you to be careful with the choices that you are making. Make wise ones, ones that do not hurt you or others around you. This is akin to what we call right action. Right action is any choice that we make that is in our highest good, for if it is in our highest good, it is in the highest good of the Universe. So while the blue jay is fearless, and often tackles larger birds to defend itself and others, always be aware that our choice affect not only our selves, but those around us as well. And as always, seeing a dead bird of any kind is an indication that endings are upon us and new beginnings are just on the horizon as we clear out that which no longer serves a purpose with us and open the doorway for new opportunities. It would help if you work on your throat chakra to encourage better communication, both by you and to you.

  148. Penny thanks.you are a wonderful expert. The other day I happened to check out on a marriage proposal.on driving down, one of these speeding cars happened to drive doen rashly into a pair of pigeons basking in the sun.one of them dead instantly and the other flew away. Felt really low about how people carelessly drive in a bid to reach in time for their personal affairs with so much of disgrace and callous attitude to nature that forebears us. Well the point is wondering if this was a bad omen and if I had to renege this humble girl that I had proceeded to see. Been a forced bachelor for quite a while. Your perspective is great and so insightful in terms of non verbal cues one learns from nature.Good that this has helped usher a new thought and beginning to an otherwise boring tale. You simply the best. May god create many more inspiring souls like you to guide others.

  149. Mouth of July i buy 4pair of love bird. One bride die when i am Gog to my native place for my job work,,,know today ths time when i watching tv saddenly one baby bride come tht time my fan is one and tht bird die in front of me,,,,today night i m Gog to temple,,,,so plz answer me

    1. Hello. Thank you for your question, sorry to be so long getting back to you. I had a large backlog of questions. It is always sad, and sometimes frightening and even horrifying when an animal or bird dies in front of us, especially if it is a violent death. If I understand you correctly, the bird flew into the fan and then died. This must be very upsetting for you. All birds are messengers of the Divine. When they die in front of us, it is a way of letting you know that you and your home is considered to be a kind of sanctuary. That it is a safe place for others to come when they are in need of comfort. You are a very sensitive soul, an Empath really, and others recognize that in you. They come to you in their time of need, when they are frightened, or scared, or hurt or in pain of any kind, because they know instinctively that you will know how to help them. Rely on your intuition to assist you when they come to you. It will always guide you to do what is necessary. Blessings. The world is fortune to have you upon it.

  150. Hello I’m buried in work at the bird three times , two of which are flown against a window during the day and night at work today after a bird sitting on top of the bin , and the bird was dead when I went to the same place where the other two birds. Completely quake had already taken , how long can ? What does this mean for me, Penny ? I hope the answer !

    1. Hi Reelika, I am thinking you used the computer translator to send this message, as the sentence structure is very confusing. The best I can do with this question is to tell you to re-think back to that time and reflect on what was going on in your life at that time, and that whatever it was, is coming to an end. I am feeling that it has to do with your work and not your personal life.

  151. Wow, this was so spot on for me. I live in a place where there is a great abundance of birds and a big variety of bird species. I love it, but it does mean that at times I find dead birds on our property. If they are recently dead, I always bury them with flowers and a little prayer of gratitude for their time on earth. Today, however, I really cried when a robin who hit my bedroom window did not recover and fly away as some birds have done in the past. I meditated to get some insights and then gave him an extra fancy burial, after which I felt much better. THANK YOU for your helpful post which gave me even more (very profound) insights to help me fully understand and appreciate this event. Also, I am sorry that you have been overwhelmed by the number of questions asked regarding this post and that you have had some unloving comments. All the same, what I see with the number of posts you have received is that your words have a high level of resonance with many people and that you are very appreciated for your offering. Bless you! Keep up the great work. Much Love, Sophia

    1. Hi Sophia, thank you so much for the kind comments. I am very happy that you found the post helpful. For that was my intention when posting the blog entry – to assist people. I did however, get out of control, and I did not want to remove the blog entirely as people such as yourself are still finding it useful. It has been some months now since I started limiting the responses to people, and I may be really to start back in with the occasional response to questions.

  152. TOday i was sitting in my room and chatting with my friends in my pc. suddenly a sparrow flew in to my room and sat on the tube light near to the fan.. i thought i t might get caught in fan so i tried to switch of the fan but with in a sec it again flew and got hit in fan d died in front of me.. does this mean any bad things will happen in my life??

    1. Again, seeing a dead bird is not an omen that you are going to die or have bad things happen to you, please re-read the blog again. I can tell you that the sparrow is a sign that you need to trust in your nobility. Nobility is not acquired through social position or birthright. It is acquired through your actions and how you live your life. Are you living an honourable life, are you honest with yourself and others, do you make decisions based on right action rather than on the pressures exerted on you by others? These are some example of being noble. The sparrow is a messenger that it is time that you started to trust in your nobility, and to do what you know is right in all areas of your life. Recognize that the time is NOW for you to take your stand when it comes to doing what is right for you, rather than bending to the will of others. Do not be led down a path that is not right for you simply to avoid conflict with others. Others that say they have your best interest at heart, but most often, do not. There is no quick and easy way. Life takes work, often hard work, especially to be noble and to do what is right, and right for you. Do not let those who would lead you astray or off your path, do so. Be noble, be honest, and in the end when you succeed, they will be singing a different tune. Remember also that when a bird dies in front of your eyes, although sad, frightening and even horrifying, it is a special message for you. In this case, a message that the situation has become urgent. So honour this little sparrow’s sacrifice to bring you this message and take action now to establish your nobility.

  153. Yesterday while preparing a meal for a birthday celebration with many of my children and grandchildren, I took a moment for peace and took my youngest, my one year old granddaughter for her first walk up the street with my old little dog. On our way home I found on the sidewalk a grey dove huddled near a block wall. The first winter storm of the year had blown in the night before and it looked like the beautiful bird was trying to find protection from the snow and the wind. I reached out to touch it, but it was dead – so beautiful and peaceful looking, but dead. I am trying to decipher a meaning, because it was so apparently symbolic.

    1. Elizabeth, I always ask people to recall the time that they saw the dead bird, and reflect on what is/was happening in their lives at that time as it usually corresponds to the sighting in some way. In this case, the grey dove which is a member of the pigeon family, represents home, and the dove is all about peace and new cycles in life. So have a look at those areas, and see if you can distinguish a purpose for seeing this bird. Had there been some stress around the issue of home, disturbing of the peace in the home and/or the passing of some pattern related to either of these topics that was changing, dying so to speak. I think you will find that there was, and now there is room for new energies and new patterns or cycles to come into your life.

  154. Seasons Greetings dear Peggy,

    Thank you ever so much for the detailed analysis of the significance of seeing birds that have moved on. I came across the post while searching for significance of seeing those pigeons which have moved on.
    I woke up in the morning and saw the pigeon lying right outside my bedroom window after a neighbor called on us and mentioned it. Ironically, I had just seen the bird through the blind yesterday evening while moving out for a wedding. I had very little clue about it’s state.
    At the moment, am between jobs but working out a few things in my life. I really need to introspect and look at what needs to be sorted out.
    Thank you once again for the post.

