Why do I feel “icky”?

In my conversations with many clients and Lightworkers who have come to me for assistance, I am beginning to see a trend that is familiar to me, and that I thought was mine alone.

3 Oracles eMarket Penny Lighthall on intuition blogThese clients and Lightworkers describe feeling effected by the darkness, by the shadow side of life.  They can suffer mild depression to occasional severe depression; uncertainty; sense of being lost; confusion; anger; desire to be left alone; experience negative thought patterns; and a disruption in their confidence of their love for and from God.  Many are confused by this and do not know what is happening.  It seems to come and go, sometimes lasting longer than at other times.  We  eventually struggle through it and come back to the Light side of our lives.

This is what is known as a psychic attack.  It comes from two sources.  It can be someone meaning you harm and directing dark, negative thoughts at you or it can be the dark energy of the world, created by so much pain, anguish and dark thoughts that accumulates because it is not transmuted into love, that it then lashes out at the Light to try and transmute it to Darkness.  If light energy can transmute dark energy into light energy before dispelling it into the universe thus creating more light energy, then why can’t dark energy transmute light energy to create more dark energy?  It can, and those feelings that accompany a psychic attack are just that, an attempt by the dark energy to transmute the light energy.

But don’t despair (no pun intended), there is help for when you feel yourself being attacked by the dark forces (no not a Star Wars reference).  Take the forefinger of your prominent hand and put it on your third eye while picturing that spot as a “delete” button.  Push the delete button while saying “I refuse this feeling and all other input from the dark side, and I release its negativity from my mind into the scared, loving purity of the white light of the Universe/Holy Spirit”.  You may feel silly doing this, but you will also feel a sense of regaining control over your mind and feelings at a time when you were feeling so out of control.

I learned a version of this exercise from my nephew.  I have seen him many times look someone in the eye when they are saying something to him that he didn’t like,  click/snap his fingers, say “delete” and then walk away.  At first I thought it rather rude of him to do so, but you know what, he doesn’t carry all that negativity around with him, and those people, I have observed, think twice now before directing negativity toward him.

Try one of these methods and let me know how it goes.  Please feel free to send me your experiences.  They will be kept in confidence.

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8 thoughts on “Why do I feel “icky”?

  1. Thanks for sharing that I was just actually googling ANGER MONCTON 2012. because of my overwhelming anger and frustration lately which (although life has thrown me curve balls) Seem extreme in proportion I will try these methods.
    Thanks again

    1. Hi Natalie: thank you for your comment. People are also experiencing many shifts in their consciousness right now and are feeling overwhelmed by them as well. If one of these methods does not work for you, please consider that you may be experiencing a consciousness shift and that it too shall pass. Empaths are extremely sensitive to these attacks by absorbing the energies of others, and this may also be the case with you. If you feel you are an Empath and the anger you are experiencing belongs to others, you can energetically move it to your heart chakra, transmute it into love and send it to the universe as love to be used by others. Feel free to let me know how it goes.

  2. Thank you so much for this article. I’m an empath and my sensitivity levels are what seems to me extreme. For years it has caused me to become somewhat of a loner and a at times an agoraphobic. But being in a house with 3 other people who all have their own issues many of which are negative, I often feel like a sponge. When Im alone I tend to feel the best, and I can tell when they get home what kind of mood they’re in by the mood Im in. My son has Autism and epilepsy, when he has an episode I can feel this soar of energy turn to him and in seconds he has this sort of episode. Interestingly though his Drs. have not seen any thing like this before. His head tilts upwards eyes close and he shakes his head back slightly a few times and smiles the whole time. I wondered if this weren’t somehow related to communication with spirits. He seems to see them like I do and sense their presence. Ive been told he was like me. Thank you again for the tip, psychic attacks seem to be more and more common these days. And I too notice a lot of it floating around, I try to ask that it either be destroyed so that it can no longer do anyone any further harm and if thats possible that it be returned to its owner. I try to be about love peace harmony and send Devine Universal #LoveAndLight and #Blessing to everyone and everything on earth in heaven in this dimension and in others.
    LoveAndLight and blessings to you.

  3. I noticed a few typos in my post, no biggie except for one. Where I asked that the negative energy be destroyed so that it could no longer do anyone harm and then meant to say that if that weren’t possible then to return it to its owner.

  4. Dear Penny, I have found two dead newborn baby birds in less than two weeks apart. The one I found today was in the entryway, near my door. My gut told me it was a sign, and sure enough, it is! For quite sometime, I feel like I’m dying, because for the past 3 years, my health problems have spiraled down. Now, I had to start taking Abilify again, due to this psychic fog I’m experiencing. I also have fibro, and am unable to think and move my body like I used to. So I hit bottom again, experiencing an icky relapse. Each day I feel improvements, slow, but sure. After finding your explanation to these scary events, I feel re-assured that there is a reason for all life’s happenings. Thank You Very Very Much! It all makes cense now! Sincerely, Sue

    1. Hi Sue, I am so glad that what I said made sense to you. It certainly does to me. I will add you to my list of people that I send healing energy to each night. Namaste.

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