Why the Move?

I began this website 7 and a half years ago when I left Nova Scotia to live in Moncton, New Brunswick.  There were a number of reasons for my choosing that spot to relocate, the biggest being that I was directed to go to Moncton.  I had just been through a traumatic event in Truro where I lived and went to bed asking the question  – Well now what?  if I am not supposed to be here, where am I supposed to be? The next morning in  that instant between being asleep and being awake, I heard, loud and clear: GO TO MONCTON. 3 Oracles eMarket moving That did not seem that outrageous to me.  I have family in the area there and it had been 30 years since I had lived in the same community as a family member.  It did not stop me wondering though, why Moncton.  Again, I received a message.  Go to heal, and go to unite the Lightworkers.  And heal I did.  A lot of healing.  I cannot tell you how many hours/days I have spent in meditation, letting go of the pain that had entered my heart over 50 years of living as an Empath, and most of it not even being mine to own.  My intuitive abilities growing at the same time as I released the blocks of shadow energy that were clinging to my soul.  I was not the only one healing.  As I healed, I was leading the way for others to learn from me, from my example.  Was I always a good example, yes I was, although sometimes it was as an example of what not to do rather than the shining example people expected of a Lightworker/Intuitive/Empath.

I heard the whispered comments about how at times I was the most negative Lightworker that so and so had ever met.  Aren’t Lightworkers supposed to be filled with love and offering love everywhere.  I chuckled at that, because yes, I am a Lightworker, but I am also a human being.  As the line in the play goes, if you cut me do I not bleed just as you do.  Which would then provide me with an opportunity to be the teacher that Lightworkers are, and remind them that when we place expectations on people that they will behave a certain way, we are often disappointed as others cannot possibly live up to the standards that we place on them.  For when the they do, then even more is expected of them, until they cannot help but fail in achieving these expectations.   So was I cranky sometimes, yes, were you, yes.  Was I a bitch sometimes, yes, were you, yes.  Not that I am keeping score, but this is just a gentle reminder that you need to be gentle with yourself, especially during time of stress, and allow others the same opportunity to be gentle with themselves.

So why did I leave Moncton? As you know, everything has a reason.  For nearly 8 months I had been having itchy feet so to speak.  I had been feeling the need to expand and grow again.  But Moncton was not the place.  I kept getting messages that my work there was nearly done, it was nearly time to go.  I thought, but wait, although I have healed a lot, I know my healing is not complete.  Ha, it turns out that it never will be.  As an Intuitive and especially as an Empath, I will constantly need to be removing shadow energy that embeds its self in my core.  As an Empath, it is just what we do, it is just who we are.  This was never more evident to me than during the June 4-6 incident in Moncton when 3 RCMP officers were killed and 2 more were injured, and a large portion of the city, including my area was locked down for 30 hours, until the capture of  the person believed to be responsible for the shootings.  I cannot even begin to verbalize what myself and the other local Empaths went through during that time and for the next week, and even still, nearly a month later.

I am capable of blocking energies when I walk in a room of even up to 100 people, but the instant, simultaneous terror that the more than 70,000 residents of the area projected out into the universe, was nearly unbearable, and impossible for the Empathic community to block and defend against.  I cannot speak for all of them, but I know that some have still not recovered to a level of normalcy,even yet.  It was exhausting to spend day after day, clearing and or transmuting the shadow energy to love and then releasing it to the universe to be used as healing energy for others.  Some have “accused” the Empaths of crediting themselves with healing the citizens of Moncton from this event.  I have not heard a single Empath make anywhere near that claim.

Like myself, the Empaths were absorbing energies of such dark and heavy shadows, too much and too heavy, all at once, to be blocked. The only way they could protect themselves was to transmute it to love and send it back out to the universe.   This required a lot of energies on the part of the Empaths to do this.  Many did not sleep for days or nights even.  Many became ill because they could not deflect all the shadow energy and were too exhausted from transmuting it to love to be able to heal themselves.  If people then picked up the transmuted energy and used it to heal from the event, well, that is wonderful.  But the Empaths of the area are not claiming to have healed anyone, at least none that I know or have heard from.  

Boy, I have really digressed. The reason I moved to Dartmouth, simply,  is that my work in Moncton was done, and just like before, I was directed to come here.  Why, well time will tell, but I know that my work here is just beginning and as with before, I am sure there is some healing to do, both on my part and as a teacher to others.  The healing does not come from me, but rather through me as a conduit that is used by the Source, the Universe, by providing guidance to others along their path to find their own ways of healing.  The saga continues.

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