    Stay safe and have a wonderful season ahead.

    1. Hi Vishal, sorry to be so long getting back to you. I have a backlog of responses to make my way through. I am so glad that you found the blog entrey helpful and I hope you also find it reassuring as you explore what needs to be sorted out. Blessings.

  155. Hey.good morning
    You comments really helped a lot.
    When I woke up this morning. Things seemed very different becoz I dreamt of something which has never been before a dead pigeon. Its was a very similar road which I pass through ..and a car passes by and crashes a pigeon ..and I hear pigeon chirping in pain.and when I go near I just see the head..;((
    Is something baad going to happen?

    1. Hi Sidharth, as I mention in the blog, seeing a dead bird is not an omen of bad things or death, please re-read the original post.

  156. Hello and happy new year.

    Today I went to catch up with a friend on new years day. She invited me back to her place and we found a dead bird in her lounge room. She has presumed that the bird has entered her house through an open window and her terrier dog which she keeps inside, managed to catch and kill the bird. Because the bird was in her home, was the message for her or was it for both of us?

    1. Hi, the message was for both of you. If it had been for her alone, it would have occurred when she was alone. It may have slightly different meanings for each of you depending on what is happening in your lives, but there is a message for both of you.

  157. Hi Penny
    Thank you so much for your explanation. Today I found a dead baby bird on my car at the bottom of my windscreen, the strange thing was that my car had been out in the open, I have just started to move on from a situation in my life and I felt like this is a message to say it is ok. Thank you for confirming my thoughts.

    1. Hi Carla, you are welcome. And since the sighting involved a car, it is truly a message about moving on, moving forward, going places, etc., and just like the car, things are now out in the open. Good luck, it looks as if 2015 will be a good year for you.

  158. I keep finding injured birds needing a rescue at the beach. Three weeks ago, I found a cormorant foundering at the tide line. It didn’t have much energy and couldn’t walk or fly. I moved it above high tide line and it lightly lifted and turned its head toward me. I called animal control and they came and got it. Today, at the exact same place I encountered an juvenile mottled Pacific gull with a broken wing. He had a lot of energy and would run away, but he couldn’t fly. Again, I called animal control. What message could this be with these injured birds and at the exact same location? Also, this wasn’t just the same beach, quite possibly the same exact location I described to animal control as approximately 50 meters down the beach from the yacht club.

    1. Hi Brian, thank you for your question. When animals and birds come to you in their time of need, it is an honour indeed. For when injured they usually hide because their injury makes them vulnerable to prey. If they are placing themselves in your path, it is a message to you that now is the time for you to begin to recognize that you have abilities that you can use to assist yourself and others as they struggle along their path to healing. Indeed, the cormorant tells you that you have the ability to do what others cannot, all you need to do to bring it to the light is to dig deeper within to find it. You are being asked to trust in yourself and your methods, especially when looking for answers.
      Sea gulls, which are associated with the oceans and seas, carry messages of great mystery, power and magic to you and are signs that a new rhythm and flow is happening around you and unfolding before your eyes. Indeed you are beginning to “feel, see, and acknowledge” the magic of the universe and the tides are shifting in your favour as possibilities open to you now. Gulls are also noisy birds which often indicates communication issues, both internal and external, so while exploring all this magic and your abilities, learn to listen to your inner self, but also learn to listen to others, you are being encouraged to give more understanding to subtext in conversations. People often say one thing and mean another, you can separate it by using your intuition to tell which is which. Be careful of your speech, tone down any bravado or any ostentatious behviours, for people will notice you more and your message more when being direct and subtle in your communications

      It is an exciting time for you as you move into a new frequency space and evolve on a spiritual level.

      Light, love and peace

  159. I thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words. I do need them as I have been in a metaphysical and material transition. The old is falling away and I do taste the new, but it hasn’t solidified. I have basically been laid bare, despite how much I have resisted things at times. I do trust and know Spirit or God more than I have since I was a child. I have also always had encounters I paid attention to with birds, and particulary falcons, hawks and eagles, but two injured water birds at the beach got me wondering. I cherish your optimistic interpretation and intuitive insights.

  160. Hello. Today has i was leaving out i passes a dead beautiful bird that still looked very much alive right at the corner of my stairs outside and i was wondering what does that mean because me and my children saw this bird. But back in May or June of last year i had a hawk to fly right on my sidewalk eating a pigeon and while its attacking the pigeon it looks right at me and had red eyes i would never forget that.what does that mean???

  161. Hi Penny,
    My boyfriend and I found a dead Cardinal on his car hood. The bird had gotten its foot stuck and died. We were at my house, but it was on his car. My car was parked next to his. Does it matter whose car it was on?

    1. Hi Riddhi: cardinals are a sign that you are being encouraged to accept your importance in life. You may or may not have heard the term, butterfly affect – The scientific theory that a single occurrence, no matter how small, can change the course of the universe forever. We often never know how we implement that change – say for instance, you are on a bus and you smile at a stranger. Innocent enough, but let’s pretend that the stranger had just had a huge fight with their spouse and then went to work and because you smiled at them, they were a little kinder to a co-worker than they would normally have been. Then that co-worker who usually feels abused at work goes homes each night and abuses their partner, but today because they were treated more kindly at works, they go home and treat their spouse more kindly and that spouse is more loving that night tucking their child into bed. And because you smiled at a stranger on a bus early in the morning, a small child is going to bed with a feeling of being loved rather than fearful. The cardinal wants you to know and accept that you make a difference in the world, even if you do not know what that difference is.

      You are a perfect divine child of the universe and as such, not only are you worthy, but it is your birth right to know that you worthy and you make a difference in the world every second that you are upon it. It does not matter which car the cardinal was on, for the message is the same for you both. So be encouraged, both of you, to create small acts of kindness every day and know that by doing so you are contributing to the beauty of the world.

  162. Hi. Thank you for this post. I did see a grey bird this morning dead right on my front porch which led me to this post and I am thankful I found it. My question is that for the past 10 years, only very once and while now, but it used to be all the time when this first happened to me, vultures would fly over me, wherever I would be, like above in the sky, in my car while driving, at my house or when I would arrive to any destination. At first I was so freaked out by this and yes some very crazy stuff did happen in my life at the time when it started. Like I was not living right, I was a suing drugs and alcohol and sexually promiscuous and then fell in love with someone but he pretty much rejected me and that is when I turned my life around and birds started following me. But now I don’t see them as often. I am married now for 5 years and have two kids.Do you know what this means? Thank you for time.

    1. oh and it was mostly vultures that I would see everywhere and sometimes I felt like I would see crows or black birds a lot, like they were always following me.

