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I have been having a lot of people ask me some very interesting questions lately, so I thought I would share with you what the question was and my answer.  Keep the questions coming everyone, yours might show up here and assist other seekers.

Light & Love

Question:  You said you don’t believe in using Ouija Boards, why not?

Answer: I am not a fan of Ouija boards because people use them as a game, in fact that is how they are promoted, as a game. Just google search “Ouija Board” and you will find hundreds of listing for On-line Ouija Board Games, as well as physical board games. When you go to Walmart you will find them in the toys and games department.  People who have no idea what they are doing use them, and often is it teens using them, and they invite energies into their homes without knowing who they are inviting.

Then they get scared and put the board away and do not close off the “game”, leaving their homes vulnerable to any energy that wants to come in.  Seven times of out 10, when I do a house clearing because people are afraid of their homes, I find a Ouija board in it that they have been using.  These are really cases of people dabbling in something they know nothing about.

Some people call Ouija boards tools of the occult.  What does that mean? 

Well, different people view the topic of the occult different ways.  Some believe it is associated with evil and is against the writings of the bible; some believe the occult is simply things that occur that we cannot explain, or at least explain easily; some believe that the occult is associated with witchcraft and voo doo; and some believe it  includes UFOs and little green men.  Usually however, it is associated with fear.  The Oxford Dictionary defines occult as: involving the supernatural, mystical or magical.  So by that definition, I guess Ouija boards are tools of the occult.

Is that a bad thing? 

Many would think so, but like everything else, it is all about intention, and knowledge.  Anything can become a “bad thing” is used improperly, like scaples.  If you are a surgeon, then scaples are a good thing.  You are trained on how to use them, and you have practiced using them.  So the surgery goes well.  If you are me, and not a surgeon, putting a scaple in my hands will result in all kinds of chaos happening, not a good thing, and people would get hurt.  Are Ouija boards a good thing or a bad thing?  All depends on how it is used and who is using it, as with the scaple, in the right hands a Ouija board is not harmful, in the wrong hands, all kinds of chaos can happen.

In the hands of a intuitive practitioner, who knows how to use oracle tools, it can be very useful.  An intuitive practitioner will know who is “coming in” to answer the questions, will know how to end the session so it is closed thus preventing lower energies from coming in uninvited, and will know how to interpret the messages received.

A group of pre-teens, or teenagers, or women having a girls night out which often includes alcohol, will use this board as a games, as a fun thing to do together, to find out if Johnny is going to kiss them at the high school dance on Friday night.  Sounds like fun – right.  And it is until something “erie” comes out, which it always does because lower energies can’t resist an opportunity to influence us, then the fear starts to set in on the group, and then they get a little adrenaline rush like at the horror movies and ask it scarier questions, get scarier answers until someone says, “OMG put it away!” and it is scooped up, put in the box and shoved in the bottom of the closet under the shoes – but with one thing missing. A closing ceremony to “deactivate the portal that they opened to the other side.”  So while this Ouija board is sitting in a box under the shoes, lower energies with less than pure intentions take advantage and fill the house.

When I enter a house for a house clearing, I quickly know if a Ouija board has been in use, and can usually walk directly to the closet that contains it.  Once I find it, I will do a closing ceremony, clear the house and remove the board for the house.  The occupants then report a few weeks later that the “bad, scary stuff” has stopped happening, and they have stopped fighting with one another.  They also promise to never allow a Ouija board back into the house.

That’s my two cents worth. What’s yours?

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