    2. Hi Jessica: I will answer both your emails in this one. It does not surprise me that you had so many vulture sightings during at time in your life as you described it to me. As vultures are a symbol of death, birth and re-birth – a symbol f healing and purification. With all the transitions you were going through to get to where you are now, they were really just a sign that regardless of how the events and circumstances appeared at the time, they were reminding you that ultimately everything would work out for your health, benefit and highest good. And that seems to be what happened. You are married now with two children. Crows are signs that you will receive help from unexpected means. So look back at that time and see if you can identify where that help came from and from whom. They are also a reminder that life, the world, the universe is filled with magic, and so is each person within it. Your magic is calling out to be responded to, so keep your heart open to seeing the magic in your life, it may be something as small as a smile from someone when you need it. For each of small acts of kindness are indeed magical and miraculous, and often unexpected.

  163. Hi.
    I use to feed sparrows and they come to my house and alredy made their nests. But they donot stay during night. Today I picked the plate in whih I used to feed them for refilling it with grains from attic. I can never imagine that a sparrow could sleep besides it. As I picked the plate it flew out of confusion and hit with running fan. I picked da poor bird and asked for sorry that it was not my mistake. I chanted my god’s name (lord krishna)in its ear four- five times(as it was breathing).then it died..
    I tried my best what I could do as it is said in indian mytholgy that at the time of death if one gets lord krishna’s name he/she gets liberated from this cycle of rebirth and goes directly in lord’s abode.but still I am scared , I donnot why may be bcoz of so many literature* available on net about killing sparrows albeit I didnt kill it.it met its own death in fact I made it world’s best best death as per hindu mythology.

    Please help help. I am confused. Hope you understood what I am trying to say.
    I will be thankfull to u million times. Alredy I am going through tough times and due to this got tense.
    Waitng eagerly for your reply.

    Jai shree shyam

    1. Hello: I am sorry that you experienced such a traumatic event and that it has left you feeling afraid. The sparrows have been coming to you because your guides want you to trust in your own nobility and fulfill your responsibilities. In fact that is exactly what you have done. You honoured this sparrow and its life by fulfilling your responsibility to it as you chanted Lord Krishna’s name in its ear at its passing. This is a message about Right Action. Right Action is any choice that we as humans make that betters ourselves; others; and through a ripple effect, the Universe. Any choice that we make that harms another, ei, ther intentionally or unintentionally is considered to be contrary to right action and must be corrected as soon as possible. You know the difference, even without me explaining, and this little sparrow carries a second message, encouraging you to pursue and do what you need to do for yourself – while keeping right action at the forethought. Have a look at the situations in your life that may be calling for your to do what is right for yourself, for in doing so, you not only honour your nobility, but the nobility of others as well. The concepts of nobility, responsibility, choice, right action, and meeting your needs are all tied up as one concept and require some consideration from you. When you have done so, obstacles that are preventing you from taking the necessary action will pass out of view. I hope my meaning does not get lost in the translation.

  164. Dear Penny,
    I am on a vacation in Florence by myself to “find myself”…..this trip had been planned for over 6 months already and some parts of the original plan had changed. There had been many related and unrelated challenges to this trip that I experienced so much so that I wanted to cancel the trip but decided to continue anyway so I could give my life a good think while I am here, thousands of miles away from my current home in the Philippines.

    I had been asking my guardian angels for signs of their presence and protection or messages to me on this visit to Florence. On my last vacation here in Florence in June 2014, I found many feathers on my way to painting school here but I did not make much of it because I knew there were many pigeons all around. Feathers never impressed me as anything symbolic until I found that huge orange brown feather in my office building’s parking lot late last year. That made me more aware of angels and so I asked them for signs of their presence on this trip. I also have been praying for guidance regarding why I needed to be here in Florence at this time and why I ended up studying in that another school with another teacher and not as originally planned. I had been praying for guidance too about my job —- if I need to turn a page because it was so stressful that it brings me to dark and self-destructive thoughts or do I continue on where I currently am, going against the grain of feeling unrecognized and oppressed. Anyway, on my way back to my hotel after having lunch, I saw a dead pigeon on one of the ledges along the street. I was so moved by it, because it was positioned in a way that I could imagine it must have flown to its death….it had a wound somewhere on its neck and there was some bleeding and its feathers had fallen on the sidewalk under the ledge. But I really felt the pigeon’s exhaustion and the freedom/rest it felt at its death. I saw myself in the pigeon (especially in recent weeks when my job stress was incredibly high) and I remembered my inner request for symbols, signs and messages from my guides on this trip. I personally related to the pigeon’s exhaustion, its physical pain as it strove to continue in flight despite its impending death. I had to stop myself from picking it up and stroking its head as I related so strongly with the bird. I made a mental note to look it up and I found your page. I hope you can shed a more nuanced light on the symbolism you had already shared which I felt may be strongly applicable to me. I am describing the circumstances in which I recall finding the bird in the hope you might find something that I may have missed on its symbolism. Thank you very much in advance.

  165. Hi,
    A sparrow hit my window and when I got outside it still was alive for 10 seconds and then died in front of my eyes. Is it urgent message?


  166. about 3 weeks ago i seen my dog get hit with a car and she died instinly and i keep seeing dead birds, like first i seen just a head no blood or any thing just the head, then a bird wing, then i seen a body and this line ” Once you have dealt with it and are ready to move on, the universe will send you a message to let you know that it is now time to move forward with your life.” i keep thinking about it and cant stop cause i feel like its my fault but idk if i want to let it go…..

  167. Hello last week here where I work a dead bird ended up in front of my car and this birdie was hollow but complete and today just now as I went to give a gentleman directions for another office and I came in there was nothing and not less then 5 minutes I look out the door and there’s another dead bird in front of my bosses car also hollow and complete. As I moved it under tree the first one was still there also. I’m at awed why there has been dead birdies .

  168. Yesterday in the master bedroom of our vacation cottage there was a dead bird. I have a picture I could send you via e-mail, not sure if it is a sparrow or something else. It wasn’t there two weeks ago. And we have no idea how it got in there, all the doors were shut. My marriage is in turmoil due to the discovery of my husband’s affair 7 weeks ago. We are working on reconciling and repairing our marriage through counseling and church. Also my dad is has a suspicious mass on his lung and is due for a PET scan this coming Monday. I cannot help but believe this is a bad omen/sign for my marriage or my father. It has me nervous and I do not know what to think of it.

  169. Thank you for your insight on the birds. I have had a lot of bird things(I don’t know how else to put it) happen to me. A couple of years ago I had a wild turkey loose in my yard and refused to leave. I’m in the country, but a major road runs in front of my house so I was afraid it would get hit by a car. I got the turkey to follow me around my house, into the back, through a fence and to a field. It never became aggressive. I’ve had quite a few finches(I believe that’s what they were)land on my window screen and peck. I’ve had several hawks circle my home screeching and flying in circles. The other day I saw 2 dead robins, one on either side of my driveway, and a day later my son found another in the yard. I was concerned. The next day another hawk was screeching loudly and I felt connected to it somehow.I know that sounds strange, but I have been told in the past I somehow have a connection with birds. I never really understood what that meant. I am very relieved to hear that the robins weren’t a bad omen. Thank you for clearing up that misconception. If you have any insight I would love to hear it. Thanks again.

  170. Greetings: I had a dream I took care of an injured bird (gray and brown song bird) and released it. It flew around and when I stretched out my hand, it came back to perch on my hand which was unexpected but wonderful. It brought with it a friend, a black starling which perched on my other hand. This bird was familiar to me too. The dream ended with that. Me holding these lovely creatures, enjoying how wonderful it was to hold them.

    2 days later I noticed feathers, a trail of them from my car to my business door. Whenever I see feathers like this, it’s always been a sign. I picked up nearly every one of them on my way in knowing wow, what a fortunate sign I’m having today. I put them in my plant pots like I always do and enjoy their energy. Later that day my client asks me to come outside, she shows me a dead bird, a pigeon lying face down in front of my business. It deeply disturbs me. I immediately know this is an omen, or a sign I need to pay attention to, especially considering having dreamed of birds so vividly and so recently.

    I would appreciate so much any insight into this situation! Thank you in advance for your valuable insight.

  171. HI,
    I am so happy to run across this page….great info and keep up the great work. Yesterday when I return from a Easter Church event here locally I found a real bird little white egg on my metal steps one step away from my front door of my apartment. we waited awhile but of course the mother never returned. Not really wanting the egg to be smashed we moved it. I am really feeling like this is a message and I am hoping you can help me.


  172. I found two baby bird heads and their hearts next to them and one wing next to each head in my front driveway of my garage does this mean anything?

  173. Hi
    On Tuesday this week, my man found a dead bird right next to our house outside close to our sliding door in the living room. He saw it first so he came and got me to go look at it. He was about to go and dispose of it but i told him that i wanted to take some of the feathers off to keep as it was such a nice beautiful big bird with different colours on it but the majority was black! At the same time, i was a little worried and curious what this dead bird really meant as this was first time ive seen a massive dead bird right next to our door! Can you please explain what this means? THANK YOU!

  174. Hi Penny,
    I am so glad to come across this page. Such a positive write up. You enlightened me. Just today a pigeon accidentally hit the fan in my house and slowly died. He/She was in conscious when we contacted the bird rescue helpline but by the time they reach our place..most probably he/she had died. I and my family are so disturbed. It’s then I decided to search net and I came across here.
    Thank you so much. This article and your words really helped to distress me.

    Just a question…I am trying to clear this last stage (final exams) of one of the toughest of couse I have taken up and I have failed 5 times. This is my 6th try and my exams are due in May. is there any message that the universe wants to give me through the incident that happened today? Also there are many other family issues too…like some pending works that we are trying to complete. May be an end to one of the pending works?

    I was so depressed. Thank you to make me look at the world in new way.

    Love and peace,

    1. We also feed birds daily. Feeding them is our routine which we dutifully follow every morning. Birds like crow, pigeons, sparrow, maina….comes and eats from the vessel we have kept in our window gallery. My mom being superstitious was planning to stop feeding them…so that the birds would stop visiting us and this way we would avoid such incident again. I consoled her but I wasn’t sure myself. But now that I have read your blog…I am free and much open minded.

  175. Hello Penny,
    After reading all sorts of ominous posts on the symbolism carried by birds hitting against windows, flying into homes, and dropping dead in your house, I cannot tell you how relieved I am to have read your blog and comments above.

    My husband and I have forever had pigeons roosting on our window sills, in different homes and different cities. When I shifted into our new home as he was deployed on duty, a pair laid eggs in my window again. Never paid it too much attention really, through 4 or 5 cycles of egg laying and raising the babies.

    About six weeks ago, just as my husband received news of his new posting, the maid found a pigeon lying dead in the terrace garden above the house. Then a few days back, I saw another dead pigeon as I was watering the plants, and this morning, another one in the hall window.

    On his part, my husband has been seeing a yellow finch outside his bedroom window for many months now. Every morning between 7 and eight, it will dash against the glass pane, then sit on a branch just outside the window and sing sweetly, then swoop down to hit against the glass pane before flying away.

    I don’t really understand what is going on.

  176. Oh yeah, forgot to mention that around nov last year, one evening I found a pigeon in the bath… had to take it out of the house to help it fly away. It refused to, twice… scooting right inside.

  177. Thank you Penny for taking the time to answer all of our questions. This is a pretty strange occurrence and it’s hard to find any answers about it so it’s awesome to have you as a guide.

    Last Saturday morning I went for a job around my neighborhood. Right in front of me, a large black bird dropped off a broken baby bird in the middle of the road and then took off. I couldn’t believe that happened and walked over to the baby bird. It looked like a lot of its feathers had fallen off and it tried to walk but had broken legs. I stood with it for a while unsure what to do, then a man came by and I told him what happened. He helped me move the baby bird over to a garden on the sidewalk and we left it there but it didn’t look like it would survive at that point. I thought that was really strange but just left it at that.

    Today as I was at work walking the dog, right in front of me on the side walk (of a completely different neighborhood) was another baby dying bird. I picked it up and took it inside, not sure how to save it. Within a couple minutes it died in my hand.

    Pretty crazy as I’ve never encountered anything like this before and it happened twice in the same week. Thank you so much in advance for your time and insight.

  178. Hy dear, I’am really worried because I hv been seeing animals dying in my house from last month or later .First s cat died then this incidents continued.. i then saw my cheeks dying then died a sparrow then her children n now i m seeing two sparrows dying frm yesterday even there eyes are nt opened yet baby sparrows under my tree bt i cant see any nest… plz answer me soon… am worried

  179. Hi.. Last fall my husband found a dead owl in Livingston, Montana and brought it to his moms home and attempted to keep some of its feathers. He did not know about that being illegal. When we came home and left the feathers there.. his mom sent them to us here in Oregon.. they arrived at the post office while we were gone and created maggots and they started coming out of the package at the post office. Yikes.. My husband has struggled with addictions for many years and we have had a very difficult marriage and his mom has been an enabler and I probably have been one too. A year later now my mom found a dead owl and brought it home and attempted to preserve it.. she had also struggled with addictions.. and men.. Then this weekend on our way to gamble, which is a harmful behavior that we are both involved in,.. my husband saw another dead owl on the highway and insisted we return to it. He took pictures of it.. It was white with yellow.. then he could not leave it on the road.. We took it to the casino and asked if elders could find a use for it or give it a good burial and we were told to take it off their property because it was against the law to have it.. we took it to the cemetery next to the casino and had a ceremony for the owl and placed it between two cedar trees.. my husband has nearly 80 days of not drinking.. and won a lot of money at the casino that day.. and i lost and lost.. by the end of our weekend he lost all of his winnings and I lost thousands that I must pay back.. We are seeking financial blessings to pay off our debts, not to get rich or wealthy.. but I personally just keep being conned into using my money and i get the debt.. he uses none of his own money.. and wins then loses it all.. I win sometimes and can take it home to cover overdrafts just barely.. I feel this may mean that our life of gambling that does not serve us well.. may be ending.. as did his drinking.. I just hope that real work can occur on his part and that we can get ahead financially in positive ways.. Thank you for your time in reading this and for any response you may have!

  180. Hi I was wondering if you could tell me what this means. I opened my car door after parking up the other day and there was a dead bird directly where I would put my feet when exiting the car. The next day I seen another one in a different place but exact same position as the first time then the day after I came home and there was a very happy pigeon in my doorway it sat there for a few hours before dissappear does this mean anything Thankyou.

  181. Hi I have a question I recently woke up to a dead sparrow on my front step, I took it and somewhat buried it thirty minutes later I come out and the same bird is on my front step again. What does this mean?

  182. Hi was wondering if you could help me my six year old came up to.me the day and told me I had a baby in my belly and he thinks it is a girl. Well today I am 3 days late on my period with brown spotting a little unusual I know a little tmi but he comes running into the house and wants me to come outside to look at something and it is a dead bird. Could this mean anything I am a little anxious as to what you think because I have read your post and am thinking this is a good sign. Thanks any help would be greatly appreciated.

  183. Hi i have a question. So this morning before school i got up and went to let my dog out and there was a dead bird outside the door. and later tonight i got a weird bump behind my right ear. its really freaking me out after figuring out what birds symbolize. please try to help.

  184. I was standing under a willow tree when I heard a thump. A finch fell out of the tree and died a foot from me. That was freaky. What does that mean?

  185. Hi I had a dream about a robin drowning in my swimming pool I was trying to save it but kept missing it.i only mananged to get it out once it had died.it was extremely vivid id appreciate your reply.
    many thanks xx

  186. Hi Penny, I found this blog after an odd sequence of events relating to birds that I encountered over the past week. Last week when I got home from work there was a bird (pigeon or crow-like, not sure) dying on the side of my garage. I asked my husband to take care of it- not thinking much of it. Then two days later my husband and I went to the movies, at the front entrance of the movie theatre there was a pigeon that looked as if it had just fallen and died with blood pouring out of its mouth. I began to think this is strange since I don’t see many dead birds often. Then on our way home from the movies, a huge duck comes flying at our car on a busy street, luckily we didn’t hit it. Now, three days later- I’m home alone this morning and a crow-like bird just slams against my back glass door, and dies in my back porch.
    I’m not very superstitious but I cannot help but think this is a sign of some sort.
    I am 18 weeks pregnant as well and nervous it could mean trouble with my little one? Everything has been healthy and fine up to now.
    We are going through a lot of stress having to send my step-daughter away with her mother for the summer and I have a sick grandfather, but I cannot think what else these birds can resemble.
    Any insight to ease a worried mind would be appreciated.
    Thank you! Lili

  187. Hello Peggy,
    There was a bird nest at our front door and yesterday my son’s friend out of curosity pulled out the nest from the shrub at the entrance. In the process little baby bird fell and died. Baby was alive when he showed me but was dead next morning.Is my son’s friends action n baby bird dying symbolizing something.the nest was there for quit sometime.

    Looking forward to your reply.

  188. Hi there. So glad I found all these comments about the meaning of finding dead birds. I too thought it was a bad thing, but now trying to make sense of my whole weekend. Saw the dead bird in the garden on Thursday. Then our son receives a baby turtle as a birthday gift that night. We find this dead after two days then find his new pet gold fish dead this morning. Feeling very confused by the whole thing. Any info would be appreciated.

  189. Two days ago I found a healthy baby dove that was still too young to fly. It was hopping on the ground headed to cat lady house so i scooped him up. I had recently saved a baby pigeon to adulthood and released him so my confidence was high in helping this baby dove. That night was a terrible storm, thunder , lightening and tons of rain and wind. I was glad to have saved the baby but the end of the next day he got sluggish. I was feeding him correctly with the same (exact) brand baby bird formula i had with the pigeon but alas he didnt make it. I had wanted to take him out for fresh air and sunlight so i had him in hand and once he got to the sun he couldnt breath. He passed in my hands. I burried him under my ocatillo cactus and said a prayer. It was a learning experience for my 5yr old. Ive been going through gard time lately. I was about to put my house up for the third time for sale when i dented my wall with a falling treadmill because i was rushing to answer the phone, it was only a solicitor who my soon to be realtor had call me! So now i have a dent in my wall its huge. I told the realtor not to come because i cant show my house without fixing the wall and told her not to give out my # to mortgage solicitors. My house was supposed to be sold since last nov but im still here. Im being held back every time i try and move on to better my life and be more independant. Now im redoing the whole kitchen with new granite and all. Im just quite lost at the moment. Ive been working for three years to finally sell this home so i can buy something cash and now im stuck.

  190. I would also like to share an experience i had in 06. I found a crow or raven upside down in a parking lot. I drove it home and as soon as i got home into my garage opened my back door to my car to grab it to take it inside it started to pass away and it was looking at me. Right after that within a week i got anxiety disorder, something i hadnt had previous. It was literally like a death of my life and took me a year to start to feel normal again. I cant tell you how bad it got. My aunt bless hsr heart took 3 months off work to take care of me thats how severe it was. Although i feel stronger for it now it was a huge transformation in my life.

  191. Yesterday, it seemed as if a dove was following me around all day. It was perched on a line while I was mowing the grass. Then later in the day I was out back reading and noticed, I guess the same dove, in the tree above me. My husband saw it a couple of days before while he was working outside. The day before it was a dead snapping turtle. The fish in our pond have been spawning. I noticed that the waterfall had quit. When my husband got home he checked it out to find a snapping turtle had been sucked into the pump. I didn’t look up dead turtle, though. I looked up dead yellow bird and found your site. Last night we bought a new car. It had to be as our last one had 300,000 miles. We walked into a good deal, zero percent financing and a good experience in buying it; however, as we were leaving there was a small yellow bird, dead on the pavement, in front of the dealership. I was hoping that wouldn’t be a bad omen, but then read your blog. I like that you said it was a sign from the Divine. I’m saddened for the small bird. But, then maybe it was reincarnated into something or someone even better.

  192. This is an interesting post and I would love your opinion on what happened today. This afternoon I saw a post of someone asking for help. They found an abandon baby bird and needed someone to drive it to a wildlife rescue center. I offered, picked up the bird and drove in terrible traffic for almost 2 hours to take it to the facility. The response when I got there was that it was a house sparrow and that they couldn’t take another one in, so my option was to leave it and have it euthanized, try another facility, or take it back where it was found and see if it’s mom would come back for it. I called the people I was helping and they chose to have me bring it back. So more Friday rush hour traffic and 2 more hours I finally had the bird back where it came from. Only to leave it and HOPE that it would be okay. Leaving it up to the people who found it originally to keep an eye on it.

    Then I headed home and about 30 minutes later there were about 100+ crows circling and making a huge ruckus above my house and block and were all hanging out in the nearby trees. It was the craziest thing I’ve ever seen. Cars were slowing down, people were staring. I went outside to see what was going on and there was an injured crow in front of my neighbors house. I couldn’t get close to it without the other crows interfering. I called animal control for help but they were already closed. I called the wildlife recovery center and left a message. I couldn’t get close to the crow to help it, and the recovery center was too far away to make it back there in time before they closed (even if I could have gotten the crow into my car). I had to leave shortly after that and when I got home the crow was dead . I’m curious what it means if you see a bird alive first, then dead. Especially when it’s two! I don’t know how the first bird is doing. It may still be alive.


  193. Today Morning when I open my front door, I saw a dead sparrow at my doorstep; with it’s head north, back of sparrow were facing my front door. I am scarred with this. I dont know, what is it mean? I like to understand its meaning. This is first time in life I am seeing this.

  194. I was recently driving my car or the interstate around 5 o’clock traffic which is usually the worst time of day to drive. S person I’m in a very stressful and one sided relationship with was also in the car when a bird flew directly into my car. I’m sure the poor thing died instantly. A few days later another bird flew directly into my driver side window. This morning I woke up and there was a dead bloody bird in front of my car right outside of my garage door. I’m not sure what it means, just seems really weird. the dead bird in front of my car made me think of the on I hit while driving on the highway.

  195. Ok… so I was just outside tonight sitting on my stoop, when I heard rattling in the tree in front of my house… then all of a sudden a bird came tumbling down tree landing on sidewalk… it was fluttering round all crazy and seemed to die. It was layed out as if it passed away. I went inside and came back out to check it about 10 mins later and the bird was sitting up but very still, like a statue. So I grabbed a glove and went to go pick it up to try to put it higher off ground and the bird just took off and flew just fine right back up into the same tree. I swear the bird looked completely dead at first and the impact was very strong! Any advice here? I automatically googled for a meaning and you’re the first thing I came across. It just seemed really bizarre how absolutely dead the bird looked for a while and then next thing you know it looked absolutely fine?

  196. Yesterday a Swallow fell out of a clear blue sky onto the ground next to me in my garden, I cupped its still warm body in my hands as its life ebbed away. Im stunned because im into only a couple of days into a break up with my girlfriend, Ive never been so heartbroken in my life (46) because she never knew how much I loved her, this I had rectified but an hour before the Swallows sad arrival. Things have changed between my girlfriend & I as they are far more positive. For the first time in my life I gave all my heart had & truly told her how much I felt for her. She too was taken aback because she had never had so much passion given without fault or failing words… Swallows mate for life & Ive seen a partnered Swallow grieve over its dying mate. The Swallow in my hands, whose heart was I holding?. Who knows.

  197. I had a dream of a female blackbird trying to get out of the mouth of another black bird. Almost like it had used the old body as a coccon until it was mature enough and safe enough to then fly free. Having just lost my beloved dog through unexpected and traumatic circumstance that I am finding it hard to come to terms with, this thread has been quite enlightening. Thank you.

  198. This is to some relief! I’ve seen one dead crow in the road recently and then after a weekend camping trip, came home to a dead baby crow in our garden, yes, in our vegetable garden, in pieces. A head, a claw and leg and two wings, all detached but seemingly laid carefully together. We suspect it is our neighbor cat who is quite the hunter. HOWEVER, I am looking into this deeper… and see this is a sign that something better is coming our way. Our landlords gave us a lengthy notice to buy the house we are living in our move out by the year’s end. We cannot afford the house and feel our lives are in peril to have to move from our wonderful life we’ve built here. But, Alas, we have better fish to fry, more opportunities on our horizon! At least that’s how I’m seeing this crow phenomenon, native myth, etc. I truly believe that it’s a sign. It’s a sign, it’s a sign, it’s a sign. We must move on and our life will be better with what mystery lies ahead. Thank you for your insight!!!!!

  199. hi , today i saw a dead crow on the road.. wht does it mean? i hv been strugling for 3 yrs to get a job, will tht come to an end??

  200. Hello,

    I don’t know if you (the blogger) or anybody will read this, considering this in an older post; but I feel that I have a really vivid symbolic story to tell. Well, I was walking up to my town house one day (I live in an apartment complex) and I looked down and saw a baby dove that was just sitting there. It wasn’t flying away, no matter how close I was. I knew something was wrong, but I could not see an injury; but it must have been. I went to my home, and looked out the window a few minutes later; to see if it had moved. It was in a parking lot, and I didn’t want it to get run over. My neighbor (who must have seen me looking at it) came out and attempted to get the bird to move to the garden area, that’s next to the parking lot. He did, and I later sort of forgot about the event. Then, the next day I went out with a family member to a restaurant (it was a buffet type place) and as I went up to the buffet I noticed a woman standing right in front of me; with a tattoo on her back, that had my name surrounded by bird wings (like angel symbolism). My name is not that common at all. Very few people have it. I don’t know that lady and have never seen her before in my life. Needless to say, I was shaken up by all this. It seems like a really serious message. It is true, that I have had severe depression in my life; though, I don’t want to admit it enough, to actually say it out loud. So naturally, I can guess what the meaning is. However, I did wonder if it wasn’t some kind of prank or if it wasn’t a person that orchestrated all these weird events (although, surely nobody would hurt a bird; I hope) but, I couldn’t help but wonder if somebody hadn’t put these things in my face on purpose. I just don’t know, and I’ve been wracking my brain over it ever since. I can’t stop wondering, was it the universe or somebody’s doing?

  201. Hello
    During the past week a sparrow landed on my window sil at work three times and pecked at the window all different days like he was coming for a visit. Then two days ago I was driving down the road and a bird I think was a sparrow hit my windshield, I’m sure he died as I was going fast. Then today I was driving and a sparrow was flying and landed on the road in front of my car, I thought he would fly away but he didn’t and I ran over him. I was with the kids and in such disbelief that we turned around and sure enough he was dead on the road. What does this mean. I’ heard it means death or change and I have two things going on, found out husband is cheating abd has left the home and my brother is living a really scary drug filled life. Does this mean death? Has me a little worried .

  202. My son andvi were laying on the trampoline when a bird landed on the net looked around then fell over dead right next to us

  203. Yesterday I looked out on my balcony and saw there was a dead bird wrapped around one of the bars of the balcony. I don’t understand how it had died there and was able to stay on there. I’m not sure if this has the same meaning of your post but if it is it will definitely make sense!

  204. I am struggling with my bad days.

    I am feeling too much pressure and struggle at the job. I already faced tough situation in relationship. I am stucked in job because of loans. I am searching new place where I can make a fresh start but was unable to find any options.

    One day while going to work I found dead crows and next day again found dear crow on another way. So we can interpret it as end of all bad times and stat of new things in both career and relationship.?

  205. I am feeling too much pressure and struggle at the job and already faced tough situation in relationship. I feel stucked in job because of loans. I am searching new place where can make a fresh start but was unable to find any options.

    One day while going to work I found dead crows and next day again found dead crow on another way. So we can interpret it as end of all bad times and start of new things in both career and relationship.?

  206. I can see a seagull dying from the window at our work. Luke says we should put it out of its misery, but Lucian said he wanted to save the bird but Laura started crying.

    What does mean?

    We threw bread but it did not eat.

    Am getting ladder.

  207. I wen to put on my shoes and there were 5 dead sparrows and squirl in each of them what does this mean?
    I had a drink of lemon juice and it made my eyes water is this because my relationship with wife is failing?
    please helpe
    alert(‘I can see dead birds’)

  208. I am a strong Christian and believe that some dreams are ways for unconscious mind to try to work things through. Like I used to have dreams of tornados and came to realize that when I had those dreams I was going through a stressful time. Recently I had a dream where there were many dead sparrows in my basement (not actually my current basement) and one dead cardinal and one dead blue jay dead in the corner of my bedroom (current). Haven’t been able to figure this out, then this morning on my drive in to work I saw a dead bird stuck by its beak on the hood of another car. Now this is getting disturbing.

  209. So my situation with birds is a little different. A few weeks ago I found an injured red tailed hawk, I was able fold his wings and get him into a pet carrier and bring him to an wildlife animal rescue. He wound up having a shattered pelvis and they had to put him to sleep. About a week after that I found a baby oriole that was learning to fly but was stranded next to our pool. I went to get a basket to put him into but he insisted on landing on my finger. I put him in a low tree and he did fly away. Today my dog was messing around a low shrub and I went to investigate and he had another baby oriole much younger in his mouth and I was unable to save this baby bird and he wound up dying. I have a long history of rescuing injured birds of finding them but it’s been happening so frequently recently it’s freaking me out. I once got a hummingbird out of my sun porch and got him to perch on the edge of a paper plate. And he flew off just fine. Any thoughts on what this means?

  210. What does it mean when a bird cries and makes a violet sound before it dies and falls off a building over your head and almost hits you in your face?

    This happened to me two years ago. The way it happened was timed perfectly specfically for me. When I was on my way to work and had a few people walking in front of me all of a sudden this bird just made a strange noise and came falling out of no where over my head. It was weird that the bird skipped the people in front of me but when I passed the building here it came. Also, after the bird fell to the ground it jerked it body before it actually died.

    This isnt my first encounter with birds. Over the years, Ive had several birds while flying over or near my
    head they always alomost hit me in my face. I have to duck from getting hit.

    What does this all mean?

  211. So, I was working on my computer at the kitchen table the other day when a thunk was heard from the front window. I got up and to my dismay it was a beautiful robin. It twitched, I looked away, I looked back, and it was dead… Ugh. The next day I was walking through my garden inspecting growing pumpkins etc… When my girlfriend notices a dead bird in an open space. Within a couple days – today I just went into my attached garage to get something and noticed a dead bird in the “grill” (long spaces not an actual grill) of my SUV. I can’t believe it! What the dickens? It was so shocking, I googled it and found this site. If you have any insite I would greatly appreciate it. I do appreciate your stated information overall on dead bird sightings… Just wondering if anything jumps out about this… They have all been on my property in the last 4ish days…


  212. Oh, and on a side note… Last year we moved a lot closer to “the country” and have 2 active bird feeders which attract ; wood peckers, yellow finches, swallows, chickadees, pigeons, blue jays, etc…

    I am definitely a strong food source…

  213. Hi penny.
    I hope you can help me. Me and my boyfriend were travelling home with our tea on Sunday night at about 7oclock I can’t really remember if we hit the poor bird or it flue in to the grill or we ran over it :( it was with a boy bird beside it I was upset so we turned round and I seen it struggling on the floor it was a female black bird i got out of the van and wrapped it up in my boyfriend old tshirt I took it home to safety but it passed away :( we left it to rest in the field behinde my house. I didn’t really think much of this until sombody told me a bird hitting your car meant somebody was trying to pass a message from heaven? After reading some of these comments you say about things coming to end I’m really worried I don’t no why but lim wondering if this has any thing to do with the situation I am in at present. my mums watch has gone missing in our home and I think my mum and dad think my boyfriend has took it but he is genuilly the nicest guy I no and my sister agrees with me my parents do so much for him and me and I can’t understand how the watch would just disappear . She left it on the floor supposedly with her braclet and went back to get it the next day and it was no were to be seen but the braclet ended up on the jewarrly stand but with no watch we have searched high and low I feel stuck in between I feel upset for my mum as this watch means so much centimentally and my boyfriend feels hurt they would even accuse him do you think this bird passing has any answers please help,
    Thanks so much .

  214. Hi Penny, I need help to understand what happened to me a couple of years ago. I was lucky with gambling,every time I went to casino, I would win $1000+ then one day, I was on my way to work, I was smoking with my hand outside the car while I was driving, then suddenly, something dropped from the sky and my hand got hit and my smoke fell, so I parked and walked to the spot,then I saw a dead black bird (small) after that, I’ve never won anything anymore, even in life,I feel like I have been unlucky after that incident. Can you please help me understand, and if there is any way I can reverse it? Thank you so much

  215. Hello Penny,

    I am a Hindu vegetarian by religion and follow the religious, beliefs values and sentiments to an extent possible being away from home country India. Today morning i saw one black & white colored beautiful pigeon landed at my balcony and was looking thru the glass sliding door behind our kitchen. I opened the door and found it was much alive and holding a small feather in her mouth.I was under the impression it has come for a brief shelter and would fly away in a while as the outside temperature is too hot.But after an hour or so when i went to see whether it is lying in the same place or flew away.But to my shock I found the pigeon lying dead on the balcony floor close to our kitchen. I then immediately brought a mug of water and sprinkled on it all over and tried to save it. But there was no movement on it and thought it was already dead only a while ago. I always have a highest belief on pigeons as they are God’s messenger and realized that it had surely brought a message to us and felt guilty for not being to save the pigeon on time. My understanding was that when i saw the pigeon at the first instance, it had actually sent me a message which i failed to understand. I mean I should have given some feeds like water or food and that is what it may have asked for. I was so stupid in not understanding that message and allowed that beautiful pigeon to die. I now feel very panicky and getting restless and worried for any direct consequences which I or anyone in the family might face.

    Please advise on the below queries and seek all your thoughts and kind feed backs on the subject.

    a) will i have to face any ill effect on this as the pigeon passed away in our balcony door step.?
    b) Did that pigeon die in our balcony just to convey a good news for the future or a new beginning or opportunity?
    c) what is the precaution i need to follow on the aftermath of this lovely bird?
    d) Is there any way where i shall be forgiven or pardoned? How shall i overcome and move forward?
    e) how should i handle the dead pigeon now for further disposal? should i drop the dead pigeon in the ocean?

    I await for your earliest reply, I remain.

  216. Hi Penny,

    I always thank the Universe for giving me the exacte parking space at work every single day. But a couple of days ago, it made me park just a few meters away near a whole line of bushes and trees. When I finished working that day, I proceeded to the parking lot and saw bird poop all over the front part of my car. Then I looked at the other cars that were parked along the bushes and trees near my spot and not one single car was covered with bird poop…only mine ! What does that mean ?

    Thanks for your help and God Bless You!

  217. Hi Penny, I found a dead bird in our yard yesterday and based on what I have skimmed through above it means I am ready to end something and move on. The thing that brings the most drama into my life is my job and since my boss (who I loved) quit, I just don’t want to be there anymore but I can’t seem to find a new job. It’s weird but when I left yesterday, I felt like I was leaving for the last time and I felt free and relived even though I don’t have a new job. I just don’t understand how to figure out where my new job is…

  218. Hi, I work outside at an airport. While gathering cart’s I came across a dead young Hawk. It’s was run over and the only thing I could see that was left of this great bird, was it’s wings, tail feathers and feet. I was shocked . I view this bird as one of my spirit totum guides. I always see them and they have left me feathers along my journey in life. I’ve never come across a dead one. And one that it’s body is gone. Then about a week later, I come across another (hawk) feather, all tatted up in the park. What could this mean?
    Thanks you,

  219. Hi Penny,
    This morning while taking my dog for a walk I saw a dead crow, tree living ones were flying above, calling. there were also a urubu flying above them, then a fews steps down the road a crossed another dead crow. I meditate a little bid to seek the meaning then when I returned home I found this blog and tought of asking for your knowledge.
    Thank you,

  220. Hi penny
    I have never really seen dead birds before in my life but over the summer I have had about 5 birds die both at my house and the cottage. The first 2 were sparrows and the second 2 I am not sure about. The most recent was a robin redbreast. My husband thinks it is just the reflection of the sky in the windows but I am not so sure as it doesn’t make sense that this has not happened before in the last 6 years we have lived here. We have had some health issues within our family. Is this related?

  221. Hey,

    I just found your page here and im desperately searching an answer!
    The case is about that,
    I was walking home from school today, at like 15:30, and i was almost at the door as suddenly a ‘redstart’-bird fell directly, i mean DIRECTLY, in front of my feet. It was dead and i was really confused by a few seconds. I bend down and poked it, but it didnt move. So i take the bird with two leaves and put it to the next place with dirt directly next to a tree. I buried it while some people walked past watching the whole thing.
    I entered the house and started googling about it.
    Im from Germany, live in Berlin. The leaves are all gone from the trees now and it was a nice day in school. Everything is going to be better I think.

    But does the colour of the bird mean something? The bird was light brownish and the tail was reddish. Dark legs and beak. It looked really cute and peacefully tho.

    I hope to get an answer from you :]

    1. Thank you for your question. If you are still interested in having a reply, please see the note at the top of the blog on how to contact me for that.

  222. Good day i need to know what does it mean i found two dead little birdies on my daughters front porch this morning as i unlock the door to hang the washing .I Must admit that the past two years of my life is no good lots of pain and sorrow.Ive lost my husband two yrs ago in a hit and run accident Eversince my life was a nightmare to me Ive lost everything and now has to stay with my daughter which i am gratefull. A year ago when i still wheir living in my own place i had a dove came flying into my living room and he pooped on my mirror and flew out of the house .I do feel very depressed at times and sad because i lost my husband so soon. What universal message is there for me if i may ask.Thank you for such a great blog . Love and Regards Tina

    1. Thank you for your question. If you are still interested in having a reply, please see the note at the top of the blog on how to contact me for that.

  223. Hi! Thank you so much for not only writing this blog, but also responding to everyone. After the 4th dead bird I’ve seen in the last year, I’ve finally looked up its meaning and am hopeful to hear what you have said. My next question is:

    we have been plagued with bird mites as of the last 6 months. When I say plagued, I say this because it’s a living nightmare with no end in site. We have moved, put everything we own in storage or have thrown out. Clothes, shoes, cars, furniture, literally every single thing. And they have still followed us. We get bit and can feel them crawling on us every night. It’s effected mine and my 2 year old daughters health immensely with horrible allergies, they have even entered our lungs and have caused asthma. We have spent an ungodly amount of money.

    You mentioned in an answer to someone else’s question here that all animals are sign and are here to So, back to my question: what does this bird mite thing mean? I feel like there is a lesson here. My husband and I have been seeing both a marriage counselor and a spiritual advisor. But even the spiritual advisor has no answers for us regarding this issue. Any thoughts?

    Thanks so much in advance.

    1. Thank you for your question. If you are still interested in having a reply, please see the note at the top of the blog on how to contact me for that.

  224. Thanks for sharing this, this morning we found 3 dead birds on my parent’s property near the gate entrance they definitely weren’t there last night, at first I thought could it be associated with someone sending bad karma, curse or a start to something of a demonic nature appearing on my parents property but after reading this it’s brought a little comfort, can’t help but sort of think something a little sinister..

  225. I have had injured birds finding me over the last few months. First a geese got hit next to me, and then slowly died. Then another geese had an injured leg and found me in the park and stared at me for almost 40 mins by my side. The third was a dove that went in front of my works door and was really sick it seemed. It stayed near my entrance almost the whole day and then after work it died. Then today I get to work and at the front door there was a hawk starring at me. I got closer and it flew into a bush and I saw it was injured. I have not checked on it yet. These birds keep coming to me when they are injured and all while I am at work… Though I’m in different places other than the house I work at, I’m still on the clock when they find me. What is going on….? Please help. What should I do, do they need my help or is this about my life personally….? I know your not taking responses so I will wait until you are all done going through your previous requests thank you.

    1. Thank you for your question. If you are still interested in having a reply, please see the note at the top of the blog on how to contact me for that.

  226. I the morning the first thing I saw was a dead pigeon .. I don’t consider myself a superstitious person however I would like to know what applies to me as I have had a bad news by noon today.

    1. Thank you for your question. If you are still interested in having a reply, please see the note at the top of the blog on how to contact me for that.

    2. Try readng some of the other blog posts to see if any of them resonate with you. If after that, you feel you would like a reading to answer any uestions you have please visit the Shop on the webpage to purchase your reading.

    1. Thank you for your question. If you are still interested in having a reply, please see the note at the top of the block on how to contact me for that.

    2. This blog is about birds, however if you are interested in a reading regarding the bat, please go to the Shop page on ths webpage to place your order.

  227. Hi Penny,
    I must say Thank you for all your answers and all your time on answering. It has helped me alot. ♡. I don’ t need to ask you a specific question. I wish people could read all your answers before they ask you question as I can see that you Are repeating yourself a lot. I hope that people will be more respekctfull with your time. ♡☆♡ But I must say You Are an angel :-)

    1. Linda, thank you for all your kind comments. Sometimes just knowing that this blog helps people, is what I need to keep going with it. Namaste.

  228. Missed that you charged for your service. Sorry! Well done Penny! You deserve some Cash coming in with all them hours and hours you have put into work and service of spirit. Beautiful ♡♡♡
    Namaste ♡☆♡

  229. wow thats crazy.. my girlfriend left me before Xmas and Im still heart broken. all of a sudden i started seeing dead robins. one was even stuck on my car, another this morning while doing a patrol. And I saw this one after i sent her the first message in over 4 months… crazy.

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